Future Tours Programme - Feedback May 10, 2006

Tired teams, mediocre cricket

Cricinfo staff

On Tuesday, the ICC published its new Future Tours Program, and we asked for your views. Here we publish a selection. Click here to send us your thoughts.

In the recent series between South Africa and New Zealand we witnessed two tired looking teams play mediocre cricket on sub-standard pitches - be prepared for more of the same. M Robinson

These days there is so much being said by players about too much matches for them. I totally disagree with their views. It's their job - we never complain that we have to work every day in offices. When players are rested enough they tend to loose their touch and say we need more practice to get back , and when they are in touch they say ICC is burning them up. Sarva

I agree that the ICC had a tough job in organising the series, but there are simply too many inconsequential tournaments. The Afro-Asia cup is a prime example. Russell Shaw

I am an Indian fan. It is good to see that the ICC has extended the calendar. I am happy India won't play Zimbabwe and Bangladesh and there is less cricket penned down against West Indies, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Simply, these teams are weak to the extent that anything more than a two-match Test series or a three-match ODI series is a drag to say the least. Ankur Marfatia

The new ICC timetable is just shocking. Since when did India become in charge of cricket and why does the Indian board get so much importance. How come India have never hosted Bangladesh for a series? The timetable should be more evenly spread over all the countries. Asim

The schedule looks very hectic. By the end of 2007, all key players from all countries will be injured/not in a position to play due to the amount of cricket they are going to play. After 2007, we will be having all A teams fighting against each other. A very good sign for all upcoming cricket players, but a very bad sign for all cricket lovers. Gururaj Bhat

As a fan of New Zealand cricket I was horrified with the ICC's new schedule. While, as usual, the big teams like England, Australia and India have a veritable feast of test and one day cricket to look forward to over the next few seasons, New Zealand has been left with virtually no real cricket for the next two years. I understand that New Zealand has a relatively poor test squad, and that they may not be a very strong draw card for the big cricketing nations. However isn't this just the kind of segregation of the top from the bottom, that the ICC was trying to avoid with this programme?Ben Goodchild

The ICC should have some control on the extra number of games squeezed in by the respective boards. Without that, it's a field day for boards like the BCCI. In fact, seven-match one-day series should be reduced to four or five maximum. During the recent India-England ODI series, it was very boring at the end ... even though India were winning. Shreedhar

There is far, far too much one-day cricket on. It should be halved to avoid player and spectator burnout. Jason Morgan

The FTP announced by the ICC makes no sense. Fine, it was a difficult job, but they should have balanced the number of tours of a country equally, and not by the likes of influential boards like the BCCI. Hassan R. Khan

The new FTP is a joke. I still can't believe they are retaining the Afro-Asia cup. What a joke of a series! Why does Australia bother playing anyone else besides India and England? They're touring India every year I think. Y Khan

The new six-year FTP can be found on the ICC website by clicking here