ICC revamp February 8, 2014

BCB confident of securing series with Big Three


The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is confident of securing home-and-away bilateral series against India, England and Australia for the next two years after the ICC Board meeting in Singapore. The only downside for the BCB from the meeting is the the introduction of a play-off match between the current bottom-ranked Test side and the next Intercontinental Cup champions.

"Negotiations are ongoing so it is quite early to say what we have gained in total," a BCB official, requesting anonymity, said. "Most of the negotiations are going on with the BCCI, Cricket Australia and the ECB. Otherwise, there was no problem for Bangladesh heading into the meeting as the Test status had been secured in the earlier ICC meeting in Dubai.

"Bangladesh will play according to the current FTP schedule, but with bilateral agreements in place. We will get more cricket for sure, and that will reflect in the next two years."

After returning from the last meeting, BCB president Nazmul Hassan had spoken about how he had decided to go with the majority if Bangladesh's problems were removed from the "position paper". The updated proposal does not contain the two-tier system, further enhancing Bangladesh's support for the Big Three.

Bangladesh toured Australia in 2003 for two Tests and three ODIs and played only three ODIs on their 2008 visit. The two sides last met in a Test match in 2006 in Bangladesh. With the 2015 World Cup a year away, BCB will look to fit in a tour to Australia this year.

Bangladesh's last Test series against India was in 2010 and the side have never toured India. A slot for an India series in 2016 is being discussed, but it has not yet been confirmed. Against England, Bangladesh last played a home-and-away series in 2010 but were not scheduled to tour England, or India, until 2020.

The play-off match against the next Intercontinental Cup winner is the only issue of discontent for Bangladesh. The Intercontinental Cup is likely to begin after World Cup 2015, and end by 2017. The cut-off date to decide which Full Member will feature in the play-off matches is yet to be decided.

According to the BCB official, the play-offs may be in the form of four five-day matches, which may be given first-class status. If the Test-playing nation wins, the Intercontinental Cup winner will not qualify as the eleventh Test nation. If the Associate country wins, however, the incumbent Test-playing nation will have 5% deducted from its ICC-generated revenue.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. He tweets here

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  • udendra on February 10, 2014, 7:33 GMT

    Yes, only for a couple of years. After that no one would want to see BAN getting thrashed and guess what would happen?

  • Ocean on February 10, 2014, 3:02 GMT

    His statement on Jan. 31 said, "they'll have the tours agreement signed by Feb. 8". Now, he says "negotiations are ongoing so it is quite early to say what we have gained in total". BCB was duped into voting for the ICC revamp. You can't trust ICC, especially BCCI. If they didn't play with B'desh during FTP, why would they play in the future. The so-called Big-3 will find some excuse not to play B'desh and nor will any of their traditional supporters, like Pakistan and Sri Lanka. B'desh will, for all intents and purposes, end-up at the end of the list with countries like Ireland, Afghanistan, and Scotland go past them. RIP B'desh cricket. Poor decision by BCB as they'll end up with nothing.

  • Android on February 10, 2014, 0:11 GMT

    boycott all big 3 matches... it wont revoke the revamp, but atleast it will send a message to the ICC

  • Shoaib on February 9, 2014, 18:11 GMT

    @KiwiRocker: Are you for real? you talk about no crowd will show up in India okay but there were hardly much crowd when minnow India toured South Africa and New Zealand currently. Virtually empty seats for their test games. Biggest myth out there right now that so called minnows are the only ones that don't bring in crowd so nice try lol

  • Shoaib on February 9, 2014, 18:09 GMT

    Although I don't agree with these radical proposals. But for Bangladesh's Cricket sake, they did the sensible thing and that's all we can do. A NO and I doubt anybody would side with Bangladesh Cricket so no really no complaints from me. As for series, yes it would be nice to have series against the likes of England and Australia but I wouldn't be too greedy and ask for a i.e. test series IN Australia and England because do we really stand a chance there? obviously not. Can you imagine Mitchell Johnson with his pace at our batsman? realistically for now, ODIs and T20 games would be a sensible and best step against these teams so our players confidence levels are not shattered and can gain good experience.

  • Farhan on February 9, 2014, 15:43 GMT

    All those people who has been saying that BCB should have said no to BIG 3 do they even understand the consequences we had to face if BCB have said no? CSA, PCB, SLC none of these boards had anything against 2 tire system & just like CSA did a U-Turn 1 of the other 2 would have done the same & we'd have lost our test status if we said no . even if we didn't lose it the BIG 3 could have influence others not to play test with us. How were we suppose to survive without any international matches? Now even if we dont play with BIG 3 we can still play with others. In fact now we can have more test than usual as in current FTP there were few test for us & Big team often made excuse & skipped series against us but now we can arrange test series ourselves. So what have BCB done wrong? Not like they are the only 1 who supported. I understand lot of my fellow Bangladeshi cant stand India but just because of that you shouldn't ignore the positive outcome that we are gonna get from this decision.

  • Nasim on February 9, 2014, 14:31 GMT

    Did they sign the "Members Participation Agreement" or not?

    If not, then BCB is only fooling itself and us countrymen. Its time to get it back what BCB had thrown at the face of PCB after committing to visit Pakistan...

    We don't have to wait long though. History will tell if Bangladesh has never meant to belong, it was not for Mominuls or Shakibs or Mushfiqs or us Bangladeshi fans but for the BCB...

  • fazle on February 9, 2014, 13:10 GMT

    I think the Ind, Aus or Eng (I would hate to call them the Big Three !) have been let off the hook as now they are not bound to host / tour Bangladesh under an FTP. BCB can rest assured that we will continue to play tests only with WI, SL, NZ, Pak and Zimbabwe, and South africa occasionally.

  • Farhan on February 9, 2014, 10:02 GMT

    Going through all the comments it seems that Pak fans are furious about everything we do haha. Shouldn't they be more worried about their own team thats getting out under 100 frequently or their own cricket board that can't even get cricket back in their country?

  • Android on February 9, 2014, 6:10 GMT

    Well Big three might play a series in near future with BD. But big question is will they play frequently ? Probably not because it won't generate much revenue to big three. So considering this BD did wrong voting in favour of big three and with playoffs BD might loose test status too.

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