December 16, 1999

Zimbabwe: Club Cricket report

Round Six of the Vigne Cup was scheduled to take place on Sunday 12 December, with the following first-league matches:

Alex v Universals, at Alexandra Sports Club

Old Georgians v Harare Sports Club, at Old Georgians Sports Club

Winstonians v Old Hararians, at Churchill School

After a great deal of rain, only the well-drained Alexandra Sports Club ground was fit for play, and the other two matches were therefore abandoned. Rain and bad light caused problems with the one match that did take place, and when the match eventually had to be left unfinished the Duckworth-Lewis regulations were brought into operation, but the situation was so complex that the results were not known until two days later, when Tony Lewis himself had been contacted and sent in his verdict. The potted scores were as follows:

ALEX 233/2 (40 overs) (J Wells 121*, P Duffy 76). UNIVERSALS 159/4 (30 overs) (K Adam 56, A Meman 49, Waqar Ali 25; D D Stannard 2/23). Alex won by 8 runs (Duckworth-Lewis).

The match had been reduced to 40 overs per side at the start as the field was too damp for play to start on time. The Alex innings was uninterrupted, and the highlight was a superb second-wicket partnership of 196 between Jason Wells and Paul Duffy. Universals' innings was to be reduced to 38 overs due to a slow over rate, but they made a good start and were 112 for no wicket after 22 overs.

Bad light then stopped play briefly, causing a further three overs to be lost. In the next eight overs they scored 47 more runs but lost two wickets, before rain finally ended the day after 30 overs. For the masochists who may be interested in how Mr Lewis arrived at his verdict, his reply is included at the bottom of this page!

We have received reports from two Harare clubs.


From cricket chairman Jim Watters

With the tour against Sri Lanka in full swing and plenty of rain, we have had little but net practices until the match last Sunday. Andy Blignaut still seems to be struggling with his back injury, and did not play in that match.

Jason Wells, our century-maker, has been at the club for about two years, flitting between the first and second teams. He seized his opportunity with the firsts this weekend with the Test players away and played a fine aggressive innings. Paul Duffy has played for Alex for several years, but has now moved back to England to live. He plays as a semi-professional and is spending an extended holiday in this country. He is a steady batsman who has played some useful knocks for us.


From Paul Strang

We are very happy to see Eddo Brandes playing in the Test team again. All our players are fit at the moment, apart from Paul Strang! It is a pity our match on Sunday had to be cancelled. Our second-team match was cancelled as well, but for a different reason - we just didn't have enough players, with so many away playing for age-group teams in particular.

We would like to see club cricket continue even when there are Test matches in Harare, as probably not many club players would be disappointed at missing a Test match on the Sunday, although they would probably all want to be there for a one-day international. That would also make for a less frenetic schedule.

We hope to play the postponed match against Old Georgians on perhaps the second or third Saturday in January - weather permitting! Concerning my own fitness, I don't think I will be able to start bowling before February. I will certainly not be able to tour South Africa and am doubtful for the tour to the West Indies, so I will have to be looking at the England tour maybe. But I will make sure I don't try to come back too soon.

Mr Lewis' reply concerning the rain-interrupted match between Alex and Universals:

The bottom line is that Alexandra won by 8 runs (D/L). The calculations run as follows.

Alexandra For 40 overs Res % 90.3%

2 overs penalty converted to a Resource Penalty

For 40 overs Res % = 90.3%

For 38 overs Res % = 88.0%

Resource Penalty = 2.3%

Alexandra's score of 233 is attributed to 2.3% less resource than they actually had. Thus, for target calculation purposes

R1 = 90.3 - 2.3 = 88.0%

Universals For 38 overs Res % 88.0%

At the 1st stoppage 16 overs left. Res% left = 49.9%

At the restart 13 overs left, Res % left = 42.4%

Res % lost by stoppage = 49.9 - 42.4 = 7.5%

Updated Res % available R2 = 88.0 - 7.5 = 80.5%

Since R2

T = 233*80.5/88.0 = 213.14

So the Revised Target was 214 when they went back on the field, i.e. a further 102 runs in 13 overs. [Note that at the stoppage Universals were 12 runs ahead of Par - and this margin of advantage is maintained across the stoppage]

At the abandonment at 159/4 there were 5 overs left in which to score the remaining 55 runs to win (a tall order!)

With 5 overs left, 4 wkts lost, Res % left = 17.1%

Updated R2 = 80.5 - 17.1 = 63.4%

T = 233*63.4/88.0 = 167.87. Par score 167. (i.e. the score to tie with a minimum of 168 to be winning)

At 159/4 Universals were 8 runs behind Par and so Alexandra win by 8 runs (D/L)