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Winning caption:
"Killing me softly... with his hands!" (Priyanka, India)

Honourable mentions:

Oh no... not the Wuxi Finger Hold! (Musa Ansari, Pakistan)

Rohit Sharma gets help from his physio as he prepares for the biggest sneeze of his life. (Zahid Rai, Pakistan)

"Frankly Rohit, I am afraid you have got the phrase 'dancing down the pitch' all wrong. I will not be your partner for tango." (Narasimhan Sridharan, Singapore)

Sharma distraught as physio suggests injury may not be tour-ending. (Genghis Cohen, UK)

"When the groom gives you the ring for safekeeping, it doesn't mean you have to superglue it to your own finger." (Harish, India)

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Cover of <i>WG Grace Ate My Pedalo</i>

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The winner of this contest gets a copy of Alan Tyers and Beach's WG Grace Ate My Pedalo, which brings WG and Freddie Flintoff together at last! A spoof 1896 periodical from the Wisden Cricketer archives, Pedalo looks at cricketing events of 2010 through a Victorian lens

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