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Dhoni only cricketer on Forbes' high-earners' list

ESPNcricinfo staff

MS Dhoni, the India captain, is the only cricketer on the list of 100 highest-paid athletes in the world. He is also, obviously, the only Indian on the list. At 22, he has fallen six places from the list released in 2013, although it is still better than his 31st rank in 2012. He still ended up making more money than the likes of Wayne Rooney, Usain Bolt and basketball player Dwayne Wade. Dhoni's total earnings, according to the magazine, have come down from US$31.5 million in 2013 to $30 million.

The most striking part of Dhoni's presence in this list is the money he has made through endorsements. According to Forbes, $26 million of his earnings have come through endorsements. Only seven athletes have made more endorsement money in the period of July 2013 to May 2014. Roger Federer - with $52 million made through endorsements and only $4.5 million through salary and winnings - and Bolt - with $23 million in endorsements and $300,000 in winnings - lead those with a stark endorsement-to-earnings ratio.

Stunningly, boxer Floyd Mayweather earned the most in the qualifying period - $105 million - without any endorsements. He has risen from No. 14 to No. 1 this year. Footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi follow Mayweather at the top, sandwiching basketball player LeBron James at No. 3. Tiger Woods has gone down from No. 1 to 6, and Federer from 2 to 7.

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  • t on June 16, 2014, 10:03 GMT

    @Arun Bose bravo sir. very well elucidated & logical replies to blind haters. otoh everyone lauds a ponting who's personal batting & captaincy record in India is poor. they talk about aus wins in SA in conditions similar to home. but when Ind wins in SL they say oh thats only in SC.

  • Pritam on June 16, 2014, 3:47 GMT

    All the best MSD for upcoming England tour. We trust you and your squad !!

  • Pritam on June 16, 2014, 3:29 GMT

    Dhoni is a perfect individual and a captain he has a glorious career as a leader of Indian team. I only wish he paid a little more attention to his own batting and batted at number 5 permanently, when he debuted he was THE batsman to look for in future bit I was captaincy has made him ignore his own batting, We would love to see you hit a few more hundreds Dhoni, you know you can, man!

    Coming to his personal wealth, well with the cap of Indian Team, comes MONEY!! ;)

  • John on June 14, 2014, 18:09 GMT

    Dhoni is a genuine sportsman of international career. No hype no smoke or dust around him. A simple guy who has made the cut. Proud of having him as our captain.

  • Dummy4 on June 14, 2014, 7:24 GMT

    still lost test series to NZ tho...

  • Dummy4 on June 14, 2014, 6:59 GMT

    Dhoni is the best cricketer in the world at the moment. He is not the best wicket keeper not the best batsman. But he is the best cricketer. Without him India wont win as many matches it has been winning. He is possibly the greatest captain (no, i dont mean he won lot of matches and series).

    For me Dhoni is PURE cricketer.

  • Android on June 14, 2014, 6:47 GMT

    @MrOMFS- India has won in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in previous series..2008, 2004.. But the crushing defeat of 4-0 that australia endured when they last toured India was Australia's biggest test series loss in 40 years! Clarke was picked up Sir Jadeja total five times in that series! What a crushing defeat that was..

  • Martin on June 14, 2014, 1:41 GMT

    @Arun Bose. Well talking of dominance.... India has never, and I repeat has never won in Australia!! Now that's true dominance!

  • Dummy4 on June 13, 2014, 18:06 GMT

    Why shouldn't Dhoni earn more than Rooney? What has Rooney ever won with England....

  • Michael on June 13, 2014, 18:00 GMT

    Pretty good earnings for an average wicketkeeper, how much would the sublimely talented R.W.Taylor have been worth?

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