Pakistan news January 31, 2009

Miandad was unhappy with salary - report

Cricinfo staff

A Pakistan newspaper has reported that Javed Miandad resigned from his position as director-general of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) because of an insufficient salary. The News, a Karachi-based daily, has carried a handwritten letter from Wasim Bari, the director of HR and administration, to Saleem Altaf, the PCB's chief operating officer, after discussing the contract with Miandad.

The report said Miandad was offered Rs 500,000 (US$6,300) per month in the contract which the former Test captain and coach refused last Wednesday, resigning from the position he had held since November.

"He [Miandad] earns 75,000 rupees/50,000 rupees for a one hour program on TV," Bari's letter read. "As he is a renowned international cricketer therefore he should be paid accordingly as [former India coach] Greg Chappell and [former Pakistan coach] Geoff Lawson."

The letter also said that Miandad wanted to take full charge of all cricketing affairs so that he could bring the desired results.

Miandad, 51, had stepped down after differences emerged over the exact scope of his role. There was always a lack of clarity over the exact nature of his work. He spoke openly of it as being a troubleshooting role of sorts, delving into whatever areas needed fixing.