SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

Finch offers a glimpse into the future

Of all of the records in the game, T20's are the most breakable, because the format is the youngest and its limits are not yet in sight
Finch's 63-ball 156: a mad footnote in an ever-changing format © PA Photos
AUGUST 27, 2013

Warne's still scrapping

He has never believed that a cause is lost, and he brings something of the same fervour to his commentary and writing
AUGUST 21, 2013

Losing Phil Hughes

He was a magical player when he made his Test debut, but the establishment's orthodoxy, confusion and fear have reduced him to a shadow of his old self
AUGUST 13, 2013

Up close to greatness

A new series of lunch-time shows on Sky takes us into the minds and methods of the legends of the game
AUGUST 05, 2013

What we talk about when we talk about KP

Not just England's best player, Pietersen is also their most interesting. In the age of pro-speak, he is a gift to any writer
JULY 30, 2013

The sportsman's cliff

What must it be like to face your mortality just when your peers in other fields are beginning to excel in their professions?
JULY 22, 2013

Notes arising from Lord's

The shelf life of an opener, the curious anomalies in Hot Spot, and why we miss Kevin Pietersen
JULY 16, 2013

It's the humans, silly

The problem with the DRS lies not in the technology but in the way the system is used and administered
JULY 09, 2013

The Shane Watson gamble

His Test stats are a puny return for all of his brawn but Australia's new coach seems to have more faith in him than most
JULY 02, 2013

The fielding dog and other tales

There is a deep quirkiness to some of the early reporting on cricket - and not just because the world was so different back then
JUNE 25, 2013

Dhoni's feel for cricket

India's captain has an instinctive sense of the rhythm of the game; he hears its heartbeat acutely
JUNE 18, 2013

England do it pragmatically

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that there is a deep statistical conviction behind their current method
JUNE 12, 2013

Pick 'em early?

Prodigies, like Yorkshire have nurtured, emerge with the expectation of something big. But really all they offer then is promise, which can be fulfilled or lost
MAY 27, 2013

Is cricket losing its sense of judgement?

Fans or experts' comments dismissing a player on the basis of a few low scores are in stark contrast to the game's natural rhythm
MAY 23, 2013

The divine madness of Kevin Pietersen

Players who compel you to watch them and be engaged in the game, when absent, stir a yearning in the spectator that has nothing to do with team loyalty
MAY 13, 2013

The legend of Cardus lives on

Neville Cardus' writing is alive, full of daring and almost novelistic observation. Cricket writing owes him a debt of gratitude
MAY 06, 2013

The day I became a semi-international

Playing against the Japan national side in London on a cold April day is a story bound to be told several times over
APRIL 29, 2013

We'll miss Mitch

Risky or not, Johnson is thrilling in his unpredictability. More's the pity we won't see him this Ashes
APRIL 23, 2013

The philosopher captain

If captaincy was not regarded as an art before Brearley, it was after he had gone. His tenure may have been brief, but his impact endures still
APRIL 17, 2013

Of unwritten laws and moral compasses

Cricket's relationship with its rules is a constantly evolving flirtation, unlike in golf, say, where things are more cut and dried