JUNE 29, 2014

Why so passive, England?

England have become a reactive batting side, content to respond to given field settings than to manipulate them
When in strife, don't get bogged down: Mike Atherton looked to improve the odds stacked against him in Johannesburg in 1995 by hooking short balls © Getty Images
JUNE 15, 2014

Vishy or Sunny? Venky or Pras?

What sort of interminable arguments have you had with your friends and relatives about cricketers?
JUNE 08, 2014

Caribbean second comings

The return of Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn and Dwayne Bravo to the West Indies Test squad shows that no door is truly closed when it comes to sports
MAY 26, 2014

The boys of endless summer

All grace, good looks and charisma, Farokh Engineer, Salim Durani and ML Jaisimha epitomised the charms of a bygone age
MAY 12, 2014

The truth about Australia's exciting brand of cricket

Why does the type of cricket Darren Lehmann wants to play suddenly seem very important to England?
MAY 11, 2014

Why can't broadcasters clean up Indian cricket?

It's in sports television's long-term interest to ensure that the game is run well and free of scandal
APRIL 10, 2014

Test-match moments I won't forget

The scorecards of these three Tests reveal fairly one-sided games, but that wasn't the case if you had been there
MARCH 04, 2014

The gender question

What exactly were girls and women doing in the '70s and '80s when all of us Indian men and boys were obsessed with cricket?
FEBRUARY 06, 2014

When cricket crackled

Listening to radio commentary required you to construct an image from the words you heard and create a rich movie of the match in your mind's eye
JANUARY 19, 2014

Time to regionalise county cricket?

A six-team tournament above the Championship might strengthen the supply line for the England team
JANUARY 16, 2014

The USA and Canada: the have-nots of Associate cricket

They are huge countries with vast talent pools, which means their meagre resources are stretched that much more
JANUARY 08, 2014

How hindsight helps make cricket history

The game is full of turning points and momentous events, but they can be recognised as such only in retrospect
DECEMBER 30, 2013

Seize the period of unstable equilibrium, boys

A Test match generally trundles along at a sedate pace, but it is also besieged by moments of acute instability. The ones who take advantage of it win
DECEMBER 07, 2013

English cricket's pointless brainwaves

Rebranding the domestic T20 competition smacks of just another fiddle that will only confuse fans
NOVEMBER 29, 2013

Who's your second-favourite team?

Often, watching as neutrals allows us to appreciate the beauty of the game, its ebbs and flows, and the skills of its practitioners, better
NOVEMBER 11, 2013

Andy, Vishy and me

Flashback to 1975, when the mighty West Indians came up against a pint-sized giant at the Chepauk
NOVEMBER 10, 2013

How to prepare to bowl in village cricket

No net practice required since your time umpiring while your team bats will tell you everything you need. Then just pray the ball leaves your hand
NOVEMBER 06, 2013

Spare a thought for Vinay Kumar

Having suffered against belligerent batsmen at the club level, the writer empathises with a bowler who conceded 102 runs in nine overs
OCTOBER 20, 2013

Waiting for the boys

You're never too grown up to be an autograph-hunting, hotel foyer-pacing fan
OCTOBER 09, 2013

The no-commentary broadcast option

It's time to provide viewers with a choice, and perhaps force commentators to step up their game in the process