Pakistan news January 9, 2011

PCB refuses to meet Kaneria's lawyer

ESPNcricinfo staff

The Pakistan Cricket Board had refused to meet Danish Kaneria's lawyer, in another setback to the legspinner's attempts to seek clarification on his continued exclusion from the Pakistan team. "We have received another email from their lawyer saying again they are not prepared to have a meeting so obviously we are very, very disappointed about that," Steve Haurigan, Kaneria's lawyer, said yesterday.

Kaneria was one of three players - alongside Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Malik - who were summoned before the PCB's inquiry committee in order to gain clearance to play for the country. Pakistan had delayed the announcement of their 30-man World Cup squad till January 5 to complete investigating the three players, but only Kamran was included in the preliminary list for the tournament. Kaneria was also in the original squad to play two Tests against South Africa in the UAE, but was told moments before he was about to leave for the airport that he hadn't been cleared to play.

Haurigan said the PCB's reluctance to clear Kaneria was also hampering his prospects with English county sides. "We want to know what objections the PCB have against Danish continuing to play? Because they haven't told him or us what those objections are. They are blocking him playing not only in Pakistan for the Pakistan team but also obviously outside Pakistan. The effect of the PCB being reluctant to clear Danish is that the county sides in England who are willing and almost queuing up to sing up Danish are reluctant to do it, understandably because they are not sure what's going on."

Kaneria was the subject of a criminal investigation in August by Essex police over allegations that he was involved in spot-fixing during a county game, but was released without charge in September. He has not been retained by the county for the upcoming season, but Kaneria has said that is only due to 'financial reasons'. Haurigan said Kaneria was prepared to answer all questions regarding the UK investigations. "There are issues as regards what happened in the UK last year. He's been cleared by the ICC and the British police, and he wants to carry on playing. He is frustrated that nobody is telling him what the problem is.

"Danish is effectively being called in by his boss, the PCB, and told you can't work anymore, but they haven't told him why, and they won't tell him why. We are not here to annoy any people and start proceedings. Danish wants nothing more but to continue playing. He'll love to put on the colors of the Pakistan team and get out there bowling again that's all he wants to do."

Haurigan hinted at the possibility of further legal action if the PCB continued to stick to its stance. "At this stage, we can't rule out anything. We want to get it resolved in Danish's favour as quickly as possible, but we are aware of all the options that are possibly open to us. If we don't get the information then we have to do something sooner rather than later."

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  • Khair ul on January 11, 2011, 6:11 GMT

    It is not that he has not been selected to play which would have been okay. He has been told he the Board is not clearing him to play which suggests they have something against him. If that is the case, they have to tell him what it is. Even if they are investigating him they have to say they are investigating him for something. If they don't want to comment because he is under investigation then they have to say that at the very least. But keeping quiet is not right. PCB don't throw around your BUTT and power.

  • Dummy4 on January 9, 2011, 17:42 GMT

    Sory to say why PCB is playing with the future of a talented leg spiner, I am afraid this will heart minor community Kaneria is belong to them, It is strange when English cricket board clear him in any mis-dealing why our board is so hard, the poor man give all evedents what ever board wanted, but still they are not cooperative with his lawyer, even board not only to see his layer.. Even the board not told Kaneria why he was not picked and set aside for any type of cricket t.still he have many years of game remain, he is one of the best spinner of world of cricket. I request Ministry of Sports should take up the matter with PCB to solve the problem very soon in order to be considered him for the world cup.

  • Dummy4 on January 9, 2011, 13:04 GMT

    PCB behaving badly again. They're going to end up in court before too long. At least tell the man why he's not being picked, whether it's for form or whatever reason. He's legally in the clear.

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