NOVEMBER 07, 2014

Acknowledging the Indian who doesn't care for cricket

Samir Chopra: Yes, such a tribe exists, and it cannot be dismissed easily in this age when we constantly worry about the game's future
Other ball games are slowly invading cricket's territory in India © Getty Images
MAY 27, 2014


Harsha Bhogle, the storyteller

Harsha Bhogle discusses the early influences that shaped his commentary, censorship, unsavoury trysts on twitter and physical attributes in television presenting. Arun Venugopal of the Hindu has more.

You will find very few networks on cricket broadcast actually taking on matters of this sensitivity. So, for example, you won't find anyone talking about why a Pakistan player shouldn't be in the IPL. [These are] very sensitive matters that you have got to be careful not to inflame. In my case, I am very clear that my job here is not to be an opinion-maker, but to be a storyteller. I believe I am an opinion-maker on Twitter, in my articles. But, I have never ever been told, 'You will not say this'. I have just been told, 'Let's not say something that might offend.' That was a long time ago. In recent times, I haven't been told that.

APRIL 27, 2014

England club side bowled out for 3

#WeNeedit was the hashtag under which Wirral, a cricket club in north-west England, sent out pleas to cricketers Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff for a "few hours coaching" after they were bowled out for just three runs. Out of those three, only one run came off the bat, that too from the No. 11, as the first ten batsmen remarkably ended up earning ducks.

MARCH 19, 2014

The Michael Vaughan challenge

Andrew Hughes: Do you have it in you to follow him on Twitter?
MARCH 10, 2014

On Twitter, sport is black and white

Jonathan Wilson: Sport has the capacity to forge bonds of connection, but it's hard to do that on platforms that encourage instant, reactive responses
OCTOBER 11, 2013

The kid who finally had to grow up

Rajan Thambehalli : To this fan, Sachin Tendulkar is a kid who managed to extend his childhood beyond its definition
OCTOBER 03, 2013

Illegal streaming sites aren't the problem

Dave Hawksworth: Cricket boards must realise that they can't tame the internet. They are better off trying to figure out how to engage cricket's young online audience
SEPTEMBER 07, 2013

Australia news

Fawad Ahmed's brave stance maintains team harmony

Australia legspinner, Fawad Ahmed's decision not to wear a beer-company sponsor's logo on his country shirt has sparked off a debate which has quickly moved beyond cricket and to touch upon larger issues of immigration and integration within the Australian society. A few have criticised Ahmed for his decision but as Malcolm Knox points out in the Sydney Morning Herald, the issue is not just about one player but about sport being open to changes within societies and cultures.

Whenever sports try to insulate themselves from change, they self-destruct. So let's imagine that a national symbol, such as the gold shirt Ahmed wears as an Australian one-day cricketer, does not impose a national character. Let's imagine that it's the wearer who changes the character of the shirt. In Ahmed's personal history, is there not the courage and durability we associate with a Hewitt (or a Dawn Fraser, a Herb Elliott, a Dennis Lillee, take your pick)? In his refusal to wear a VB logo, is there not something of that wilfulness that we like to call ''Australian''? In choosing to be here, rather than being born here, has he not already proved something?

Ahmed also finds support from Guardian writer, Joe Gorman who says his decision not wear the logo should be praised if Australia truly values moral conviction.

SEPTEMBER 03, 2013

The experience of arriving in Zimbabwe again

Firdose Moonda: One of the excitements of touring Zimbabwe occurs long before one arrives in the country. Getting there is an experience on its own
JUNE 20, 2013

'How good are turtles!'

Alex Bowden: Mystical musings and suchlike rubbish in this week's Twitter round-up. Also, the meaning of "Life!!!"
MAY 23, 2013

'Apparently I smell of wee'

Alex Bowden: Less-than-fragrant cricketers, and other oddities, in this week's Twitter round-up
MAY 09, 2013

'Time for some dinner!'

Alex Bowden: If you're ever caught without a watch, our Twitter round-up will help you plan your day
APRIL 09, 2013

IPL 2013

CSK pay tribute to 'Sir Jadeja'

Most of you have probably heard several jokes about 'Sir' Ravindra Jadeja, in the Chuck Norris/Rajnikanth template, floating around. How about his one? "Sir Jadeja once wanted to make a silt mountain to play as a kid, now we all call it Mt Everest." That one's courtesy Jadeja's India and Chennai Super Kings' captain, MS Dhoni.

Jadeja had to put up with some serious ribbing from Dhoni and his Super Kings' team-mates on Tuesday, prior to their evening practice session in Mohali. Dhoni, Suresh Raina, R Ashwin, and even franchise official Gurunath Meiyappan, all got into the act, tweeting joke after joke about "Sir Jadeja". Among other things, Jadeja was credited with inventing something new every time he made an error, making the road move whenever he sat in his jeep with the intention of going for a drive, and making the ball come to him instead of running to claim a catch.

Jadeja's response? He tweeted Dhoni and Raina confirming he had no intention of being the next Rajnikanth, and went on to pose for photos in the team bus with Raina.

MARCH 21, 2013

'You can't have tea tea'

Alex Bowden: Rage over erroneously named foods and more in this week's Twitter round-up
MARCH 14, 2013

'I think Hughesy has something wrong with his bum'

Alex Bowden: Expert physiological analysis and more in this week's Twitter round-up
OCTOBER 05, 2012

ICC World Twenty20 2012

Raina blames it on the "nephew"

Suresh Raina has become the latest of a long list of cricketers who have got into trouble over their tweets - but his response might be the cue for future explanations. Minutes after Pakistan's semi-final loss to Sri Lanka in the World Twenty20, a tweet from his account mocked Pakistan for the manner of their defeat.

Expectedly, the tweet caused a furore over social media and it was several hours before Raina responded - by blaming his "nephew".

Cue a host of re-tweets and even a "Raina's nephew" twitter handle with tweets about the "uncle's" exploits. Kevin Pietersen may well be wondering why he hadn't thought of something similar when asked about the controversial messages he allegedly sent to South African players.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012

Does KP have any secrets from us?

Andrew Hughes: Or why we all ought to sit down and enjoy Pietersengate
AUGUST 15, 2012

The twin threats of stupidity and insanity

Andrew Hughes: Cricket is reeling from l'affaire Pietersen, and now there's the whole Bolt thing
MAY 21, 2011

The Silly Bash and the Kieron Kopter

Andrew Hughes: Both were created for Twenty20, but one is redundant like the American banking system and the other is a handy tool for all cricketing journeymen
FEBRUARY 15, 2011

Mr Pietersen is not quitting

Andrew Hughes: He will be back soon, with a new, improved Twitter technique