Jarrod Kimber

NOVEMBER 17, 2013

Not a Sachin article

This one's about his fans and what they must do now to protect the game he loved
Any attack on cricket's future is an attack on Sachin © BCCI
NOVEMBER 04, 2013

Welcome back, Jesse

Billions of one-day runs and administrative goof-ups getting you down? Big J comes to warm the cockles of your heart
OCTOBER 27, 2013


This week we look at trouser-related crimes, administrator spats, and everything that's dominated by Indians
OCTOBER 13, 2013

Sachin special supplement

Where you only get the biggest news of the era
OCTOBER 06, 2013

The ICC fails to beat Afghanistan

Mean cricket administrators make the best soap operas, don't they?
SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Cricket fixes Twitter problems

Cricket administrators turn into suited crusaders, and Mike Hussey and Andrew Strauss reveal some drama
SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

Croc, pus, ambassador

No really, there is some cricket news in there too
SEPTEMBER 15, 2013

It's Misbah's fault

Bopara can't get the time of day right on a quiz show, the BCCI hates Lorgat, Clint McKay has taken a hat-trick - one man is to blame for it all
JUNE 22, 2013

The best eight? It's only the top three who matter

Many people are happy there weren't minnows in this Champions Trophy. But maybe it's time we realised what that really means
MAY 25, 2013

The honorary son-in-law

This week we look at how painful it is to have relatives, and to be an IPL franchise, but how great it is to be an Australian female cricketer right now
MAY 18, 2013

Fixing old farts

Bookies text, Warner rages, Pathan kicks, a political party moralises, Zimbabwe's coach pushes, and Glenn Maxwell remains awesome
MAY 04, 2013

A matter of good hair

Luscious locks have been sported by many great fast bowlers, but do you need them to be a talented quick?
APRIL 27, 2013

Cricket, LA Times style

Gayle is immortalised by Americans, a birthday is celebrated, a pitch is attacked, and MS Dhoni is unnecessarily compared to Michael Jordan in this week's News Hurl
APRIL 20, 2013

Dickie's XI, and Sachin's exit

This week's News Hurl features reactions to the English umpire's XI, Gloucestershire district Lady Taverners' indoor Under-15 girls tournament, and Shane Watson's public statements
APRIL 13, 2013

A day in Bangalore

You can play, watch and talk about cricket, and then just for kicks get groped four times while making your way into the stadium
APRIL 06, 2013

Badgers stop play, Pitbull starts it

This week's News Hurl features good news for Jesse Ryder, Jasprit Bumrah and the president of the Sri Lankan Ports Authority Cricket Club, bad news for James Pattinson and Rickmansworth Cricket Club, and the lyrics of an IPL showman
MARCH 30, 2013

Jesse's perfection

This column usually starts with something on Jesse Ryder, because he is pretty much pure awesomeness. That means finding a way to shoehorn him into the news for some cameo in a domestic T20 match no one watching could remember any details
MARCH 16, 2013

Homeworkgate still the butt of jokes

Jesse Ryder did not make the news this week. I can't shoehorn him into my piece just for the sake of it based on something he has done on the field
MARCH 02, 2013

A World Cricket Committee review

Jarrod Kimber reviews the latest findings from MCC's World Cricket Committee
FEBRUARY 27, 2013

How to lose a final

Perhaps the reason that so few people made their way out to the G was because Victorian fans are so used Victoria losing finals