V Ramnarayan

MARCH 07, 2015

Tahir, Ashwin and Vettori buck World Cup trend

While other spinners have struggled, the three have kept the runs down and broken partnerships through low trajectory, controlled turn and minimum width
Imran Tahir has been adventurous and should take plenty of wickets on the bouncier Australian wickets © Getty Images
FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Where have all the stylists gone?

You'll get powerful and innovative shots, spectacular fielding and express pace in this year's World Cup, but at the cost of artistry and mystery
JANUARY 15, 2015

Whatever happened to sportsmanship?

The nasty behaviour we continue to see on the field is threatening to drive fans away from the game
JANUARY 07, 2015

What India's spinners are doing wrong

They give the impression they haven't practised enough or come in with well-formed plans of attack
DECEMBER 12, 2014

India's Adelaide blunder

Picking a newbie as the sole spinner in the XI could be a mistake that will haunt them
NOVEMBER 15, 2014

Home advantage: everyone's property

In years past, the term was something of a pejorative; not so much these days, when just about every side seems to enjoy it
OCTOBER 19, 2014

Remembering Budhi the dasher

Before Sehwag, and even Srikkanth, India had a swashbuckling opening batsman who also kept wickets
OCTOBER 06, 2014

Any multi-skilled bowlers out there?

Bowlers who can switch between pace and spin, left-arm and right-arm and vice versa will spice up the contest between bat and ball
SEPTEMBER 23, 2014

Don't shed tears for chuckers

The ICC's decision to take a stricter view of throwing is an important step forward in eliminating the problem of illegal actions
SEPTEMBER 07, 2014

Spinners need intelligent, trusting captains to thrive

A captain must be able to understand a spinner's craft if he is to manage him properly and set the right fields
AUGUST 17, 2014

It's time we had laws to eliminate sledging

Players should realise that their cricket skills speak louder than the abuse they sometimes dish out in the name of legitimate aggression
JULY 31, 2014

Remembering Ashok Mankad, a domestic giant

The late "Kaka" was a terrific batsman, a shrewd captain, and a wonderful raconteur. But most of all he was a genuine friend
JULY 24, 2014

Do India stick with the same team?

Binny did well at Trent Bridge, but surely he must make way for Ashwin now?
JUNE 26, 2014

Let's hear it for the unorthodox

Spinners who can't be bracketed into one style flourish today in cricket, while they struggled to make it big in the past
JUNE 10, 2014

Cricket's twin towers of evil

If the game's custodians are serious about stamping out fixing and chucking they must empower umpires and encourage respected players to speak out and share information about wrongdoing
MAY 25, 2014

Is the era of the factory-produced cricketer upon us?

Young aspirants in India today have their futures planned to a t by their parents, coaches and academies. Perhaps the old ways were better
MAY 08, 2014

The Pravin Tambe fairytale

It's a story about self-belief, dedication and the ability to chase your dreams
APRIL 23, 2014

Fizz, flight and loop

Erapalli Prasanna was a masterful conjurer and perhaps the shrewdest of India's great spin quartet
APRIL 05, 2014

Remembering the glory days of the Hindu Trophy

One of the oldest limited-overs in India used to be a thrilling affair, with Test and club cricketers fiercely competing for the title
MARCH 20, 2014

India's need for bowling variety

Why their traditional strength, spin, ought not to be forskaen in favour of pace