India news April 30, 2014

RCA election results to be declared on May 6

The Supreme Court on Wednesday asked the election officer appointed to overlook the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) elections to declare the results on May 6. Effectively the court decided not to entertain the BCCI's petition which was filed in January to challenge Lalit Modi's participation in the RCA elections. The BCCI has said that allowing Modi, who was banned by the board's disciplinary committee for life, to return to the RCA would hurt the image of the board.

The RCA polls were held on January 19 under the observation of former Justice of the Supreme court NM Kasliwal. The votes were concealed in a sealed envelope. Today AR Dave, the judge hearing the case, asked the court to pass the envelope to the election officer who would declare results on May 6. At the same time Dave said that anyone objecting the results could take up the issue in an appropriate forum. It also told the BCCI counsel that its client was free to act under its regulations as per law.

Modi welcomed the court's decision and was optimistic of winning the elections. "I am extremely happy that the Supreme Court has taken the right decision and allowed the due democratic process to go forward. We are hoping our group will win the elections. If we do win we will have an agenda and vision which I will make clear after the results," Modi said.

While expelling Modi on multiple charges of misconduct, the BCCI had said that "he shall not in future be entitled to hold any position or office, or be admitted in any committee or any member or associate member of the board". Modi, however, got his candidature for the RCA presidency approved by the Supreme Court by exploiting a technicality that the RCA was governed by the Rajasthan Sports Act.

Nagraj Gollapudi is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo