ICC confirms process ongoing March 16, 2009

USACA denies CEO reports

Cricinfo staff

The USACA and the ICC have both denied reports that a new chief executive has been appointed for US cricket.

In an article last week, Cricinfo's former US correspondent wrote that Imran Khan had been appointed to the post, but it soon became apparent that was not the case.

The ICC told Cricinfo that the process for identifying the right CEO had been "thorough, extensive and professional" and that "the timeline for the completion of the last steps of this process was / has been set at end-March for some months now and, assuming everything goes to plan with the final stages, it seems all is on track for this to be achieved". Those sentiments were endorsed by USACA secretary, John Aaron.

For his part, Imran Khan told dreamcricket.com that he had had "on idea" where the story came from.

The same source indicated that the match between USA and Canada had been agreed for memorial Day weekend, but Aaron again explained this was not the case.

"It was an idea that was discussed, but no definitive plans were made to accommodate the match," he said. "As you are aware, it costs lots of money to assemble a team of players and officials in the USA to travel anywhere.

"Therefore, although Canada has since offered to provide accommodation and meals on game day, USACA still has to underwrite the expenses of flying players from as far west as California to New York, then to Toronto. In addition, there are other areas of expense that are likely to be incurred, and at this point in time USACA's focus is on the appointment of a CEO."