Reported to be applying to stay in Australia June 13, 2007

Missing Ugandan players found

Cricinfo staff

Two Ugandan cricketers who disappeared at the end of the World Cricket League in Darwin earlier this month have been found in Adelaide by Australia's Immigration Department.

The Age reported that Patrick Ochan, 18, and Jimmy Okello, 19, are expected to apply to stay in the country. It said that the pair were staying with Ken Skewes, a young South Australia player who they befriended at an Under-19 tournament, and he contacted the authorities when he realised that the men were being sought.

The paid have valid visas until June 28, so no further action is expected until then.

An editorial in Uganda's New Vision was highly critical of the players' actions. "It beggars belief that two key players can so wantonly disregard professional ethos in the way that Ochan and Okello have done, and the UCA's response is to display an attitude that borders dangerously on nonchalance.

"The UCA must earn their keep by investigating the two players' "holiday" and providing the concerned public with convincing answers. And should Ochan and Okello eventually return, UCA must ensure they are robustly chastised for their behaviour."