SEPTEMBER 09, 2014

Moeen Ali: England's man of the summer

Kamran Abbasi: He has won respect with his cricket doing the talking, not letting himself be crushed by shameful boos from fans
Moeen Ali is a confident Englishman and a confident Muslim, determined to show that the two are reconcilable © Getty Images
DECEMBER 07, 2013

The nuisance of cyber banter

Andrew Hughes: First there was knuckle-biting stupidity. Then there were attempts to defend it
DECEMBER 06, 2013

A night of celebrating Mandela

Sidharth Monga: Taking in the scenes outside Nelson Mandela's house in Houghton in Johannesburg, on the night he died
FEBRUARY 07, 2008


Racism in other sports

It's not only cricket that's struggling to cope with the issue of racism. Other sports have had to cope with racist controversies as well and their governing bodies have proved to be largely ineffectual, writes Marina Hyde in the Guardian.

... it was Fifa who imposed the paltry £44,750 fine on the Spanish FA for the racist chanting. It was also Fifa who fined the Cameroonian FA £86,000 for wearing the wrong kit in the African Cup of Nations that same year.

We seem to need a more radical solution than waiting on governing bodies to act on racism. Why should people be satisfied with this pace? At this rate black athletes will be taking abuse another 45 years from now, while some governing body or other churns out a milquetoast press release saying what a shame it all is.