JULY 19, 2013

Of great series and sucky DVDs

The India-Australia series in 2001 gave us much joy. Too bad those who put it on disc for posterity weren't up to the task
The greatest series, but where's the DVD that does it justice? © Getty Images
JUNE 20, 2013

The Karthik-Dhoni dynamic

Every time Dinesh Karthik looked set to cement his spot in the India side, MS Dhoni seemed to emerge as an obstacle. Until now
JUNE 04, 2013

When Tendulkar broke free in the Headingley gloom

When Tendulkar escaped the precise and launched into the sublime
MAY 22, 2013

There'll always be takers for easy money

Conflicts of interest, franchises' dubious holdings, disparity in earnings, easy access to players combine to form a potent mix for underhand dealings
MAY 15, 2013

Wish I was at the G

Being in the stadium adds a whole other dimension to cricket, and nowhere is this better realised than at the likes of the MCG and Galle
MAY 05, 2013

What makes the IPL successful?

Is it the marriage between cricket and entertainment? The T20 format? Or just its power to grab a prime chunk of the game's calendar?
APRIL 10, 2013

Life is tough but cricket is harder

Cricket is the most ambiguous of all sports, often messier, more confusing, more contingent and more compelling than life. It may be billed as escapism but, for some, the trauma of a sporting memory is lasting
APRIL 02, 2013

Tendulkar's revenge

Sachin Tendulkar's 126 in the 2001 Chennai Test against Australia was achieved by reining in his instincts when facing Glen McGrath and helped win India the series - but he remembered the bowler's goading when the ODIs began
MARCH 26, 2013

When McGrath mastered the Master

After two consecutive whitewashes, it's worth reflecting on some of the great passages of play between India and Australia - my favourite of which was the four-ball spell by Glenn McGrath to Sachin Tendulkar at Eden Gardens a dozen years ago
MARCH 21, 2013

Ashes talk undermines Australia effort

A rivalry that used to be hotly contested and for a decade produced some of the finest cricket in the world seems to have been sidelined by the Australians because of an obsession with their Ashes preparation
MARCH 11, 2013

Was Steve Waugh really a crisis man?

Steve Waugh's reputation as a crisis man is like the real estate market in Mumbai: everyone around me, except me, believes it's credible. It's the one awkward point of discussion in almost all my cricket conversations
MARCH 05, 2013

Cricket between the ads

Watching cricket on TV in India is getting depressing because of the inexcusable and illegitimate plethora of intrusive advertisements in the cricket telecasts, with part-screen ads making it seem that there is a greater premium for infuriating the fans m
FEBRUARY 27, 2013

Mumbai '01 - An underrated classic

India may have been mauled, but Tendulkar and Dravid came together to script one of the most absorbing sessions of Test cricket