JANUARY 06, 2014

What's a good pitch anyway?

It often seems that only pitches that assist fast bowlers through the game are considered up to standard
The 2013 Delhi Test finished in three days. Ergo, was it a poor pitch? © BCCI
JANUARY 01, 2014

Is this good for cricket?

World records are being broken but it points to a deficit in skills at the international level
DECEMBER 26, 2013

A year of goodbyes

Plenty of players bid farewell to the game in 2013 - an unusual number of great ones among them
DECEMBER 15, 2013

Cricket's finest bloke?

Quiet, unassuming, polite and humble, Hashim Amla remains a terrific role model
DECEMBER 10, 2013

England lack skill, pure and simple

The tourists have no excuses for their poor showing. They have simply not been good enough against quality bowling on lively pitches
DECEMBER 03, 2013

Doesn't sledging hurt anyone?

Players insist that what's said on the field doesn't affect them, but then why do it at all? And why go up in arms when someone seemingly crosses the line?
NOVEMBER 28, 2013

How did sledging become a sign of manliness?

Michael Clarke has gained praise in some quarters for showing mongrel by sledging. What sort of message does that send?
NOVEMBER 22, 2013

When petulant jingoism is mistaken for news

A Brisbane newspaper's campaign to vilify Stuart Broad has backfired spectacularly, and deservedly, as it wrongly portrays Australian fans as churlish and immature
NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Tendulkar: devoid of malice

Is his image a carefully constructed bubble that will one day be pricked? Everyone I have asked emphatically disagrees
NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Warne, Watson, and the importance of emotional intelligence

A certain famous legspinner has shown he does not quite get leadership - in contrast to the two captains in the upcoming Ashes series
NOVEMBER 02, 2013

Is any total safe anymore?

Scoring at more than six runs per over no longer comes fraught with huge risk and considerable damage
OCTOBER 28, 2013

What's the right age to start wearing helmets?

Do kids as young as eight need the protection, or do helmets just hamper their batting technique?
OCTOBER 22, 2013

The death of the yorker

Where are the bowlers who consistently land balls in the blockhole at decent pace?
OCTOBER 12, 2013

The left-hander's cover drive

Aka the cricket stroke that can move medical professionals to poetry
OCTOBER 06, 2013

Australia's grassroots problem

Is it worth forking out the equivalent of a month's mortgage for your ten-year-old to play for a representative team?
SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

Injuries could decide the Ashes

Both sides are similarly matched in batting and bowling, so it may come down to who can stand up on the field longer
SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Can liability be enforced in sport, like in business?

Umpires and referees make mistakes, but challenging them legally in the name of professionalism would be taking things a step too far
SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Is spin Australia's future?

Going by the number of spinners in a recent U-11 trial in Brisbane, it looks like Australia's attack might come to be dominated by slow bowlers in the future
SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

Ashes myths and realities

An amateur stats analysis of the recent series, and a look at what we could expect Down Under at the end of the year
AUGUST 25, 2013

What to do when you feel frustrated

If you're like Lehmann, you could swear, be comical, and not worry about having to think before you speak