Former player says focus should be on improving youth cricket October 25, 2007

'No coach in the world can help West Indies' - Dujon

Cricinfo staff

Jeff Dujon: "The next good West Indies team is probably about 13 years old right now." © Getty Images

Jeff Dujon, the former West Indies wicketkeeper and assistant coach, has said no coach can help West Indies cricket at the moment and believes it will take at least a generation for West Indies cricket to improve and get to the top.

"Regardless of where he [coach] comes from, he is not going to make this team better," Dujon said in an interview with the Jamaica-based KLAS Radio. "No matter who coaches the West Indies team, they are not going to do better. They are playing as best as they can now."

The West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) on Saturday announced John Dyson as the team's head coach. Dujon said WICB had erred when they appointed Bennett King as coach and David Moore as his assistant as he believed they would have been more useful at the youth level.

"I was critical of Bennett King and David Moore because I think they should [have been] used where development lies, at the development level.

"I have being saying this for years now. As far as I am concerned, the next good West Indies team is probably about 13 years old right now. If we start working now, if we start to put a structure in place that would produce a better brand of player, and coach. These [present] players came from a structure that prepares them to do exactly what they are doing now."