Paying to play? May 3, 2004

Affidavits filed against Kale

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Kiran More and Pranob Roy, the two selectors who accused Abhijit Kale of bribery, have filed separate affidavits supporting their claims.

According to a report in The Times of India, More's wife submitted an affidavit claiming that Kale's mother had travelled from Mumbai to the More residence in Gujarat, while the other statement - by one of Roy's friends - claimed that Kale offered them a bribe at an airport.

Currently being questioned by a disciplinary committee, Kale is unlikely to contest More's wife's claims - Kale told the committee that his mother had submitted his fitness certificate while she was in Gujarat - but will challenge the other affidavit. With lawyers barred from the disciplinary hearing, Kale will cross-examine Roy's friend.

Kale's claims of innocence were upheld by Sourav Ganguly, who came out in support on a television news channel. "I find it difficult to believe that Kale offered bribes to the selection committee," he said. "I have known him for a very long time and he is not the sort of person who will offer a bribe to anyone."