New Zealand v West Indies, World Cup 2015, 4th quarter-final, Wellington March 21, 2015

Guptill scales many mountains

Top World Cup score, the top score by a New Zealand batsman, and a glut of boundaries among the stats highlights from the fourth World Cup quarter-final

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Insights: One-day batting becoming unrecognisable

237 Runs scored by Martin Guptill, the highest for any batsman in a World Cup innings. The previous highest was when Chris Gayle scored 215 against Zimbabwe in Canberra in this World Cup. This is also the second highest score in ODI history and the highest by any New Zealand batsman.

153 Runs scored by New Zealand in the last 10 overs of this game, the most in this World Cup and the second highest in any ODI since 2001. The most runs scored in the last ten overs is 163, by South Africa against West Indies earlier this year.

117 Runs scored by Guptill off the first 120 balls that he faced. Guptill scored 120 runs off the next 43 balls, at an incredible strike rate of 279.

60.5 Percentage of team runs scored by Guptill. He scored 237 out of New Zealand's score of 393. This is the tenth instance of a batsman scoring 60 percent of the team total in a completed ODI innings. He is the third New Zealand batsman to do this after Andrew Jones and Scott Styris.

35 Boundaries hit by Guptill, the second most in an ODI innings. He hit 24 fours and 11 sixes. This is the most boundaries in an ODI innings by any New Zealand batsman and the second-most by any batsman. The only player to hit more boundaries is Rohit Sharma who hit 42 (33 fours and 9 sixes) during his innings of 264 against Sri Lanka in November 2014.

2 Number of instances of a batsman making an ODI double-hundred against West Indies. Prior to Guptill today, Virender Sehwag achieved this feat in December 2011. West Indies are now the only team to concede two double-centuries.

0 Number of times West Indies have successfully chased a 300-plus target in ODIs. Every other Test nation has achieved this at least once. The only instance of West Indies scoring 300 in a successful chase happened when they were chasing a target of 298 against South Africa in February 2004.

393 Runs scored by New Zealand in this game, the most for any team in a World Cup knockout. This is also the highest score for New Zealand in a World Cup match.

19 Wickets taken by Trent Boult in this World Cup, the most by any bowler. This is also the second-most wickets by any New Zealand bowler in a World Cup, after Geoff Allott's 20 wickets during the 1999 World Cup.

96 Runs conceded by Andre Russell, the most by any bowler in the knockout stages of a World Cup. This is also the second-most runs conceded by any West Indies bowler in ODI history.

8.2 West Indies' run rate in this game, the highest for any team that has been bowled out in an ODI. The only other team to get bowled out after going at eight runs per over is Afghanistan against Canada in 2011.

31 Number of sixes hit during this game, by far the most in a World Cup match, and the second-most in any ODI. The previous highest in a World Cup game involving two top-eight sides is 19, in a game between West Indies and South Africa during the 2007 World Cup.

3 Instances of a team losing an ODI despite scoring 250-plus runs at a run rate of eight or over. West Indies were bowled out for 250 in 30.3 overs in their chase of 394. Australia and Sri Lanka are the only other teams to end up on the losing side in these circumstances.

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  • Nick on March 22, 2015, 2:26 GMT

    The SF is at Eden Park, not the Cake Tin. Same ground SA couldn't chase over 200 against Pakistan. Also the ground where SA always loses at rugby. Think it's going to be a similar story on Tuesday.

  • Nick on March 22, 2015, 2:08 GMT

    The chinks in South Africa's armour are also plain to see having lost twice in the pool games and NZ easily beating them in the warm ups by over 100 runs. Over reliance on three players: Amla, Steyn and ABD. Get Amla and De Villiers early and see out Steyn for 30 - 40 runs no wickets and should be a walk in the park. NZ has too much firepower.

  • KRISHNAMURTHI on March 21, 2015, 17:14 GMT

    I feel that the future of cricket is going to be darker. It is exiting that batsman smacking the ball all over the ground but these things are discouraging bowlers who are forced to bowls with lot of limitations (like forced to dance without legs). Any young kids who see this will never prefer to become bowler and the result is quality of bowling will go down. I suggest that the red ball and fielding system with test match style should be reintroduced in ODI. Only No ball, wide bowler and limitation to bowl 10 over per bowler rule may continue in ODIS. Then only it will be a good contest between batsman and bowler.

  • michael on March 21, 2015, 13:30 GMT

    233 The number of runs Guptil made after a sleeping Samuels dropped him

  • Dummy4 on March 21, 2015, 13:14 GMT

    I wish to raise a bigger question: Through the entire tournament so far only 4 teams played quality cricket and all of them are in semi-finals. All quarter finals were one sided affairs. Amusing to realize SF line up would have been same had QFs not been played at all, and top 2 teams from each pool played the SFs. Spare a thought for the fans of cricket (not just of world cup) what the changing rules of the game have done to cricket over the years. An eye on the short term profits has put paid to the long term future of cricket. Please make it more of a contest between bat & ball.

  • Dummy4 on March 21, 2015, 12:59 GMT

    Guptil vs West Indies memorable day in World Cup never ever will it come

  • Dummy4 on March 21, 2015, 12:19 GMT

    Quite amazing innings by guptill.. I wish Pakistan can produce such quality batsman like guptill, maxwell, kohli and rohit sharma. Our era of ruling the world of cricket would revive soon INSHALLAH

  • VIJAY on March 21, 2015, 10:32 GMT

    WI are the only team to concede 2 double centuries, thrice 400+ totals & also to score one double century

  • Avik on March 21, 2015, 9:34 GMT

    The chinks in the Kiwi armour that were visible today must have lighted up AB's face! It will be extremely difficult to play the Kiwi's usual ultra-attacking cricket against SA, because of the latter's superior batting, bowling and fielding. If there is one day when Dale has to stand up and lead the onslaught, it will be in the Cake Tin in the 2nd SF. Also, Tahir will be crucial.

    Btw, what a fabulous SF line-up! Cricket at its best, definitely.

  • Dummy4 on March 21, 2015, 9:09 GMT

    Easy win. WI were never going to chase 400. Doesn't matter how fast they were going, going that fast, you'll lose wickets. They were dead and buried the moment they lost Gayle.

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