War between Enver Baig and the board continues June 8, 2007

Senator requests PCB audit

Cricinfo staff

Nasim Ashraf, appointed chairman of PCB by President Musharraf, has had strong words thrown at him by the Senator © AFP

Enver Baig, member of Senate's Standing Committee on Sports, has requested the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to order an audit into the accounts of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Baig, who recently had a lawsuit filed against him by Nasim Ashraf, chairman PCB, for using indecent remarks against him, sent a letter to the PAC chairman detailing his request. "There are numerous voices accusing the PCB of misusing funds to the detriment of the improvement of cricket in Pakistan," Baig wrote in the letter.

"If the present trend continues, the PCB coffers will be depleted to nil. It is therefore requested that the accounts of the PCB since July 1999 to date be scrutinised and audited by the Auditor General of Pakistan," he added.

In an interview earlier, Baig had announced plans to go on a hunger-strike to protest against 'false promises' made by the chairman with regards to the implementation of the constitution. He also termed Ashraf "the most incompetent official in the PCB".

"Seeing an incompetent and dishonest man like Nasim Ashraf running cricket, which is our national passion, makes my heart weep," Baig had told The News.

It was in response to Baig's comments that the PCB decided to file a lawsuit which, in turn, prompted Baig to file a privilege motion against Ashraf for labeling him a 'sick mind'.

Baig has in the past grilled the previous board administration, under Shaharyar Khan, over similar issues in the Senate, including the continual non-implementation of the constitution.