Punjab v Deccan, IPL 2010, Dharamsala

There's no stopping Deccan's Indian batsmen

Adam Gilchrist's failures have put a lot of pressure on the middle order, but the likes of T Suman and Rohit Sharma have stepped up with major contributions to keep Deccan alive

Jamie Alter in Dharamsala

April 16, 2010

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Adam Gilchrist failed to open his account, Deccan Chargers v Royal Challengers Bangalore, IPL, Nagpur, April 12, 2010
With Adam Gilchrist due a big innings, and the young Indian batsmen in good form, Deccan Chargers are looking dangerous © Indian Premier League

"Well the positive is that I'm not using up many deliveries," was Adam Gilchrist's reply to a question from a journalist about his extended run of poor form. The Deccan Chargers captain had already spoken after the last game of how he'd take a first-ball duck if his team won, and tonight his cheap dismissal left the visitors 13 for 1 chasing 175. Luckily for Gilchrist, his Indian players have shored up early losses as well as the middle order, easing the pressure on Andrew Symonds.

Gilchrist's failures have put a lot of pressure on the middle order, but T Suman and Rohit Sharma have acquitted themselves well, especially in the latter part of the tournament when Deccan have had to keep winning to stay alive. Suman made consecutive match-winning half-centuries while chasing, and Rohit has also made crucial contributions. Today was his most important innings of the season and it ensured Deccan lived to see another day.

Gilchrist's early exit, again skying the ball into the air, brought Suman to the middle in the second over and he was soon underway constructing another handy score. He took his time to settle, within the parameters of doing so in this format, and accelerated with a couple of lovely pick-up shots over the infield. Not slogs, proper shots. With Monish Mishra contributing 20, Deccan were never behind the asking rate and even when he fell in the seventh over the situation was in control. That allowed Rohit to play a well-paced game, mixing tempered aggression with useful Twenty20 shots.

Off the mark with a gorgeous back-foot caress, Rohit's innings featured trademark cuts through the arc square on the off side. Twice in recent times he's been out driving on the rise to mid-off and cutting to backward point, but tonight he ensured he kept the ball down. In between such shots, there were crisp clips and aerial flicks to ensure the run rate didn't escalate.

Rohit has been accused of being impetuous but tonight, he kept picking singles after hitting boundaries. A four and six off the first two balls of the 11th over had got Deccan the needed runs for the over, so Rohit followed up with a steered single. This happened in the next over as well, as Rohit pulled for four before easing a single down the ground. Ditto for the 13th over. His risk-free batting was the perfect recipe for Deccan's crucial win. Rohit didn't let himself get ahead of the game and that made a massive difference.

Symonds failed to spark and Mitchell Marsh, in his first innings, made 15 but the task was finished off by the main man. Rohit summed it up well after the match. "One of the batsmen had to stay till the end," he said. "The pitch was good, the ball was coming onto the bat well but from one end, where it was drier, the ball came on slower. It wasn't easy facing the fast bowlers but tonight it ended up good for us."

If Deccan win their final league match and qualify for the semi-finals, they will have a crop of bustling Indian batsmen to thank. Tonight's chase was made to look rather easy thanks to Rohit and Suman, and with Gilchrist signing off the post-match interview by vowing that one big innings was in the tank, Deccan are looking dangerous. Their final match is on the notoriously slow and low Delhi surface, so there will be no time like then for Gilchrist to strike and pay back his Indian players.

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Posted by   on (April 18, 2010, 3:06 GMT)

@lcewarriors I agree with you mate.. LV Sivaramkrisnan hates DC. Whenever DC plays he wishes DC to lose, well, atleast thats what his comments point out. Dont like his commentary either when DC's not playing.

Posted by   on (April 18, 2010, 3:01 GMT)

@starsagitarian Ambati Rayidu is not in Deccan Chargers, he's in Mumbai Indians. Well I wish he was in DC as he is from Andhra. Love to see him next year in DC when all the teams get shuffled in the new auctions and hope for the best for today.

Posted by starsagitarian on (April 17, 2010, 19:09 GMT)

this should be the ideal line up for DC: 1. A. Gilchrist 2. Monish Mishra 3. T. Suman 4. Ambatti Rayadu 5. Rohit Sharma 6. Andrew Symonds 7. Chaminda Vaas 8. Ryan Harris/Fidel Edwards 9. Harmeet Singh 10. Pragyan Ojha 11. RP. Singh

i believe the talents of VVS laxman to play with the tailenders in the test matches should be and can be very well used here... ! this is important as he can work more with the tail and help it wag in case the head and the trunk of the batting fails... !! playing someone like Sumanth or a Venugopal Rao is of no use as they haven't shown the ability to play around with tail and stretch the totals to more heights... !! hence if a slot for a late middle order batsman is available, VVS should be the direct choice... !!

as far as semifinals are concerned, playing bangalore in bangalore would be difficult... especially with steyn roaring around !! that is because i belive deccan are gonna win tomorrow and are surely moving on to the second spot ditching delhi !!

Posted by   on (April 17, 2010, 18:40 GMT)

Rohit Sharma is in great touch. but he can only play domestic cricket or IPL. He is a great IPL player, when it comes to national colors, he just not good enough. first of he needs to get this act together and be motivated to play. He is so sluggish and unexcited. If you want to play for your country you need excitement and passion. I think he lacks that, and needs a senior to just talk to him and get his passion. I dont doubt the mans talent, he's 1 of those that can be the next big thing for indian cricket. He just needs to live up to it. I think players who do well in the IPL need to show it in the domestic circut and then have the selectors look more into them. sometimes even bank on form, Robin Utapaa is in great touch, he has talent and he would been great for the t20 WC. Also, the BCCI needs to go out of its way to help IK Pathan his bowling back, that man is your perfect allrounder. When he was at his peak so was team indian. He is the best alrounder in the country n we need 1.

Posted by lcewarriors on (April 17, 2010, 16:06 GMT)

The most frustrating part yesterday was laxmi shivarama krishna's commentary .. it was as if he was wishing the Deccan batsman to get out .. IDk if this is just me .. but that guys commentary is one of the most lopsided and biased in the business

Posted by vish515 on (April 17, 2010, 13:09 GMT)


Posted by Percy_Fender on (April 17, 2010, 11:19 GMT)

Let me hasten to correct the wrong impression that 'esrujan' seems to have got from my post. I have followed the career of Rohit for a long time because I always felt he would be the next great from India. My impression remains much the same even now. It is just that he seems to lack the intensity and consistency for some reason which is what causes me some anguish. I suppose he needs a bit of talking to. He is earmarked for greatness no matter what many of his critics may say, unless he decides to short-change himself.

Posted by Niju_001 on (April 17, 2010, 9:16 GMT)

Earlier when the Indian team was about to be selected I had posted a comment to pick Rohit Sharma. Many had spit venom against Rohit. But he is a class player. He is a little sluggish but he has the potential. He can pace the innings perfectly and has the big shots in his kitty as well. Is the perfect middle order player currently for India. He can be the No.4 in ODI's too. I even rate him better than Yuvraj in Tests.

Hope that Rohit Sharma will live up to my rating.

Posted by Kazzamers on (April 17, 2010, 8:42 GMT)

FanCric, You are absolutely right. Whats the shocking punch in the face for Team India fans, is that there is a rare opportunity of WC-T20 happening within a few months of the last one... and lo and behold : IPL and the Indian Cricketers have completely forgotten what Gary Kirsten was lamenting about when the last WC ended ! And Dhoni and everybody else is blissfully supporting IPL yet again. Now, the worst part is, just to show to the world that IPL is not a short cut to the Indian team, the selectors and BCCI are coolly stating that IPL form is not enough for national selection.While this is very good policy for ODI and Test Selection, not picking NEW players who are in red hot form for International T20,ATLEAST when a WC is round the corner, shows that IPL is sheer waste for the Indian team...The selectors are being too egoistic sticking to the "30 probable list". So FanCric, your only solace is, just remember that there are a few more souls like you destined to bemoan Vigourless TI

Posted by thekingkisna on (April 17, 2010, 8:17 GMT)

It would be an icing on the cake if Rayudu comes into the DC team and with him we have Venu giving some useful runs. Monish, Venu, Rayudu, Rohit,Suman, Teja would do wonders to the team. And with them RP Singh and Ojha. All of the absolutely talented, but consistenly inconsistent.

Posted by perl57 on (April 17, 2010, 7:58 GMT)

What is IPL useful for if it is not entertaining. So stop this useless talk of saying that IPL is a commercial event. I would ask which sport is not a commercial event? Would people still play tests when people do not watch? No. Obviously. NBA, Stanley, European league are bigger commercial events than IPL. Go take a dig at them before you come to IPL. I still remember a bouncer of Srinath that fell Ponting and typical Oz gave a mouthful in 1999 series. Umpires were like watching a movie and staying quite. Now neither ponting, nor ACB nor ICC can do anything even when a Sourav Ganguly or a bajji misbehave and I like it. I am tired of seeing our guys taking it lying down. I am happy IPL is showing Indian power and also is providing jobs to so many around the world. Those who did not get it obviously feel the case of Sour Grapes. Oh! geebob, I wished that Rayudu could have played for DC instead of MI. Let us hope he gets to play for DC next year. Guess, Major revamp might happen.

Posted by esrujan on (April 17, 2010, 7:49 GMT)

@Majr, Why are you so negative about Rohit Sharma. I agree with all your points but you seem to be very skeptic and negative of what RG Sharma can turn out to be. If you do not doubt his abilities, do you think he cannot apply himself in situations he gets. So far, he failed in some ODI chances but that does not prove anything about him. Look at his Ranji performance. It has always been really good.

I am pretty sure RGSharma will be pride of India in the likes of SRT, RDravid and AKumble.

He is too talented to become "another talented wasted" as he is proving now how he can just not have ability but also exhibit it.

Posted by shailendra.raghuwanshi on (April 17, 2010, 7:44 GMT)

Rohit sharma is IPL player...............after 25 th april he will be out of form.

Posted by   on (April 17, 2010, 7:22 GMT)

Thats wat d IPL is all about. "Indian Premier League" and the Indian (youngsters that is) should deliver the goods. That what inspires success of a team. See any successful team - MI, RCB or whichever - it is the youngsters who stand up and deliver in the loss.

Posted by RKLS on (April 17, 2010, 7:19 GMT)

Soccer would not have been what it is today, if it was played only between the countries every four years. T20 is entertaining and quick. Well the abilities of the players is different for this format. Look at Aussies for example they have not fired in T 20 cos they dont have the skill to do so although they are world champions in other formats. I appreciate that and everyone should appreciate T20 unless obviously if you are a Pakistani, you can complain and I do understand their frustration. They should have been picked in IPL.

Posted by   on (April 17, 2010, 6:54 GMT)

There is no doubt in my mind at least,that Rohit Sharma is a class act and should be a permanent position in the national team.He has class and ability and is our future.Add his fielding and more than handy bowling,he should be in the T20/One day outfits.As for tests,it is a matter of time.

Why is Pragyan Ohja not in the T20 squad----that's a shocker

Posted by timus6778 on (April 17, 2010, 6:42 GMT)

why do they always keep criticizing the IPL?what about KFC t20 big bash.....didnt they score huge runs..??i just can't understand what's up with those guys who feel that IPL is doing tjhe same thing as kerry packer did in the 80s..time and again IPL has made itself clear that it is a domestic tournament...a vivtoria bushrangers vs queensland bulls is fine for them but a MUMBAI INDIANS VS ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE raises a lot OF eyebrows..why??even the KFC t2-0... had bought foreigners like afridi,pollard,smith..etc..now just stop blabbering about the IPL.and some final words ...IPL is a huge success...and it will continue to be..

Posted by bharath74 on (April 17, 2010, 6:29 GMT)

Rayudu is a good player,but he always goes for big hits before he gets a proper look at the bowler or the pitch in any format of the game. He reminds me of the young Bangladeshi batsman who are brilliant but due to the lack of patience and application throws their wicket and match away. Suman and Harmeet are the find of the season and i hope they will play for India one day.

Posted by spece212 on (April 17, 2010, 6:26 GMT)

@FanCric: Go chill somewhere and take your meaningless, unintelligent and unsubstantiated vitriolic along with you. Team India has actually done better in tests over the last one year than in T20 or ODI. Make use of the stats on cricinfo to get a grip on the facts.

Posted by xntricguy on (April 17, 2010, 6:15 GMT)

Fan Cric Am not sure what you are ranting about. The last time I heard and the current news is that India is number one in the Test ankings and number 3 in the ODI rankings.. hahah I like the way you say India team lacks skill fitness etc.. I think I am even stupid writing here trying to justify the skills of a team which has players who have played for more than 60 plus test with averages of 50 plus guess they were plain lucky ..

Posted by IPL_is_Fixed on (April 17, 2010, 5:23 GMT)

The big stopping, the big full stop will come soon when Motivation-less, Hunger-less, Vigour-less Team India will fail to deliver National Duties. IPL is not a Cricketing event it is a worst commerical event. This Team India and BCCI is completely focussed on IPL. Team India lack skill, inspiration, motivation and fitness to play Test Cricket. These curators, coaches and BCCI officials are working for IPL growth rather than Cricket growth. Until IPL is thrashed Team India is not going to perform well in other tournaments. IPL is completely meaningless and obsolete Tournament. Test, ODI & T20 Cricket is great to watch between Countries unlike IPL which is between mixture teams. Test Cricket is ultimate to watch on sportive pitches. But IPL is making these pitches Lifeless.

Posted by Percy_Fender on (April 17, 2010, 5:15 GMT)

There is no doubt about Rohit Sharma's abilities. It is just that he had to make up his mind that he will not allow his occasional carelesness affect his game. He will do well to take a leaf out of the books of Sachin Tendulkar Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble if he has to achive what he was destined to. He has the ability to play really late, which ensures great timing. Something like Mark Waugh David Gower and maybe Damien Martyn. The glitz and glamour that is there in cricket these days was not there in the days when these three played the game. They had to be committed to the game more than succumb to their weaknesses of mind and limb. Rohit would be a great if he realised this. He should also realise that people give him the recognition only because of cricket and nothing else.I wish Rohit Sharma would scale the hieghts the world expects him to. Not just a great talent wasted.

Posted by geebob on (April 17, 2010, 5:01 GMT)

Two Indian players shoring up the ailing DC batting line up is a good news for everybody following the team, especially when it was running only on the foreign imports for quite some time. T Suman has been a revelation of sorts. I only wish Rayudu was picked back into the team for the next IPL

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