Pakistan in Australia 2004-05 December 12, 2004

Bowden seeks the return of fair play

Cricinfo staff

Billy Bowden has encouraged both teams to take the fielder's word when it comes to close catches ahead of Australia's first Test against Pakistan at Perth. He said to Fox Sports that he welcomed any agreement between both teams that encouraged fair play.

"If they want to come to us and say that, brilliant, beautiful," Bowden said of any agreement between the captains, but added that the umpires would not propose the idea. "I believe in honesty whether it's on the field or off the field. I just think for the good of the game, for the spirit of the game..."

Bowden wanted to see loyalty and integrity return, but thought it was a decision best left to players. "I don't mind players not walking if they hit it, that's fine, it's up to them. But when it's a black-and-white decision about whether they've been caught or not, surely, if you can't rely on a player what can you rely on in a game of cricket these days?"

His feelings about technology ran along a similar vein. "I'm sure the players would like to see umpires still make the decisions even though they moan and groan when they get a bad one going against them. I still think the traditions of the game and the beauty of the game is it's played by humans and should be run be humans."