DECEMBER 12, 2013

'Johnson is the uncommon denominator between the two series'

Jarrod Kimber and Gideon Haigh try to make sense of the first two Ashes Tests, and wonder if Flower turned his players into East German athletes
AUGUST 01, 2013

'Australia are playing the hand they wish they were dealt'

Do Darren Lehmann and his team think there's genius among them? George Dobell and Jarrod Kimber get cosy at Old Trafford discussing the Ashes
JULY 17, 2013

'Broad and Finn should carry Anderson around in a sedan chair'

The latest controversy involving Mickey Arthur to hit Australia, England's bowling, Australia's line-up, walking, and more: Mark Butcher and Jarrod Kimber get talking
JUNE 26, 2013

'Lehmann will not only have to change the team but also the structures around it'

Jarrod Kimber and Gideon Haigh try to understand how cricket administrators work, why Pat Howard wasn't fired, and if the new coach can also bat for Australia
JUNE 14, 2013

'T20 has enhanced the possibilities for off-field indiscretions'

The rewards for cricketers are increasingly disproportionate to the efforts put in, and that has had a whole lot of knock-on effects. Jarrod Kimber talks to Gideon Haigh about the David Warner kerfuffle and what it means for Australian cricket
MAY 21, 2013

Bowl dumb, Broad

Mark Butcher and Iain O'Brien join Jarrod Kimber to discuss why Broad can be great or garbage, what the state of BJ Watling's patella is, how Root looks worse topless than Compton, and whether Dan Vettori's bench time makes him Test ready
MAY 14, 2013

'Bowl first and hope it's overcast'

Jarrod Kimber asks Iain O'Brien and Mark Butcher all the tough questions regarding the England-New Zealand series
APRIL 26, 2013

Brad Haddin: good bloke and after-hours captain

Gideon Haigh claims not to know anyone who can help speed up Fawad Ahmed's passport, but deigns to discuss Australia's Ashes squad with Jarrod
MARCH 13, 2013

The Kiwis aren't bad net bowlers

Iain O'Brien joins Jarrod to discuss how lucky Bruce Martin is, how arrogant England are and the potential coffee-making skills of Hamish Rutherford
MARCH 12, 2013

'This is a hit on Watson'

Jarrod Kimber talks to Gideon Haigh about Shane Watson, Cricket Australia's good front page publicity and why Shane Warne is staying quiet
FEBRUARY 28, 2013

Australian in-game rotation

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod to discuss Australia's loss to India, Victoria's heartbreaking loss to Queensland, and footy cricket
FEBRUARY 19, 2013

The mystery of orthodox offspin

Osman Samiuddin joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss Saeed Ajmal's genius, speedgun Tanvir Ahmed, Hafeez's opening woes and the gritty Dean Elgar
FEBRUARY 14, 2013

Hot button cricket talk

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss the ACC report, betting, drugs and TV deals
FEBRUARY 04, 2013

Warne's Muppets

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss the term "Warniefesto" - does Warne just want to give his mates a job? - Muppets, bit-part spinners in India and Steve O'Keefe's pet problem
FEBRUARY 04, 2013

'49 is par for Pakistan'

Osman Samiuddin chats to Jarrod Kimber about Pakistan's 49, Steyn, Gul's demons and how Salman Butt is running the Pakistan Super League
JANUARY 23, 2013

An army of Gavin Larsens

Iain O'Brien joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss New Zealand's good ODI form, Ross Taylor as the saviour, Shane Bond's sabotage and Mitchell McClenaghan's face
JANUARY 23, 2013

Exonerating the legend

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss the BBL and the events that caused a stir during the Australian summer
JANUARY 16, 2013

Reflections on a pounding

Iain O'Brien and Jarrod discuss where the entire New Zealand line up should bat, what a Colin Munro is, and how Steyn wears his stops inside out
JANUARY 16, 2013

Informed Podcast Management

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod Kimber to discuss rotation by its real name, how ODIs are becoming background cricket, and Australia's new selection
JANUARY 09, 2013

The Bogus Age

Gideon Haigh joins Jarrod to discuss run-outs, the art of running, writing about friends, and throwing bats in the Big Bash. Also, Shane Watson, again