APRIL 11, 2014

Mimicking our heroes

Batting stance, bowling run-up, shuffling, adjusting equipment - there's something about cricketers' idiosyncrasies that makes us want to copy them
King Viv: emulate at your own risk © PA Photos
MARCH 28, 2014

Missing Pakistan

How has the team fallen off the sporting map so dramatically in a cricket-literate country like Australia?
MARCH 14, 2014

Thinking pink

The jury's still out on the pros and cons of lighter-coloured balls and how they may or may not work in day-night Test cricket
FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Warne v Cullinan revisited

Mind games were as much a part of Warne's armoury as the flipper in the mid-1990s, and his battle with one South African batsman captured the imagination
FEBRUARY 12, 2014

The comfort Haddin brings

A year ago if he had announced his retirement, it would have raised few eyebrows; had he done so after the latest Ashes, it would have been wrenching
JANUARY 30, 2014

In praise of Margaret Hughes

The first woman to write to a high standard on the game was treated a bit like a circus freak when she appeared on the scene
JANUARY 16, 2014

How does one measure T20 proficiency?

The traditional data range of cricket statistics is far too narrow and its focus sometimes irrelevant to the requirements of the shortest format
JANUARY 03, 2014

What I read in 2013

There's a surge for immediacy in the modern media but sports books, especially cricket ones, help you slow down
DECEMBER 19, 2013

Project Snow and what might have been

Cricket nearly reached an impasse in the mid-1990s and there was a possibility the game would split into two factions
NOVEMBER 20, 2013

The little cricket magazine that endured

The ABC Cricket Book was a faithful companion to generations of Australian kids growing up with the game
NOVEMBER 08, 2013

Reeling from the Sharmageddon

Just when you thought you were bored of all the ODIs, Australia and India served up an utterly bonkers match in Bangalore
OCTOBER 25, 2013

Shane Watson and the art of self-analysis

The insularity of his approach might not necessarily mark him out as the most likeable cricketer but it makes him an endlessly interesting one
OCTOBER 11, 2013

What's happening to Australia's cricket grounds?

Local venues taught kids to love cricket, but they're vanishing fast, victims of development and commerce
SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

What do they know of cliches...

Cricket clich├ęs find their most obvious and oft-parodied home in commentary boxes but we're all guilty of them from time to time
JUNE 04, 2013

Mark Cosgrove and the stigma of obesity

What is worse for the image of Australian cricket - cricketers overweight of body, or cricketers underweight of runs?