Muttiah Muralitharan fanzone April 20, 2009

Murali answers your questions

From: Diveshen

Hello, I am a student from gerystanes high school and I think you are the best cricketer/bowler there is. I would like to become like you when I grow up. But first I need to ask you a few questions for my project. First of all what do you do besides cricket to get enough exerise? Secondly what foods do you eat to keep healthy?

Dear Diveshen,

I used to be a keen rugby player but had to stop when cricket started to get serious. Nowadays I focus on cricket, but we do play touch rugby and soccer to warm-up. We also swim a lot for fitness and have to do a lot of gym work. In terms of food, I have simple tastes and love yellow dhal and rice. I also like Chinese food, especially Peking Duck.


From: sarada mohanty

Hi murali can u teach how u spin the ball both ways.

Dear Sarada,

That is very difficult to teach without showing you and demonstrating. But, basically, the wrist position is the key. One word of advice though - don't worry too much about spinning the ball both ways. The most important thing is to be accurate. When you have mastered that that you are 90% there to being a top quality bowler because you can then create pressure.


From: Beverly Lappen

What has happened to Prabath Nissanka.Is he Injured?

Dear Beverely,

Unfortunately, Prabath had to give up professional cricket due to long-term injuries. It was very sad because he had such great potential. But the good news is that he is now employed with Sri Lanka Cricket and doing a really good job working as a bowling coach and fitness assistant.


From: Inshaf Mohideen Why dilhara fernando in the squad he shuod drop from any formet of cricket he can play good cricket in play station?

Dear Inshaf,

I don't agree with you at all. Dilhara is a guy that needs rhythm to be effective. When his rhythm is good then he is a match-winner for Sri Lanka with his pace and aggression. He is an asset for Sri Lanka but he needs to be fully fit and needs to be looked after well.


From: Suresh hai murali, am your fan, plz dont play in 20-20 becoz, your presence requried for test?

Dear Suresh,

Thanks. I also enjoy Tests the most but I like playing all forms of the game at the moment.


From: Jagath

Dear Murali,
We are glad that the team made it through a tough time in Pakistan and more importantly the fact that all of you are safe is a great blessing. Please could you tell us will this affect future ties with Pakistan and SL cricket? Will the team ever look or consider touring Pakistan again?

Dear Jagath,

I am sure we'll tour Pakistan again. Before we do, though, security needs to be tighter. I personally hope their problems are sorted out quickly because the cricket-loving people of Pakistan need to see international cricket in their country.


From: Shane How does it feel to finally Officially be the vice captain of the team? What are your plans now?

Dear Shane,

It is an honour to be the vice captain. I never wanted to be vice captain or captain but Sanga felt there was no youngster ready for the job. As soon as there is then I will step aside. Being vice-captain is easy compared to the captaincy and my job will be to support Sanga in any way he wants me to. My priority is going to be the bowlers.


From: Manoj Prabakar

Your batting in the last few months seem to have improved and I must say the knock against Bangladesh was THE BEST I've ever seen by you. What is the secret behind this new found confidence?

Dear Manoj,

I have actually been working hard on my batting with Chandika Hahurasingha, the A team coach. We did a lot of one-on-one net sessions before Bangladesh and it really helped me. I hope I can continue with that and add some useful runs for the team.

Cheers, Murali

Lalith Perera:

Would you consider retiring from the ODI format and concentrating on Test Cricket only anytime soon?

Dear Lalith,

Not for the time being as I want to play in the 2011 World Cup - assuming I am fit and still bowling well enough to justify a place in the team.