SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Yorkshire feels like Yorkshire again

Fans born after their era of dominance that ended in the late '60s had grown tired of tales of woe. Their Championship victory finally gives us a reason to brag
The 2014 wins feels sweeter than 2001, given the number of home-grown players delivering crushing wins © Getty Images
JUNE 27, 2014

Headingley's challenge to get the crowds back

The ticket prices were reduced and there was the chance to watch home-grown players in the Test side. What more can Yorkshire do to woo spectators for five-day cricket?
JUNE 12, 2014

Bell and KP: a tale of two talents

It's inevitable that there will be those who want Ian Bell, newly installed in Pietersen's No. 4 spot, to be someone he's not
MAY 23, 2014

TV innovations: enhancements or irritants?

While cricket coverage took a long time to become slick, today you see gimmicks designed to appeal to the casual viewer that only succeed in annoying the rest of us
MAY 01, 2014

An English sort of revolution

It's all change for England heading into the home Test season. Or is it?
APRIL 17, 2014

The weary middle age of cricket

On the field the action is youthful and thrilling, but off it, there's depressing self-interest, with each board trying to outdo the other in incompetence and venality
JANUARY 10, 2014

England's tour from hell?

One has to go back to 1985-86, when they suffered a 5-0 hammering by West Indies, to think of a worse tour
DECEMBER 27, 2013

Why we'll miss Swann

Not just a fine and match-winning bowler, he could also be relied on for a wry smile, a joke, and a willingness to go left-field when answering a question
DECEMBER 12, 2013

England need to embrace being dull

When they were successful, they were called conservative and boring. That's better than losing, isn't it?
NOVEMBER 28, 2013

Of sledging and suchlike

The Trott incident shows that there are plenty of matters of consequence worth discussing in cricket, but we insist on flying into a frenzy over the trivial
NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Warne still a master of spin

His mischievous ability to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for the media to follow has served him well since he retired from playing
NOVEMBER 01, 2013

Bailey v Swann?

It just might be one of the contests to watch in the Australian summer
OCTOBER 17, 2013

How soon can India find a new No. 4?

It is important for the game that India remain competitive at Test cricket. Their ability to find a replacement for Tendulkar will go a long way to determine if they succeed
OCTOBER 03, 2013

Illegal streaming sites aren't the problem

Cricket boards must realise that they can't tame the internet. They are better off trying to figure out how to engage cricket's young online audience
SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

The Hoggy I knew

For all his achievements on the cricket field, it's Matthew Hoggard's character that leaves the lasting impression
SEPTEMBER 05, 2013

Do fans really care about over rates?

Why isn't anyone making a din about the exorbitant price of tickets for international matches?
AUGUST 22, 2013

The year of Bell

Ashes 2013 will be defined by his delicate late cuts, precision drives, and by the sheer weight of runs he produced
AUGUST 08, 2013

Bring back host-country umpires

We need the best possible officials out in the middle; till then cricket will never get the best use out of the technology available
JULY 25, 2013

What can Australia learn from English cricket?

Australians are worrying about the state of cricket in their country. We in England know the drill
JULY 10, 2013

Is England's talent pool too small?

The ECB needs to find ways of taking the game to the grassroots, of making sure the game is taught in all schools