JULY 13, 2014

The Vincent punishment

What incentive do other players have of confessing their involvement in fixing if a lifetime ban is all that they can expect?
Does the crime justify the time? © Getty Images
JULY 02, 2014

McCullum's triumph and Vincent's shame

For New Zealand's cricketers - and cricket fans - it seems the highs are destined to never last long
MAY 19, 2014

I feel sad for cricket

The integrity of the game is taking a massive, but necessary, hit with the Lou Vincent revelations
APRIL 23, 2014

Trusting a man with two first names

New Zealand's selectors have taken a punt on 27-year-old offspinner Mark Craig, highlighting the anaemic state of spin bowling in the land
FEBRUARY 13, 2014

The Basin bucket list

Visit the museum, frolic on the grass, and watch the game from a special, er, urinal
FEBRUARY 04, 2014

Kiwi fans, soak in this winning feeling

New Zealand played like a team that cared a lot. This unexpected win is one to savour
JANUARY 24, 2014

Cricket commentary for those without sensible trousers

A new venture in New Zealand aims to put talk of Linda Hamilton, parmesan and cocktail hour alongside cricket chat
JANUARY 05, 2014

Blood and orange

Expect spectators to arrive at New Zealand grounds prepared to put their bodies on the line for a six-figure sum
DECEMBER 25, 2013

Where the hell is Henry?

They love Gayle down in New Zealand, but they've got to see precisely nothing of him this season
DECEMBER 17, 2013

A quintet of screamers

Where does Trent Boult's stunning catch stack up in the annals of ripper catches by New Zealanders?
DECEMBER 10, 2013

University Oval utopia

A diverted flight, world-famous pineapple bread, and the hellephant in the room. We belatedly present the sights and sounds from Dunedin
SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

Ten things you need to know about Otago Volts

It's not all BB Mac, you know. They also have a doppelganger, a mattress, a chameleon, and a bearded trainer
SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

Boardroom games

In a slow cricket news week in New Zealand, Martin Snedden and Geoff Allott's possible return to administrative roles is the talk of the town
AUGUST 24, 2013

Boots returns

Bruce Edgar once battled the might of the world's fastest bowlers. Now he has to negotiate the challenges of national selection
AUGUST 14, 2013

New Zealand's turf wars

Announcements about the hosting of the World Cup in New Zealand have sparked minor furores
JULY 30, 2013

The World Cup and the Young Guns

At the launch event for the 2015 tournament, the mind goes back to the glorious days of 1992
JULY 17, 2013

In the dead of the antipodean night

Following the Ashes in New Zealand can be a lonely pastime - but one that brings ideas for the improvement of the game to mind
JULY 07, 2013

Two Chris Martin stories

A dropped catch and a nervous innings - they don't portray him in a good light, yet somehow they do
JUNE 23, 2013

A complicated colossus of Kiwi cricket

Martin Crowe comes across as intense and angry in his latest book, Raw, but appears laidback when you meet him
JUNE 16, 2013

An anti-religious passion

The obsession with the game that India and Pakistan fans have is one to envy