Bangladesh v Pakistan, 3rd ODI, Chittagong December 6, 2011

'Blackout broke Bangladesh momentum' - Misbah

ESPNcricinfo staff

Mushfiqur Rahim and Misbah-ul-Haq have said that a floodlight failure at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong midway through the Bangladesh chase played a significant role in deciding the final ODI.

Bangladesh were coasting at 61 for 1 chasing 178 when play was held up when the floodlights failed. After the interruption, Pakistan's spinners proved almost unplayable as Bangladesh collapsed to 119 all out to hand Pakistan a clean sweep.

"We were making runs in the last one or two overs (before the break) and a partnership was in the making," the Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur said. "A break always can make a difference. Obviously the batsmen need to settle down after every break. You have to adapt to the situation, but unfortunately we could not do this."

Misbah agreed that the blackout affected Bangladesh's rhythm and allowed Pakistan to reassess their strategy. "I think momentum was with Bangladesh at that time," he said. "The blackout broke the momentum and we reaped the benefit and got back in the game. We got time to think about our bowling during the break and came back strongly."

Mushfiqur didn't lay the entire blame for the defeat on the lapse in concentration after the break. "I have said already that technically we have some difficulties," he said. "But we were also mentally demoralised. When you see batsman score runs like Nasir [Hossain] and Shakib Al Hasan are doing for us, they play differently. You can see it in [Pakistan] as well, players like Misbah and [Umar] Akmal. But when you are not making runs, your shot selection goes wrong. Which is what happening for us."

Mushfiqur praised his bowlers for the job they did throughout the series, but said the batsmen have to learn to spend more time at the wicket. "Even the wicket was not very difficult today. Later on there was some dew which could have helped us, but we had some poor shot selections which got us out. I think we have to be a bit strong mentally and stay a bit more positive in our shot selection.

"We have to spent time on the wicket, if we can do that may be we will be able to realise the nature of wicket and build up an inning. It is not happening now."

Misbah backed up Mushfiqur's assessment, saying he thought Bangladesh had bowled "really well" but that their batting needed work. "They are struggling in the batting department, especially on a wicket like this it is really difficult for the batsmen if they are short of confidence. I think that's what is happening with them. I think they have to really improve their batting."

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  • Dummy4 on December 9, 2011, 12:08 GMT

    @ truth1: We won against the same Australian team in 2001 with a very inexperienced bowling attack. As far as the records are concern we may be lagging behind but we always rose up to the occasion be it in World Cup or Asia Cup. Let your team win in West Indies,South Africa, Australia and England. Since you talked about history India was bowled out by a quality English attack,and it happened before I was born. Okay Pakistan was humiliated by powerful Aussies in Sharjah (2002) but let me remind you that a full strength Pakistan side lost a home Test Series in November 1998 against ZIMBABWE. LOL:)

  • Manesh on December 9, 2011, 3:51 GMT

    India afraid of Pakistan??? what a joke! Barring the Dubai matches, pakistan do not have any upper hand aganist India. India delivered in the big stages when it WC or Asia cup....and India won the series against Pakistan last time when India visited Pakistan. The fact is that Pakistan played to a tired SL and a useless BD so far and their fans are in the moon because of that! On the other hand India playing with debutants in all series and trying to develop a bench strength for the future. But still able t win the series !

  • sameera on December 8, 2011, 21:23 GMT

    Let us clarify a few facts. Someone wrote what happened to Pak luck when they were bowled out for 59 & 53. Thats no doubt a bad performance but do you know that none of pakistan's main batsmen were not playing in that match and Aus at their peak were at full strength.Anyway it was still 17 and 11 runs better than India's record of 42 (you like history, don't you?) and 12 and 5 runs better than Aus's recent record of 47. If fielding B or C teams does not affect results then what about when you were thrashed by Zimbabwe and SL only 1 year ago(march 2010). Pakistan did get austaralia out for 88 in Leeds test only 1 year ago which is a more recent result than the one you mentioned.As far as "india will thrash Pak" is just for LOL.just look at overall results of 67-49 in ODIs and 12-9 in Tests. Simply, you are not capable of bettering it ever. We are all praying for Sachin's century before he turns 40+, by the way.

  • Dummy4 on December 8, 2011, 14:46 GMT

    @Harmony.. dude chill out.. i for one (pakistani) havent got anything against the indian players... Sachin Tendulkar is defenlty the best (for me but Dravid is my fav indian player ever) and i love the indian cricket team.. but i have everything against the board..just like some of my Indian fellows here with me. they like pakistani players.. but not the board

  • Dummy4 on December 8, 2011, 14:42 GMT

    by the way congrats on Sehwag's 200.. from a cricketing point view it was spectacular but again.. I proved my point.. u got the money u got the games.. personally i somewhat feels that the English series u lost was becuase BCCi wanted to loose. just to get the english team back and give them the same treatment... if it had been only one series b/w the india or england... it would have been a tight Indian win 3-2

  • Dummy4 on December 8, 2011, 14:36 GMT

    @subhash and Anindya... hmm talk about the 2000.. great records for indian cricket. Wonderful. dont you guys ever wonder. how a team with such a mediocre bowling attack suddenly getting the results...could it be players... na..2000 was the time when BCCI,with tons of money, started to poke their noses around into the matters of other boards. Ask any cricket lover (genuine one...i know Indian are great fans of cricket and i honestly love and respect that and they are best fans there can be) and you'll know. you talk about Pakistanis not winning fairly.. dudes check your history with umpires.. bucknor, and the others....Cricket is no more a gentlemen's game, where cricket lover used to love the prospect of Pak and Indian clashes...who were better on the day won .. now its the money...whos got the more money wins now.

  • Harmon on December 8, 2011, 13:10 GMT

    @Mohammad Ahmad:-

    If we fail in some match away from Ind then you would say that we can't play on those wickets and if we win/Sachin scores then you start saying that it was a batting track LOL. Sure, Sachin has needed chances all his life. He was plain lucky to debut at 16, to have scored his first century at 17; even to score his 200 he needed all his luck. He is a mediocre player who had luck all his life. This is how he scored 99 intl. hundreds, 15k test runs, 18k ODI runs. Sachin would not have scored even 5 100s had it not been his luck. He is just a street level player who has been deliberately promoted by BCCI / Ind govt in the last 22 years. This could even be a global conspiracy - perhaps even the Kepler 22 fellas are involved in it. EVEN I would have scored 1000 Intl centuries, 50k test runs, 40k ODI runs, fastest 50/100/200/300/400/500/600, most 4/6 in his place. He has not achieved much basically - a puny arrogant player he is. RIGHT?

  • Dummy4 on December 8, 2011, 11:46 GMT

    I exactly don't understand what my PAKISTANI friends are trying to prove. I mean Pakistan is yet to win a Series in WEST INDIES and they lost the series in the beginning of the year against the same team,whereas India has the won two consecutive series in West Indies and also PAKISTAN whitewashed by AUSSIES down under in three consecutive series and We gave Aussies a good run for their in the last few tours and We also won the tri-series. India drew the series against the mighty South Africa and since much is talked about England tour We might have lost this one but we were victorious on the previous outing (2007) drew the series in 2002 but PAKISTAN was on the losing side on the previous couple of tours. So,my dear friends,if a team which BOAST of having a strong fast bowling unit cant win matches in bowling friendly pitches then why to target INDIA,maybe we are not comfortable with short balls but stats are telling a different story all together :)

  • Harmon on December 8, 2011, 2:36 GMT

    @Aina Maria Waseem:-

    The Ind fans could also say the same thing - why do the Pakistani fans keep commenting negatively about Ind in articles related solely to India? Don't believe me? Just check the articles of the 3rd Ind-WI ODI. It is neither the fault of the Ind team or the Pakistani team that the tour is not happening. The reasons are well known and unlikely to be solved in the near future. As for the hammering, whether the tour happens in 2012 or 2014, Ind will hammer Pakistan. There is no doubt about it. Eng did beat Ind this time and played good cricket during that time - however, they too would find how tough it is to play in Ind. They saw that in part during the 5-0 whipping in ODIs and will see the main course of that during the test series in India. Eng's bowling will be toothless in India and I suspect so will happen in Dubai against Pak. I just hope the Pak batsmen show some resolve - if yes then Pak can really win this test series.

  • Dummy4 on December 7, 2011, 23:32 GMT

    @ harikrish24 it was a total batting track and Pakistan was 20 runs short. These are not my comments. It was mentioned by all the experts before the start of the game and before the start of Indian innings. Sachin was dropped by Abdul Razzaq on Mid off of a slow delivery of Wasim Akram, a sitter, a dolly of a catch.He was not given a plumb LBW again of Wasim Akram and then he fell to a fast short ball of Shoaib Akthar.My point, he needs chances against genuine fast bowlers even on dead wickets,forget fast tracks.His avg against Pak with Wasim playing is 36, 37 vs McGrath,38 vs Donald and Shoaib vs Sachin is 27 with 8 ( or 9) dismissals in 19 innings all this against a 56 career you want more numbers?? He is a great batsman,no doubt.I agree but he is not the best batsman against genuine fast bowlers on fast wickets. Ponting is alot better.(Sachin out does him in spin and Lara out does both vs Murli).Still Viv Richards is the best....Peace

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