Scott Oliver

Kemar Roach appeals to the umpire

The bias of umpires

Understanding historical trends in decision-making might help you deal with the iffy calls you receive. Or maybe not

How did it come to this? Alastair Cook reflects on England's loss

The geometry of captaincy

Maybe leadership in cricket is not so much about the art of captaincy as about the real-time computing of information

A village cricket match at Linton Park Cricket Club

How to prepare to bowl in village cricket

No net practice required since your time umpiring while your team bats will tell you everything you need. Then just pray the ball leaves your hand

A batsman in a village cricket match

The five stages of grieving

A village cricketer begins his quest when his youthful heart is first sent soaring by a hero, and is thereafter tantalised by the possibilities of batsmanship

Who's an Australian then?

England gets stick for playing "overseas" players. It's time the old enemy got some