Jimmy Adams October 20, 2013

'Only Bradman had a better record at that stage'

Interview by Jack Wilson
After his first 12 Tests, Jimmy Adams was close to legendary

First cricket bat
I must have been around five years old when I first picked a bat up. My family was into cricket and I think they bought one from the town - a cheap one for me to play with. That's what I first used and it got me started playing cricket.

First tour outside of the West Indies
I remember it well. I was 19 at the time and it was a great experience, real good fun. It's always an honour to play for your country. We went out to Australia for the Youth World Cup and did pretty well. We got to the semi-finals but lost out to Pakistan in Adelaide. Brian Lara was captain and Ridley Jacobs was in that side too.

First 12 Tests of my Test career
It was a good start, good fun. Only Don Bradman had a better record at that stage but you don't think about stuff like that at the time. You're just doing what you do and concentrating on doing the best you can. I was desperate to do well and had worked hard to get where I was. Then it's just about reacting as best as you can to what happens in front of you. You try not to worry about what else is happening and just take care of your game.

First Test as captain
It's always an absolute honour to be the man to lead any team, nationally or internationally. I was a very proud man to captain West Indies at the time. I'd worked hard before I was given the chance and we got off to a good start with a win over Zimbabwe, which was nice.

First thing I learned as a coach
That's easy. The thing I had to get to grips with was that you're going to be learning something new every day you go in and coach. You never know it all. One thing I also stress is taking control at what I call "critical moments" of games. That's hugely important too.