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A video on Phillip Hughes is screened at his funeral service

How important is hostility?

Australian cricket jealously protects the right to intimidate. It's who we are, we've always been this way, and we're proud of it

Akash Fotedar bowls

A Perth quick goes to Yorkshire

Every year scores of professional cricketers flock to the English leagues. A fast bowler from Western Australia who has made the journey three times tells of his experiences

Michael Yardy and Rory Hamilton-Brown at the toss

How much does the toss really matter?

The numbers show that the team winning the toss has a marginal advantage, and the extent of it varies depending on the format and the quality of the teams

Ajinkya Rahane guides the ball towards third man

How do you compare players across eras?

You can't rate apples against oranges, we're often told. True, but there still are ways of discussing players of one age in the context of those from another