SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Six, six and ouch!

Philip Brown: Remember when Stuart Broad got his nose broken earlier this season?
© Philip Brown
JUNE 04, 2014

You may smile at a six, but you'll cry at a seven

Philip Brown: Six frames a second of Andrew Flintoff in despair will make you money
APRIL 15, 2014

Outside the Grace Gate

Philip Brown: You think MCC members have it easy when it comes to watching a Test at Lord's? Think again
MARCH 25, 2014

Baggy-green baby

Philip Brown: What do you get when you combine a legendary Test cricketer's cap, a two-year-old and some pink zinc cream?
MARCH 18, 2014

The joy of Cabbage

Philip Brown: In Antigua, a cheering spectator makes for more interesting photos than the action on the field
JANUARY 19, 2014

A circle among shadows

Philip Brown: Two photos from the Brisbane Test, taken at (nearly) the same instant, produce two different effects
JANUARY 14, 2014

Virginia Woolf and cricket, framed

Open Culture gives us a couple of vintage photos of a young Virginia Woolf playing cricket with her siblings, including her painter sister, Vanessa Bell. Growing up, the sisters were "tomboys", Woolf says in an extract.

Vanessa and I were both what we call tomboys; that is, we played cricket, scrambled over rocks, climbed trees, were said not to care for clothes and so on.

OCTOBER 28, 2013

'He didn't alter his behaviour, so you had to be quick'

Interview by Siddhartha Vaidyanathan: Tendulkar didn't avoid cameras but he seemed to be aware of them, says Australian journalist and photographer Mark Ray
OCTOBER 13, 2013

Goodbye Sachin

Philip Brown: A photograph from the previous time Philip Brown snapped Sachin Tendulkar, in tribute to the great Indian sportsman who'll soon be retiring from the game
JULY 25, 2013

The best cricket periodical ever

Samir Chopra: From 1978 to 1983, the World Cricket Digest, published out of Sydney, offered fans of cricket and cricket writing an invaluable service
JUNE 11, 2013

Patrick Eagar: cricket's visual poet

Samir Chopra: For fans who grew up before cricket was available ubiquitously through television, the photographer's work holds special meaning