Champions League Twenty20 October 4, 2012

T&T players roll back on CLT20 pull-out


A major embarrassment for the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB) and the WICB was avoided after the Trinidad & Tobago players departed for South Africa to compete in the Champions League Twenty20 after initially threatening to pull out of the tournament over a monetary dispute with the TTCB.

"The players from T&T have decided to travel to South Africa," Suruj Ragoonath, the TTCB chief executive, told ESPNcricinfo. "In the meantime, the TTCB and WIPA, who have good relations, continue discussions on the matter."

The dispute began on October 3 when five T&T players - Denesh Ramdin, Darren Bravo, Ravi Rampaul, Lendl Simmons and Samuel Badree - currently in Sri Lanka representing West Indies in the World Twenty20, told the TTCB that they would participate in the CLT20 only if the board shared with them the $450,000 it received for allowing Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Bravo and Sunil Narine to represent their IPL teams instead of their country.

The players' emissary was Dinanath Ramnarine, the former WIPA president. Ramnarine, who has had numerous run-ins with the WICB on various issues, had recently helped Simmons and Ramnaresh Sarwan claim damages from the WICB for breach of their player contracts.

It is understood the situation worsened on Thursday morning, when the ten other members of the T&T squad also refused to travel to South Africa on their 5pm flight from Port-of-Spain unless the demands were met. The problem had arisen six days before T&T's first game in the qualifying stage of the Champions League and it caught the TTCB off guard.

Reacting to the development, the TTCB initially explained to the players that a guaranteed sum of more than $20,000 was assured to each individual for two qualification matches. Ramnarine pointed out that in case the team advanced to the main round, the TTCB had guaranteed an additional $200,000 before taxes. It was also reported that 75% of the monies and any other prize money would be shared among the squad.

That, however, did not change the players' minds and so the TTCB reportedly asked the selectors to appoint five replacements. Former West Indies players Mervyn Dillon, Daren Ganga, and Dave Mohammed were sounded out, along with the pair of Justin Guillen and Stephen Katwaroo.

The TTCB also contacted WICB officials and informed them about the development. "The WICB was told that the players had put down a condition to travel which the TTCB did not believe was fair," a CLT20 official told ESPNcricinfo. "TTCB said that the money paid by the IPL franchises had nothing to do with the T&T squad and they were not willing to share. They have reached deadlock."

The WICB officials went scrambling to try and organize a Jamaica squad, who were runners-up in the Caribbean T20 last season, as a replacement team. "The WICB felt they had to send a team to represent the Caribbean and the board was is in talks with the Jamaica Cricket Association to send a team," the official said.

However, after last-minute negotiations, the T&T players decided to board the flight to Johannesburg.

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Deepak on October 6, 2012, 5:56 GMT

    Its a heavily depleted T&T side.. The best playing XI could be - Barath, Simmons, Perkins, Bravo, Ramdin, Mohammed, Cooper, Ganga, Badree, Rampaul, Gabriel

  • David on October 6, 2012, 5:38 GMT

    Absolute greed from these 5 T&T players - instead of playing for the honour of representing their country...nope...they need cash if they are going to front up...very sad.

  • o on October 5, 2012, 21:22 GMT

    It's the IPL sides that are paying for Pollard Bravo Narine not to play for them so they can represent their franchises.The CLT20 has become a farse after the first series when the IPL sides did not qualify they changed the rules&contracts so players had to represent IPL sides this only hurts INDIAN cricket as it again prevents Indians playin under pressure or learning form these competitions like the IPL as they always have superstars from aroun the wrld whether that is with the bat or ball to win the game & play the pressure situations! THE CLT20 could have been a brilliant tournament if it stuck to the finalists frm each Country &India had Domestic sides nt IPL so Indians could actually play and learn and take charge in a good standard of cricket instead it has been destroyed by $ & IPL which even has 4 sides that do not have to qualify whilst the solo W.I & other nations winners have to qualify depsite winnin their comp & with added insult without their best players! it won't last

  • rajesh on October 5, 2012, 20:29 GMT

    To clarify: 1. Gayle does not play for TnT, he's Jamaican. 2. TnT players wanted to play for TnT, but the IPL teams would have remembered that and given them a hard time next year, so they were cowed into compliance with the IPL. 3. In light of that fact, TnT is fielding a weakened team, thus their chances of progressing and thus earning more money for the players is diminished, so it seems justified that they would ask for a portion of the money received from the IPL teams for the contracted players. Lost revenue to the TnT squad. And let's be totally clear, T20 is all about milking the cash cow dry, nobody is in it for pride and all that crud. Cricket used to be the gentleman's game, now it is huge money, with India at the epicentre. There is a bit of hypocrisy that everyone engages in that players should choose country over club (aka money) but not all countries pay the same amount to their players and who will take of the players when they retire or can't play anymore? Any one ofu?

  • Dummy4 on October 5, 2012, 18:43 GMT

    @U.T.K.A.L the players have no choice in the matter or representing either country or club. the ipl rules clearly states that the ipl club has first prference over the players.

  • Ludlow on October 5, 2012, 17:23 GMT

    Why is Gayle's name mentioned in this discussion ?

  • RAVIINDER on October 5, 2012, 15:53 GMT

    where money enters, game get spoiled..ALWAYS and EVERYWHARE

  • Dummy4 on October 5, 2012, 13:55 GMT

    What an ugly & embarrassing situation. Sad to c what WI cricket has degenerated into. Make money your God and it will plague U like the Devil. I hope they didn't pay them a cut cent. That money is for the development of TT & WI cricket. Maybe a TT school boys' tour to Eng, etc.

  • Mr on October 5, 2012, 12:56 GMT

    @ tauhid_aks That does not happen in Soccer because they have league seasons clashing with each other. In T20 Leagues that's not the case, we have short spanned league seasons. This allows players to play in multiple leagues without conflicting any of them and Problem occurs when multiple teams a player represent qualify for Champions league. I personally think it's a players decision about playing in which league as long as it's not conflicting nation team's interest (and his home league team is getting paid). But asking for money which the club got from transfers? That's ridiculous. :)

  • Dummy4 on October 5, 2012, 12:10 GMT

    Why am I not surprised at any of this and why am I not surprised Ramnarine had somethin to do with it.

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