OCTOBER 28, 2013

What's the right age to start wearing helmets?

Do kids as young as eight need the protection, or do helmets just hamper their batting technique?
For young children just learning to bat, the helmet affects balance on the crease © Getty Images
OCTOBER 22, 2013

The death of the yorker

Where are the bowlers who consistently land balls in the blockhole at decent pace?
OCTOBER 12, 2013

The left-hander's cover drive

Aka the cricket stroke that can move medical professionals to poetry
OCTOBER 06, 2013

Australia's grassroots problem

Is it worth forking out the equivalent of a month's mortgage for your ten-year-old to play for a representative team?
SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

Injuries could decide the Ashes

Both sides are similarly matched in batting and bowling, so it may come down to who can stand up on the field longer
SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Can liability be enforced in sport, like in business?

Umpires and referees make mistakes, but challenging them legally in the name of professionalism would be taking things a step too far
SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Is spin Australia's future?

Going by the number of spinners in a recent U-11 trial in Brisbane, it looks like Australia's attack might come to be dominated by slow bowlers in the future
SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

Ashes myths and realities

An amateur stats analysis of the recent series, and a look at what we could expect Down Under at the end of the year
AUGUST 25, 2013

What to do when you feel frustrated

If you're like Lehmann, you could swear, be comical, and not worry about having to think before you speak
AUGUST 20, 2013

Do nasty guys finish first?

Snarls and frowns can never guarantee success. Only the right combination of players can. So why criticise a captain for being gracious?
AUGUST 12, 2013

Give the umpire a break

Despite all the criticism that has been turned on them, the on-field officials are doing a decent job
AUGUST 03, 2013

It all evens out in the end

If you don't walk when you know you've nicked it, there's no reason you should feel aggrieved if the umpire makes a mistake (with or without DRS)
JULY 31, 2013

Ashton Agar's big challenge

Can he enjoy a sustained career at the top and still retain his essential core?
JULY 24, 2013

An Australian tragicomedy

There's politicking, buffoonery, strange plot twists, and little heed to the big picture
JULY 15, 2013

Don't blame the DRS

The review system has been a convenient scapegoat in the Trent Bridge Test, but it has done all it was supposed to
JULY 13, 2013

Is there a different moral code for batsmen?

Why do we judge a player who nicks it and stands his ground differently from one who claims a bump catch?
JULY 08, 2013

A knife in the back

Cricket Australia's decision to sack Mickey Arthur after having supported him in disciplining and rotating players betrays the management's muddled thinking
JUNE 24, 2013

Arthur the victim of a revolution?

Talk is, his disciplinarian style was a bit too much for some players to stomach
JUNE 20, 2013

When team selection meets broadcast economics

Nine's multi-million dollar broadcast deal was unlikely to have been agreed to unless there were some "understandings" about concerns over TV audience numbers
JUNE 12, 2013

The satisfaction of watching Karthik and Dhawan succeed

For one who spotted their talent nine years ago and got them over to Australia on a scholarship stint, it's thrilling to see such global cricketers rise to stardom