New Zealand v Australia, 1st ODI, Napier March 3, 2010

Scott Styris hails comeback innings

Cricinfo staff

Scott Styris, New Zealand's match-winner in a thrilling opening fixture in Napier in the five-match ODI series against Australia, has said his 34-ball 49 ranks high in his list of best innings, for it came in a crucial series against the world's best opposition in the 50-over format. Styris' knock helped New Zealand chase down 276; he smashed a six off the second ball of the 50th over to seal a two-wicket victory.

"I'd have to say it rates pretty highly, because any time you can be the guy at the end and win a game you've obviously got to be happy," Styris said after the game. "When you couple that with the fact that it's Australia, the No 1 team in the world, it's even better.

"Dan (Vettori) has said this series will define how New Zealand's gone this summer, so to get the guys up and hopefully win this series is a great feeling." Styris, who had been ignored for the home series against Bangladesh, was not meant to be in the playing 11 but came in as a last-minute replacement for Vettori, who sat out due to a neck injury.

"I was a little bit rusty to start with. I haven't had an innings for a couple of weeks so it took me a little bit to get going but the wicket out here was top drawer and great for batting, and thankfully once the Powerplay came I was able to get my shots away," he told Radio Sport. "To win back-to-back games, albeit in different versions of the game, is a good start for us. Hopefully they know they've got a contest now and we're here to play."

The victory also marked a successful beginning as captain for Ross Taylor. He was named Man of the Match for his 70, which, laced with six fours and a six, set up New Zealand's chase.

"I'm retiring now," he quipped. "I got a text from Dan about 10.45am saying 'I'm a bit iffy, you might be captain', so I started getting ready then but I still thought he would be okay. I didn't really know the extent his neck was playing up. I'm pretty happy with the result."

Ricky Ponting admitted a total of 275 was inadequate on a ground with short boundaries. "I probably felt all night we were just a little bit behind," Ponting told Sky Sports. "I didn't think 275 was enough runs on that wicket. The ground is so small and the wicket was very good right through the game."

Australia had an unbeaten summer at home, but have now been beaten in two consecutive games - they were on the receiving end of a Super Over defeat in the second Twenty20 international against New Zealand. "It's never nice to lose a game," Ponting said. "But any loss you have, you always learn more from a loss than a win, so we've got to look at what we did wrong tonight and make sure we train better leading up to the next game.

"That's the important thing now. I've just had a quick chat with the guys in there about the way we executed things tonight and just some of our shortcomings. It's up to the group now to respond well."

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  • Dummy4 on March 6, 2010, 19:28 GMT

    Notice there isnt any comments in the bulletin for the 2nd ODI yet maybe because India is still sleeping after Nzs defeat or because all the Aussie haters are eating some of they're unhumble words. Im gonna have the last say on this report if its the last thing i do ! Just take a look at the scroreboard now you bunch of bitter armchair critics. Austalian cricket is alive and well ! like the Kiwis we are fighters and will go to the bitter end. I dont give up easily if you play any game against me you would realize that, and im just a 40 something club cricketer imagine playing against theese modern day DIGGERS none of you would stand a chance! ill admiit i wouldnt! but most of you talk like its your game there playing, theyre the ones that are actually playing you bunch of drongos ! So sit back and watch the greatest show on the planet the Australian Cricket Team !

  • N on March 5, 2010, 10:26 GMT

    LOL @ australians. Their australian season got much worse isn't. Since Zim is cleanly beating WI, now they get to assess whom they are beating and revelling in all summer. Aura is long gone, no use, using the mouth, just play fair and try to win some respect perhaps the game also.

  • Dummy4 on March 4, 2010, 21:19 GMT

    Seems i got a bite ! India sure are a great team i agree they cleaned NZ up because they seem to punch above there weight against just the aussies and as ive said trans tasman duels are exciting and great cricket ! DAYS ? 24 hours maybe ! maybe us computer sportsman could be humble ! instead of hating us aussies enjoy the world class cricket that goes on from both teams. Shane Watson is a lot of things but i beleive hes about to be the most desructive batsman since Graeme Pollock. Ross Taylor just may become NZs second gratest batsman ! if you think the west aussie, the great Micheal Hussey is arrogant clean your galsses ! dont tar us all with the same brush ! im not going on about kiwis your goin on about aussies ! Enjoy

  • Vikram on March 4, 2010, 20:46 GMT

    ur all scrweed up in the head. its coz of rudi 0freaking koertzen, the same man who stole the ashes from aus and gave it to england. the only one who could hav stood in australia's undefeated streak, the only one that CAN win this series of kiwis. HE GAVE A CLEAR PLUMB LBW BY WATSON NOT OUT, that guy then hit a boundary and a few more runs and won the match for the team!

  • Manan on March 4, 2010, 20:18 GMT

    Sport is NOT just about winning and losing. Its about spirit of playing. I like Australian game but the way they react when they loose is something thats NOT good for a game. They can do anything to win a game be it claiming false catches, be it arguing with umpires, talking politically before start of series and etc. I have seen most of the match bans or fines on players when they play against Australia.... so there has to be something wrong in them.... What is that I dont know but definitely its NOT right.

  • John on March 4, 2010, 11:27 GMT

    I have to say that, despite a few whingers, in MY opinion that the Aussies are the best team in the world @ 1-dayers and tests regardless of current rankings. I say this because they have consistently been at the top of the pile over the last century or so. They have lost some but nowhere as many as they have won and a lot of the draws appear to be the opposition just hanging in there. They are a great team/s with a great team culture. And whilst SA and India certainly don't back down at the moment they still don't have the winning percentage that the Aussies have achieved over the years. That does not mean that I don't enjoy our (NZ) wins when we do get them. Much like rugby, all my aussie mates give me heaps when they beat the All Blacks or Crusaders, and I give it to them when we beat them in cricket or league. But these are only games. I can't remember who said it but when asked about the pressure of playing, one of the Aussie greats replied "pressure is a ME-109 on your tail"

  • Aaron on March 4, 2010, 10:31 GMT

    To the guy that said the sub continant people hate aussie more then us(kiwis). i think we can speak for ourselves. people just do not like aussie because they are arrogant and a little bit of arrogance never hurts in sport but when ur supports are as bad as your players there is a problem. all ive seen is blaming the grounds, umpires and then defending themselves by bringing rugby in haha what a joke. The aussies lost it happens but i hate the way aussie lose they pack a sad and go on for days. Last year India came they are a great side and they cleaned us up but they were modest either way same with most teams. I hate how because they are australian they avoid match bans. Finally if u could umpire better why arnt u out there? Blackcaps played great and hopefully can repeat so you can see the ugly side of cricket.

  • Dummy4 on March 4, 2010, 8:58 GMT

    School bullies ! haha you crack me up ! i think it runs deep for you, you must of bin bullied at school ! Australia are the yardstick if not rated as no 1 (which they are in 1 dayers) they put they heebeegeebees up you sub continenters and the rest of the world for that matter, But NZ stand up often better than others dont they ? Just look at robo tiger hes got the right spirit ! enjoy the game for what it is - - - a game !

  • Nick on March 4, 2010, 7:20 GMT

    lol @ the indians who took mattyhaydos's bait. you guys obviously aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

    when india achieves a smidgen of what australia has accomplished in the sport then i will take you guys seriously.

  • Arun on March 4, 2010, 6:19 GMT

    I want to see NewZealand thrashing Aussies in the rest of the tournament and prove to be a strong contender for T20 World Cup.

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