Kartikeya Date

JUNE 22, 2014

Match-by-match analysis of control data

How much would individual batsmen score if they batted all 20 overs by themselves, and how frequently would they be in control?
Glenn Maxwell would score 215 runs if he had 20 overs to himself in a T20 © BCCI
JUNE 10, 2014

Mining control statistics

What can data based on the control batsmen have over their shots tell you about innings and results?
MAY 29, 2014

The calculus of the batting average

The batting average is a misleading indicator. How about a scale that is more representative of batting performance?
MAY 14, 2014

The time and space of T20 cricket

Insisting that T20 is simply ODI cricket minus the boring middle overs is disingenuous
APRIL 29, 2014

Are T20s more exciting than ODIs?

There may be more last-over finishes but weak teams win T20 games more often than they do ODIs
APRIL 16, 2014

A measure for batting and bowling effectiveness in T20

Strike rates and economy rates do not quite tell the whole story. Introducing a new, two-dimensional method of assessing players in T20
APRIL 10, 2014

The problem with low catches

The cricket cognoscenti is largely eager to give the fielder the benefit of the doubt when a catch is referred. This should not be the case
MARCH 24, 2014

Why T20 is a disfigured caricature of cricket

Scaling the contest down to 20 overs without changing the rules only leads to a grotesque imbalance between bat and ball
MARCH 16, 2014

What can speed guns tell us?

They may provide objective information about the pace of the bowling, but the complete picture is provided by also considering the way batsmen respond to pace
MARCH 01, 2014

Running the rule over modern English batsmen

Why Atherton, Thorpe and other batsmen from the 1980s and 1990s were no worse than the current crop
FEBRUARY 14, 2014

Which batsmen thrive against the best bowlers?

Why Tendulkar and Lara were superior all-round Test players, and why Sangakkara is a freak
FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Bowling averages and beyond: spinners

The two phases of Warne's career, and the challenge for fingerspinners in Tests
JANUARY 22, 2014

How good is Australia's pace trio?

Johnson was often unplayable but Australia's support bowlers were equally important to their victorious campaign
JANUARY 11, 2014

Would you pick Haddin over Gilchrist for an Ashes Test?

Haddin's record against England is better than his illustrious predecessor's, and he played for a far weaker team
JANUARY 02, 2014

Can Kallis really be called an allrounder?

Jacques Kallis was among the greatest of batsmen who could bowl, but he doesn't belong to the pantheon of legendary allrounders like Sobers, Imran and Botham
DECEMBER 07, 2013

Why long Ashes tours are hurting Test cricket

England's and Australia's established schedules of a five-Test series every other year makes it hard for other teams to create rivalries
NOVEMBER 03, 2013

Are India's bowling woes part of a larger trend?

Has T20 affected one-day cricket on a large scale, or is it mostly an Indian phenomenon?
OCTOBER 19, 2013

Is Test cricket in better health than ever before?

We tend to believe the game was better and more competitive in the past. But the truth as seen through the numbers is more complicated
OCTOBER 05, 2013

How do openers affect No. 3 batsmen?

The success or failure of openers shifts the average of No. 3 batsmen by about ten runs
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

The Barnes standard

Many consider Sydney Barnes the best bowler in Test history. Which bowlers match him?