Indian Premier League 2010 February 18, 2010

Warne 'thinking twice' about IPL participation

Cricinfo staff

Shane Warne has raised concerns about playing in the IPL this year and believes the organisers may need to think about moving it again after a terror threat against sporting events in India. Last year's event was relocated to South Africa and Warne said it was something that should be considered again this season.

"The threats of the past 24 hours have certainly got me thinking twice and is of deep concern to athletes across several sports," Warne told the Herald Sun. "If the threats are proven to be real, then organisers of the IPL may look at moving the tournament.

"We moved it last year at short notice, so it can be done. There is no way organisers will risk the safety of players and officials."

Warne will wait for advice from security expert Reg Dickerson before deciding whether to head to India for the tournament, which begins on March 12. The threat specified the Hockey World Cup, the IPL and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, where players will be staying in the relative safety of an athletes' village, unlike the IPL players.

"We'll be staying in hotels and travelling on buses and as we saw with the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, it can be dangerous," Warne said. The paper also reported that Australia's high-profile players were considering hiring their own security staff for the tournament.