APRIL 13, 2015

Wanted: Faulkner the Test allrounder

He has played very little first-class cricket of late to prove his worth despite showing an aptitude for the longer format during earlier seasons
Despite his success as a limited-overs allrounder, James Faulkner has only played one Test © Getty Images
MARCH 26, 2015

Why ball-tracking can't be trusted

In the absence of information on how the technology works, it's hard for some of us to shake doubts about why what we're seeing with our eyes differs significantly from the reading of a computer
MARCH 13, 2015

Hayden the hard yakker

Aka the finest wordsmith from the planet of Australia
FEBRUARY 26, 2015

Shapoor Zadran, cult hero

The Afghanistan fast bowler is an example of the exuberance the Associates bring to the table, but sadly they'll probably not be seen in four years' time
FEBRUARY 13, 2015

Whatever happened to the wacky warm-up?

Back in the day, World Cup warm-ups used to be played against obscure and exotic teams
JANUARY 30, 2015

Is cricket really vulnerable to physical altercations?

Cricket has had relatively few ugly on-field incidents when compared to other sports, so to start fearing the worst because of the verbal abuse going round is to take things too far
JANUARY 16, 2015

Meet Ricky the broadcaster

Ponting's debut on Channel Ten and his grilling of Kevin Pietersen hold out hope that cricket has found a high-calibre new TV voice
JANUARY 03, 2015

Just what is the Australian way?

It's not as easily defined as just saying it is about playing positive, aggressive cricket at all times
DECEMBER 20, 2014

Why Steven Smith's here to stay

He has experienced captaincy at every level. Most admirably, he has managed to reinvent his game to succeed at the highest level
DECEMBER 07, 2014

Healing by putting your bat out

Touching tributes by strangers all over the world have helped immensely in recovering from the pain of Phillip Hughes' death
NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Embracing Maxwell's unpredictability

Fans pop a vein when his ludicrous tactics fail, shrug when he succeeds. Either way, cricket's first bona fide troll is not about to change
OCTOBER 31, 2014

How boring is boring cricket?

Having graced the airwaves for more than four decades, he is a broadcasting institution on par with Benaud, despite not having played at senior level
OCTOBER 17, 2014

Jim Maxwell: Radio commentary's tireless doyen

Having graced the airwaves for more than four decades, he is a broadcasting institution on par with Benaud, despite not having played at senior level
OCTOBER 02, 2014

Cricket shirts: gotta love 'em

Cricket nerds love team shirts, especially ones from their childhood
SEPTEMBER 19, 2014

Johnson v McLaren: a tale of two blows

The South African allrounder had the misfortune of being in the line of fire twice this year
SEPTEMBER 05, 2014

The unquestioning loyalty of the sports nut

True sports fans are like Harley-Davidson loyalists. Poor marketing and tacky innovations will never turn them away from the game they love
AUGUST 23, 2014

The Phillip Hughes debate never ends

He makes buckets of runs but cannot hold his place in the Test side. What needs to work for him going forward?
AUGUST 08, 2014

Remembering Paul Melville

The dashing Victoria batsman was set to be a star for Australia when his life was tragically cut short at 21
JULY 05, 2014

Commentary boxes need succession plans too

Channel Nine should work to maintain the standards that its best broadcasters - Benaud and Chappell - have set, rather than encourage a frat-house environment
JUNE 20, 2014

A Derbyshire fan in Melbourne

How books, magazines and live scorecard updates allowed an Australian teenager to keep track of county cricket in the 1990s