February 2, 2001

Adams: Team spirit a plus

Despite the West Indies' 5-0 hammering in the Test series and their struggles in the Carlton Series of One-Day Internationals, captain Jimmy Adams does not believe that his team's tour of Australia has been a complete disaster. "One of the most important things we have managed to do is to keep the team together," he said prior to today's last Carlton Series preliminary round match against Zimbabwe at the WACA.

"We have been on tours before when things have not gone well, and things have got a little bit fragmented," he noted.

"I am not taking full credit (for keeping the team together). A lot of the credit goes to the management team (tour manager Ricky Skerritt and coach Roger Harper)."

"They have maintained a positive attitude right through, and kept things from breaking open and fragmenting completely, which is very important," he added.

"Also, we have exposed quite a few kids to international cricket," Adams said.

"They have had a better environment than in the past to come and parade their skills in front of an overseas public."