FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Tales of Greig and Lloyd

In the '70s, the two towering tourists managed to win the hearts of Indian fans with their charm and prowess
Greig: played to the gallery © PA Photos
FEBRUARY 09, 2015

Why a strong T&T could bode well for West Indies

If the team can carry its limited-overs success into four-day cricket, the effect on West Indies' Test fortunes can only be positive
FEBRUARY 08, 2015

Amir's ban a blessing in disguise

He may have saved himself from the physical toll that years of fast bowling takes on the body
JANUARY 27, 2015

The many crickets of an Indian boyhood

Growing up in India, you play a number of varieties of the game, each contributing to the development of certain skills
JANUARY 25, 2015

What do we talk about when we talk about aggression?

Why do people seem to think players who get up in the opposition's faces also have aggressive approaches in their cricket?
JANUARY 19, 2015

What West Indies can learn from New Zealand

The teams match up in terms of talent. The key area of difference, obviously, is player-board relations
JANUARY 17, 2015

The no-ball's sinister hue

What used to be an innocuous infraction has turned decidedly different since 2010
JANUARY 02, 2015

In praise of the bus-pass cricketer

There's a breed of player in club cricket without whom the English game would be much the poorer
DECEMBER 17, 2014

Why the bouncer is not essential to cricket

Sure, it makes for thrilling viewing, but the tests of courage it provides can be achieved by other means
DECEMBER 12, 2014

The greatest rivalry never played

What if South Africa and West Indies had clashed with each other in the 1970s?
DECEMBER 04, 2014

The characters of maidan cricket

From the Nonstop Commentator to the Flat-footed Slogger - a lowdown on the players who defined Indian club cricket in the '70s
NOVEMBER 05, 2014

The appeal I didn't withdraw

How long can you remember an error of judgement on the cricket field?
NOVEMBER 03, 2014

The forgotten centurion

Andrew Strauss was a key batsman in many of England's memorable wins (and draws), but it's unlikely you'll remember his contributions off hand
NOVEMBER 02, 2014

A village state of mind

There's something to be said for being unsure of cricket, its whims and unwritten rules, but wanting more, and playing on regardless
OCTOBER 24, 2014

The bias of umpires

Understanding historical trends in decision-making might help you deal with the iffy calls you receive. Or maybe not
OCTOBER 16, 2014

Where does Pietersen stand among cricket's villains?

For all his transgressions, he still can't compete with cricket's long list of rogues and rascals. Does the level of abuse he receives fit his crimes?
OCTOBER 15, 2014

West Indies have the talent to challenge the top teams

With the batting and bowling talent they have, West Indies can be competitive against India, South Africa, England and Australia
OCTOBER 10, 2014

A soft spot for the dibbly-dobbler

These apologetic, innocuous trundlers come in various shapes and sizes. But in the modern era, they are slowly turning into an extinct species
SEPTEMBER 25, 2014

Don't blame the bowlers for India's sorry record overseas

Batting collapses, even in friendly conditions, have been the chief cause
SEPTEMBER 20, 2014

The case against revoking ODI status

The ICC's decision to restrict the number of ODI teams deprives Associates of the ability to generate enough funds to survive, and to gain new fans