APRIL 01, 2015

The freakish delight that is AB de Villiers

When he displays his outlandish repertoire of manufactured strokes, dumbfounded bowlers and captains are left questioning their own skills
Does AB de Villiers himself know what shot he will play next? © AFP
FEBRUARY 19, 2015

India need to be flexible with their bowling

Opening with a spinner and rotating the slower bowlers against specific teams could be a sensible ploy for an attack that is struggling for consistency
JANUARY 08, 2015

The effect a team's bowling has on its batting

A penetrative bowling attack puts their batsmen in a freer state of mind, which only does the team's match-winning abilities good
DECEMBER 27, 2013

Have India buried the pace hoodoo?

Dravid, Tendulkar and Co set the template, and their successors seem to have been emboldened by their example
DECEMBER 02, 2013

All hail India's new order

The likes of Dhawan, Kohli and Pujara are a study in contrasts and similarities to the men they hope to replace in India's Test line-up
NOVEMBER 07, 2013

Outsource the tampering

There has been enough talk about looking kindly on tampering, but what if it was done off the field?
OCTOBER 29, 2013

A yorker state of mind

Your early cricketing experience hugely influences your ability to consistently pitch it in the blockhole as an adult
OCTOBER 10, 2013

The art of air cricket

Is there a cricket fan alive who hasn't paid tribute to his heroes without bat or ball in hand?
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

The Atlas who doesn't shrug

From a thrill-a-minute swashbuckler to a captain whose trademark is his calm, Dhoni has come a long way
SEPTEMBER 06, 2013

Remembering the Sahara Cup

Fans at a military airfield, meeting Garry Sobers, Gandhian pronounements, and other memories from an exotic tournament
AUGUST 20, 2013

Once upon a red-clay wicket

Learning the virtues of pitching it on a good length is easy when you end up breaking light fixtures every time you don't
AUGUST 07, 2013

Mind the criticism, please

Why do we insist on castigating cricketers - particularly batsmen - as careless, lazy or lacking strength of character?
JULY 17, 2013

Shane Anderson, anyone?

James Anderson mesmerises with skill, Graeme Swann outwits with subtle variations. Not unlike another combination from a few years ago
JULY 03, 2013

Viva Rohit Sharma

His consistently assured batting versus the short ball at the top of the innings made for pleasant viewing in the Champions Trophy
JUNE 17, 2013

The radio years

Cricket commentary never felt better than it did on radio - particularly short wave
JUNE 02, 2013

The thrill of Umesh Yadav

Seeing him run in to bowl makes you sit bolt upright in your chair and watch the game
MAY 19, 2013

All hail the box

There's no one better to sing the praises of the abdomen guard than someone who grew up playing without one, or wearing one with an infernal buckle