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'Nothing calms you like Laxman'

When he walks out to bat, the dressing room relaxes, knowing the side is in good hands

Rahul Dravid

November 6, 2008

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Finest hour: Laxman and Dravid in the pavilion at Eden Gardens, 2001 © AFP

When we think of VVS Laxman, we always think of the divine gift he was born with. We think of the timing, the grace, the wristy shots. But his elegance cloaks an intense mental strength that is not highlighted often enough.

He has batted at different positions, he has been in and out of the team a bit, and he has batted alongside a pretty good middle order; but because he doesn't look like he is making a lot of effort when batting, we tend to forget that there is a lot of hard work involved in what he does.

Now that he has reached 100 Tests, it's time to celebrate his longevity and what lies behind it. He has had his share of injuries. He has coped with them, played through them, and a lot of it comes down to his mental strength.

Laxman has a lot of balance in his cricket and in his life. He doesn't get carried away with a lot of success, neither does he let failure bog him down. Sure, like any other player he gets excited when he is doing really well, and disappointed when he is not. But he is different in that he never lets it get to his head. He has the ability to bounce back, which allows him to remain calm through turbulence.

You can sense that he makes a conscious effort to bring equanimity to what he does. He had a lots of ups and downs in the initial part of his career: in the first three to four years he was prone to emotion like any other youngster. In the last eight to ten years, though, he has brought a certain poise to his cricket, and you can see that he has pulled it off well.

Part of that comes from his parents. Both of them are doctors, and they had a huge influence on the way he grew up. Laxman has learnt from watching the way they have led their lives, and the sort of work they have done for people and society. He sees cricket as his opportunity to do what his parents did: bring joy to people. He realises that cricket is his gift. It comes through not only in the way he plays but also the way he carries himself.

I first met Laxman as a 17-year-old, when he had already made his mark in junior cricket. We had heard of this tall boy from Hyderabad who was destined to be a very good player. It was pretty evident then that he was a special talent. That's true of many young players but not many go on to fulfill that potential. Laxman has.

He has looked to improve constantly, and not just with his cricketing technique. He reads quite a bit, and is open and willing to try different things that can improve his performance. That's a key to survive for 100 Tests.

Laxman and I go back a long way. We played together in many Under-19 tournaments, and also for South Zone. We have toured together as youngsters, when both of us were looking to make our way into the Indian team.

It's been great to share some really big partnerships with him - critical match-winning ones, and not only at international level but in junior and domestic cricket too. I have fed off him. We complement each other well in the way we bat together. We don't need to talk too much when we are batting together, because we know each other quite well. After having played together for so long we know the tempo and rhythm of each other's game. And if it is not happening for either of us, all it needs is a quick reminder from the other.

The partnership against Australia in Kolkata was really special. We started the fourth day with Laxman already batting on 109, but we didn't really believe we could win the Test. All we thought we could do was fight and make it really hard for Australia. But with each passing hour we started to sense we were onto something special. Laxman's innings there is the greatest I have seen. To watch some of those shots from the other end was phenomenal; it was like watching a highlights package.

When we came back at the end of the day we were totally exhausted. We were lying on beds next to each other, taking drips. We could both sense that we had done something unique, something that would define our careers from then on, irrespective of what we achieved or didn't achieve after that.

Even if it's before he has to go in to bat, you see Laxman lying under a table catching up on sleep. It always boggles my mind

Our partnership extends to standing next to each other in the slips. He has been one of the best slippers I have stood with. We spend a lot of time on our slip catching. Both of us have that conscious drive to be good slippers. That we have built a good slip cordon has been a significant factor in our winning more games over the last ten years or so.

Standing in slips we talk about a variety of subjects. He has always been interesting to talk to: he is a wise man, has an infectious laugh, and is one of the most positive persons around. We keep bouncing ideas off each other - whether about the game or other subjects. We both have young children, and sometimes the conversations are about how Samit [my son] is doing and how Sarvajit [Laxman's son] is doing, and which school to send them to and why. That way we manage to switch ourselves on and off in the slips.

In the dressing room, you'll always find Laxman with his Walkman on, lying down, or sleeping somewhere. Even if it's before he has to go in to bat, you see Laxman under a table catching up on sleep. It always boggles my mind that amid the noise and clutter of the dressing room, here is a man, who needs to go in to bat in a short while, sleeping calmly.

Till he walks out to bat, he always gives you anxious moments. He waits until the last minute to get ready. If he is batting overnight, or has come back not out for lunch or tea, you see him padding up once the umpires have started to walk out. "What's happening Lax? Get ready," is the usual cry. But that's until he walks out.

When he walks in, whether you are batting in the middle or sitting in the pavilion and a wicket has fallen, he brings calm to the whole dressing room. I, personally, get a feeling of calm and solidity, not because Laxman will always score but because you know that he will never let you down in terms of effort: you know that he is there and he will pull his weight. There is no higher compliment. You know he has the requisite quality, and that he can read situations well. He has turned up in every circumstance: bad pitches, good pitches, when setting a total or after the opposition has piled up a big score.

It's been a long journey: Nagpur will be the 99th Test I will be playing alongside him. Over the years he hasn't changed much as a person. Deep down he is the same. His family means a lot to him and his marriage has added to the balance he already had. If anything, he has grown more confident. We started together at U-19 level and have seen each other grow. It's been a terrific journey, and to watch Laxman evolve has been a true privilege.

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Posted by kouks on (November 8, 2008, 9:31 GMT)

Great article. Dravids comments reminded me of what other australian players say about Mark Waugh. The fact that he's so relaxed and sleeping before he goes into bat. I cannot imagine how you can be that relaxed prior to batting, I would pace nervously! They are also very similar in their gracefulness at the crease.

I think Laxman takes it to another level though. I was at the SCG when he took Brett Lee apart a few years ago, it was amazing! At a point Lee was bowling 1 foot behind the popping crease looking for answers. A particular shot off Clark where he flicked it from outside off stump to the MID ON boundary, not mid wicket but mid on! Clark was left watching it go by him in amazement!

Talent comes in many forms. Dravid, Tendulkar, Sehwag and Laxman are all blessed with it in abundance, but it's Laxman I would rather watch no question.

Posted by KrazyJ on (November 8, 2008, 8:13 GMT)

I would like to congratulate Laxman for his VVS moments and also on reaching 100 tests. All the best for future test matches, I also thank 'jammy' for giving an article about his experience in sharing the dressing room with Laxman. I personally feel that if Dravid is comfortable in playing with Laxman,let he be promoted to No:2 so that Dravid would gain some confidence with Laxman at the other end of the crease.

Posted by samraj on (November 8, 2008, 1:47 GMT)

A superb journey VVS, I wish u & ur family a good luck on this memorable occasion. The ups & downs you gone through over the years and be able to handle all those dark moments well shows ur mental toughness & single mindedness. Any upcoming youngster can take example from ur personal/professional life as how to handle emotions whilst being a humble human.

Amongst the modern generation cricketers u r a purist of all, elegance, supreme timer, simplicity, calmness & knowledgeable on cricket & life in general. Two things comes to my mind that were unfulfilled in ur career despite having such a great potential i.e. captaining the side & playing in World Cup (out of 8 Indian 100's club greats, U r the only not to do so, shame on guys whoever involved in that decision). The kind of overwhelming columns & responses on Crickinfo shows how much pundits/writers have high regards. All in all whenever you decide to call it a day from cricket, you will be remembered as a legend without doubt.

Posted by PrasenjitKB on (November 7, 2008, 7:48 GMT)

Elegance, thy name is VVS Laxman. And eloquence, thine is Dravid.

Posted by cricconnossieur on (November 7, 2008, 4:47 GMT)


Thanx a lot.You have really lived upto the expectations as the only authentic and quality cricket magazine around. First it was the story on the 'Fab five'.It is now become the buzz word and every medium has latched on to the phrase.And a what a man to choose to write a tribute on VVS--Rahul Dravid. Rahul and VVS, the favorites of the connoisseurs, the delight of the purists, how privileged we are to live in the same era! There is only one grouse I have against VVS, he reduces all other batting styles to the mundane or crass. I just feel like watching the match once he is gone! One suffers from withdrawal symptoms of coming off a high once Laxman is out.

Posted by Karigoudar on (November 7, 2008, 3:32 GMT)

Great Artical Dravid, We enjoyed watching you both playing some of the best match winning paretenrships for India, one in Eden Garden against Calcutta is the best in the history..Congratulations to Laxman on 100th test

Posted by Adityak on (November 6, 2008, 22:18 GMT)

From one master sportsman to another. Makes for good reading.

Posted by cricamateur on (November 6, 2008, 21:40 GMT)

Thank you, Cricinfo, for wisely choosing Dravid to write this captivating article, written staight from the heart. He has shown his perceptive analysis, creative & no-nonsense writing style, and positive attitude in everything he has said in this article, as he did in his article on Kumble. No one else could have thrown such glowing light on the classy character and playing genius of Laxman (and Kumble) than Dravid. After having been the backbone of India's middle order and the architect of their great wins under Ganguly-many of them in tandem with Laxman & Kumble, he is now faced with the battle of his life against his own lack of form and some merciless maurading media. Most players in his position would have been wallowing in self-pity and sulking. But for Dravid to still keep his positive composure and pay such a wonderful, richly-deserved tribute to the grossly under-appreciated & under-praised Laxman shows his exemplary character and class. God bless, Dravid, Kumble & Laxman.

Posted by neil4ever22 on (November 6, 2008, 21:33 GMT)

Cheers 2 both of u....U both have been gr8 ambassadors to Indian cricket...VVS, congrats, its been a gr8 career...remember da 95 u made early in ur career agnst da aussies, and i guess u nvr lookd sure theres a lot left in u 2 do...rahul, da goin has been tough of late, but ur 2 classy a batsmn 2 write off....

Thank you u both

Posted by RajivNaik on (November 6, 2008, 17:29 GMT)

I think for Rahul to come out at a time like this when he must be under much personal pressure from the media, fans, team management, and more than all else, from himself, and to pay Laxman such an honest and sincere tribute, is a mark of the man's fine character. Proud of everything you have done and stand for, Rahul.

Posted by ABP235 on (November 6, 2008, 15:48 GMT)

Rahul, its nice to hear what you have to say about Laxman. Dont deny the fact that you are no less a measure for other batsmen to emulate. You both have been together for so long, now if you dont act swiftly, you will be in the danger of being separated. Rahul, forget about all these failures, play the second innings of Nagpur as if you have already retired - the way Saurav scored a century at Mohali. Play cool, sleep like Laxman under a table if you want, but be relaxed about everything. no need to be tense at all, as you have already achieved a lot and we just need you around for another couple of years with your trademark big scores. Laxman is unique no doubt, but Rahul, you are special. Please dont disappoint your fans by playing with tension.

Posted by krik8crazy on (November 6, 2008, 15:26 GMT)

Well done Laxman, congratulations on reaching 100 tests. Thanks for playing so many wonderful innings and filling fans with pride. Every time you were pushed to the brink you came roaring back stronger than before. When others gave up you stood up and fought and turned things around. Where others struggled to put ball to bat you made batting look like the easiest thing in the world. The weight of your achievements cannot be measured in terms of statistics alone. You are a legend and an inspiration not just to the cricket team but also to people outside of cricket. You are the best example of never giving up, believing in yourself and achieving what you are capable of achieving.

Posted by RaviNarla on (November 6, 2008, 15:08 GMT)

Rahul, it was great article about one of finest caressers of the cricket ball. When he plays, he makes is look so easy and the panache at which the willow strikes the leather is a treat to watch. As a great fan of yours I would only expect you to score a big one to silence the critics and dedidcate it to your mates(Soruav and Lax) on this occasion. Good luck in the 2nd Innings.

Posted by PS2012 on (November 6, 2008, 14:39 GMT)

After Azhar, VVS is the best wristy player in the game. Elegance personified.

Rahul is proud of the Indian slip cordon and how good it is in the last ten years, but I doubt it. Indian Slip catching is still below par compared to the standards we see in Aus, SA and NZ.

Posted by CricIndian9 on (November 6, 2008, 14:27 GMT)

From one heavenly batsman to another! Watching Laxman bat is like taking a trip to heaven!! You cannot help but drool over those magical wristy flicks and those elegant on-drives. The fact that VVS is as awsome as a person as he is as a Cricketer, adds to his value in the dressing room and in our country. An absolutely selfless Cricketer, he has always lived for his team whenever he is in the team. He is one of the most sparkling gems in the crown of Indian Cricket. He is just VERY VERY SPECIAL!

Posted by Raviajay on (November 6, 2008, 14:12 GMT)

Fabulous article Rahul. I watch cricket only to see Rahul and VVS. Rahul is a marvelous player. No matter how much Rahul scores we love and support Rahul for ever. Both Rahul and VVS are great team players. Though Rahul and VVS are top class players team managements shuffled them in batting order many times. Still managements think about send Rahul as opener .. what a pity.I don't mind if some one criticize me but can not bear if some one criticizes Rahul or VVS. I will cry when Rahul retires. Hope these guys play for at least 3 more years.

Posted by Raviajay on (November 6, 2008, 14:12 GMT)

Fabulous article Rahul. I watch cricket only to see Rahul and VVS. Rahul is a marvelous player. No matter how much Rahul scores we love and support Rahul for ever. Both Rahul and VVS are great team players. Though Rahul and VVS are top class players team managements shuffled them in batting order many times. Still managements think about send Rahul as opener .. what a pity.I don't mind if some one criticize me but can not bear if some one criticizes Rahul or VVS. I will cry when Rahul retires. Hope these guys play for at least 3 more years.

Posted by madmax123 on (November 6, 2008, 14:12 GMT)

There is only answer to Laxman's batting Very Very Very Special. Once I had to to see at the Eden Garden against West Indies but he didn't disappoint me played wonderful knock of 150+ without moving his feet.That's Laxman for you. India is very lucky to have batsman like Sachin, Rahul, Saurav, Laxman at the same team. Congrats to Laxman for his 100th test match.

Posted by vmdivaka on (November 6, 2008, 13:59 GMT)

Dear Rahul, The article reflects two very matured people appreciating how matured they are. Thanks my dear friend. the words that you chose to describe you and him are really fantastic. However, this calmness should come to you too my friend...and perform.. when you bat INDIA felt what you felt when VVS (very very Special) lax is batting. Wish you bounce back and help us see what true batting is....

Posted by Rajesh. on (November 6, 2008, 13:14 GMT)

VVS Laxman is a class act........ Both as a batsman and as a person. He is one of those rare people who keeps his feet firmly on the ground even while taking batting to stratospheric levels. To this day I cannot quite understand why Laxman has always been made a scape goat and been the first one on the chopping block among the Fab Four whenever things haven gone India's way. That will always remain a mystery to me. He has been India's go-to man whenever there has been a crisis, especially against some of the best teams in the World....... Laxman should have been treated on par with Sachin & Dravid long back but hope at least from here on people understand the monumental contributions from this unassuming stylist when India were in desperate need many a time....... As he himself has said we hope 'for a lot os runs between 34 & 35' ........ Congratulations & Good Luck VVS.... You are a class act !!

Posted by mitra_tt on (November 6, 2008, 12:48 GMT)

Laxman is one of the classiest batsmen of today watching win matches is a beauty. I am glad he have made 100 test matches...together with dravid the results have show they are the Real MATCH WINNERS for India over the last 8 years in test cricket thanks Laxman 281 and 200 .keep it up

Posted by Gilliana on (November 6, 2008, 12:46 GMT)

VVS is very special to us, Australians. He is the boy with the 'golden wrists'. He is arguably the most stylish and classical bat ever to visit our country. Once he gets going it's just poetry in motion. He reminds me of the great Azaruddin.

Posted by jayatb on (November 6, 2008, 12:36 GMT)

good one rahul im realy suprised to see you write this well very good article about one of our most gifted batsmen who today has finally joined that elite group of 7 thatl be always remmembered hope your form continues.And for u rahul dont give up mate all your fans dont want to see you leave without some good knocks dont quit and get back in the runs and show them that the wall is strong

Posted by TrueIndianSupporter on (November 6, 2008, 12:31 GMT)

All the very best to Very Very Special Laxman for completing the journey of Indian cricket with 100 Tests. I beleive that you have more potential to go forward. I will never forget the 4th day of Kolkata test against Australia, that day you and Dravid had created a history and start the breaking of Australia dominance. Till that time no team has this spirit to show. That was the day when I started watching test matches as one dayer. Whenever people will talk about most intersting match that match will be top on that. For my point of view that inning is more enjoyable than Lara 400, Hayden - 385 and even Sehwag two triple centuries because no one was that kind of pressure which you and India was facing. Congrates to you for this event. All the Very best for Very very Special V.V.S Laxman.

Posted by MadsRahulDravid on (November 6, 2008, 12:31 GMT)

Lovely article....Pity Laxman never got his due... The article reflects the bond between Rahul and Laxman, doesn't it? :-) All the best to Laxman...Hope he continues mesmerising us :-)

Posted by Sajish on (November 6, 2008, 12:03 GMT)

Laxman is a very special that is why he has become the first Hyderabadi to completes 100 Test Matches for India. My Hero Azharuddin almost reached there but the infighting in the BCCI and Bad politics made him stay at 99 Tests, which I am not able to digest till now. What is MATCH FIXING? God Knows and this Poor Azhar suffered a lot. Salim Malik is free from that charges, still no news about Azhar, it is all accusations and no proof in it. If Azhar actually fixed the matches then how come he become the most successful Indian Captain ? Later Sourav my other Hero broke that record of most successful captain. As far as Dravid revelations about Laxman's habit in the dressing room it sounds very interesting.Laxman is a confident cricketer he has batted almost in all positions from Opening to Sixth or Seventh which is a great acheivement. His innings at Barbados still remains in my mind as one of the Bold innings of him. Hats off to you Laxman you are a clean cricketer,a carbon copy of Azhar

Posted by IndiaGoats on (November 6, 2008, 11:56 GMT)

Nice of Dravid to write this tribute during his own time of personal crisis. Shows how secure and dignified he is. A far cry from someone who has been dissing everyone around since his promise of retirement.

Posted by Pritesh_mel on (November 6, 2008, 10:21 GMT)

Really,its always been treat to watch VVS Laxman playing.Particularly against Australia,he is always Very Very Special.Very well article by Dravid, But now i think its high time for Mr.wall to get some runs on board.I dont like see people booing at the world class players like you.

Posted by Matricfail on (November 6, 2008, 10:02 GMT)

VVS is a fabulous cricketer and is very very special as his name suggests. His contribution to Indian middle order over last 10 yrs specially against Oz is immense. Its a celebrating moment for all VVS fans today as he reached his 100th. Am sure a special performance to bring down Oz supremacy is here today.

Posted by ms_hussain on (November 6, 2008, 9:44 GMT)

VVS is from the rare bread of batsmen found only in Sub Continent, the other ones which have graced the pitch with their silky touch in last thirty years are Zaheer Abbas (the origional silky magician) and Azharuddin.

Well the new age of batsmen in India may be more effective but at best could be termed as BUTCHERS and not ARTISTS and are no treat for the eyes of the purest.

But in todays game in not very distant future VVS most probably would be giving way to one of the Heavy BAT culutured Sloger

With VVS we may have seen the last of the real Wristy silky touch true sub Continental style batsman.

But that's life, like automatic vehicles taking place of manual vehicles (people who really love deriving would understand what i mean) T 20 taking place of Test Cricket (Purest may understand who takes the gentlemens game as an Art and ), fast food taking place of Home cooked meal or Liv- In relations taking place of Joint family structure,............... its inevitable,......

Posted by srivenu on (November 6, 2008, 9:38 GMT)

Nice one Dravid. Nice to see the good rapport between you do. Well done you too. If you are our wall, then he is the gunman in between the walls to shoot our enemy down!!!

Posted by Farce-Follower on (November 6, 2008, 9:33 GMT)

Fantastic article. Simple, yet perceptive. Befitting both these gentlemen. Hope Laxman goes on to play for atleast 2 more summers and ends up as one of the all time greats.

Posted by AdiNene on (November 6, 2008, 9:31 GMT)

Extremely well written article Rahul. Writing about what Laxman has done on the field is somethine even I could have written about. Reading about what he does in the dressing room and what kind of a person he is, is very nice to read about. All of us would agree that Laxman has not got the media attention and accolades he deserves, but if there is any one who really understands him it has to be the one in the same team as him. Thanks Rahul for the article.

Posted by TechGeek on (November 6, 2008, 8:48 GMT)

Laxman, you will always have a Very Very Special special place in the history of Indian cricket. Forget the media and BCCI that never gave you enough credit. The knowledgeable fans of Indian cricket know how valuable a player you are for the Indian team. You have always performed when it matters the most unlike the more celebrated players of the team. You have saved India from difficult situation in so many tests. Ian Chappell rightly pointed out Lax's calming influence on the other batsman resulted in him being involved in most number of big partnerships in Indian cricket. I know you are a wise cricketer. But I still wonder why you could not improve your running between the wickets or agility in the outfield near the boundary. If not for that we would have really cherished your elegant stroke play in more one dayers as well. Finally Dravid, you are the "WALL" of Indian cricket not made with any of XYZ cement but the famous Fevicol.

Posted by 21081986 on (November 6, 2008, 8:18 GMT)

Congratulations to VVS. Certainly he is a Very Very Special talent. Cool, Calm and Collected. Always smiling and never really disturbed by an opposition bowling line-ups. What worries me is the lack of One Day cricket he has played. Having scored all those hundreds vs Australia in the VB series of 2003, he was slightly unlucky to have not played many after that series. However, he has managed to entertain crowds all over the world in Test Match Cricket. May he have many more brilliant Innings. (But not against Pakistan)

Posted by Savii on (November 6, 2008, 7:46 GMT)

It's always nice to see Dravid's articles about his other teammates, especially one as close as Laxman. Laxman's calm and composure is well known. I think he definitely deserves more respect than he is given. May he play for many more years!

Posted by sameeullah on (November 6, 2008, 7:20 GMT)

VVS Laxman has always a place in my good book, although i am from pakistan.Whenever he bats i feel that a painter has been given paint brush, calmly by art he a paints on the big gorund and on the memories of croud.I would say He is real pressure man and he halndles pressure by pure art. Thanks Very very special Laxman,

Posted by koolguyvsp on (November 6, 2008, 5:33 GMT)

Nice article by dravid. It's a pity that Laxman has always been ignored by the media and the Sponsors thru out his carrer till date. He may not be a player like Sachin,Dada or Rahul but has been a work horse for the Indian team. I often think that BCCI and Guru Greg were instrumental in getting Laxman out of the world cup team even though he is only the second India at that time(Gambhir did it in 2008) to score more than 400 runs in a tri series in Australia. The first one being Sachin. His contribution to Indian cricket can never be forgotten. We on our part should continue support him. All the best Lax, hit a ton in the 100th test.

Posted by Nata on (November 6, 2008, 5:02 GMT)

All the very best dear Laxman. Thanks a lot for all the pleasure you have given us and would continue giving us. Proud of you.

Posted by Aloke_Mondkar on (November 6, 2008, 4:45 GMT)

Lovely article - now please score some runs. I would really hate for you not to play with Laxman after this series. You are too good a batsman to end your career this early. Getting used to Yuvraj at number 3 would be a terrible thing. Good Luck!

Posted by goutham.chakravarthi on (November 6, 2008, 4:07 GMT)

I was in the stands in Chennai watching the 3rd Test of that famous Border-Gavaskar series in 2001. It was pandemonium when India was chasing 150 odd to win the series on the final afternoon. You wouldn't hear yourself yelling. Yet, you could hear the sound the ball made when it hit Laxma's bat. That was astonishing. It never happened with any other batsman that afternoon. He was and always will remain special. It's a great achievement to play 100 Tests. May there be more Tests left in his tank.

Posted by tuxicans on (November 6, 2008, 3:50 GMT)

Dravid and Laxman are 2 of the finest human beings and professionals indian cricket has ever produced. No wonder that Dravid could write this touching article about about Laxman and I am sure that laxman could write a similar one about Dravid as well. We Indians and crickt fans all around the world re proud of you both !!

Posted by vaidy on (November 6, 2008, 3:43 GMT)

Yes, It is a well known fact that Laxman always calms nerves when he walks in, not only for team, but for all of us who watch, cheer and support India.

However, I feel he definitely deserves more than the 13 centuries that he has got against his name. Perhaps because of the immense pressure he is always under from the arm chair critics like myself, he often has a run of dry spell before scoring a century. With Dada gone, if Lax can bat at no. 5 instead of 6, hopefully we can see 10 more centuries before he retires!!

Posted by JKSFB on (November 6, 2008, 3:19 GMT)

It is great to read an inside view of my favorite player from my second most favorite player! From the outside, we form vague images of is fascinating to know more from authentic sources...As for the partnerships by these 2, probably no other batting partnership in Indian cricket has had such an important bearing on test results..

Posted by aashrey88 on (November 6, 2008, 3:14 GMT)

Great article Rahul.

Hope you and VVS get together for another partnership in this test too :D.

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