JANUARY 01, 2014

DRS in the parallel universe

Whether it's used in a series or not, the review system has had an irrevocable effect on Test cricket
India may not use DRS, but the decisions they receive from umpires today are tinged with a DRS worldview © Getty Images
DECEMBER 25, 2013

In praise of voices of experience

Men like Geoffrey Boycott and Ted Dexter, who are still keen to be part of the cricket debate, part of the life of the game, are always worth listening to
DECEMBER 21, 2013

Why England need Eoin Morgan

Like Australia's Steven Smith, Morgan is unorthodox and audacious, and doesn't conform to England's straight-like thinking
DECEMBER 11, 2013

Close, Chappell and acts of courage

Some small deeds in the game's vast history endure, when others that dwarf them by numbers fade from view
DECEMBER 04, 2013

The importance of Bres

Workmanlike players like him can be pillars for teams, not to mention foils to a side's superstars
NOVEMBER 26, 2013

The quickest spell I ever faced

When up against really fast bowling, the unconscious functions required to see the ball and judge it are overwhelmed by the sheer speed of what is happening
NOVEMBER 21, 2013

KP: great player or player of great innings?

Pietersen has contributed to defining an extraordinary era in cricket. But the jury's still out on where he stands
NOVEMBER 12, 2013

What football rights have to do with the future of cricket

BT has paid a stratospheric amount for the rights to the Champions League. Cricket will probably feel the knock-on effects in time
NOVEMBER 05, 2013

Monty, Ayn Rand and cricket

A certain rubbishy pop-philosophy "classic" may be more about cricket than you think
OCTOBER 30, 2013

The Lord's anomaly

There's something curiously wonderful about the fact that batting's big four - Tendulkar, Lara, Ponting and Kallis - never made Test hundreds at the home of cricket
OCTOBER 22, 2013

The declining value of the single

We wondered how T20 would affect the 50-over game. It appears that answers might be at hand
OCTOBER 15, 2013

The man who was concrete

No one who saw Chris Tavaré bat - or set at the crease, rather - will forget it in a hurry, even if the detail is blurred by its endless repetition
OCTOBER 08, 2013

The enigma of Harmy

The gap between his greatest and lowest moments frustrated spectators, but it also indicated the possibilities he could offer
OCTOBER 01, 2013

The myth of team togetherness

They say all great sides have it, but perhaps it is a result of success, not a contributor to it
SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

When dream dies, fantasy takes over

What men in lycra who believe they are pro cyclists can teach us about cricket fandom
SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

What autobiographies tell us

Each era of cricket gets the autobiographies that reflect its culture. So what are the current crop of cricketers saying?
SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

Does size matter?

Not all sports have been able to withstand the forward march of human advancement, but cricket continues to accommodate players of all sizes
SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

Finch offers a glimpse into the future

Of all of the records in the game, T20's are the most breakable, because the format is the youngest and its limits are not yet in sight
AUGUST 27, 2013

Warne's still scrapping

He has never believed that a cause is lost, and he brings something of the same fervour to his commentary and writing
AUGUST 21, 2013

Losing Phil Hughes

He was a magical player when he made his Test debut, but the establishment's orthodoxy, confusion and fear have reduced him to a shadow of his old self