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Gayle to be considered if he retracts statements

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Chris Gayle will only be considered for selection for West Indies if he retracts statements he has made about the West Indies board and its officers, the WICB has said in a statement. The board will appoint a facilitator to assist Gayle in complying with their requirements. The decision comes after the last meeting between Gayle and WICB chief Ernest Hilaire, on August 25, had more positive results then previous interactions between the parties.

Relations between Gayle and the board had broken down after he gave an interview in April to a radio station during which he was scathing about both the board and coach Ottis Gibson. After attempts at reconciliation failed, and Gayle was left out of the squad for the whole of the home series against India, he released a long and emotional public statement, in which he traced the evolution of the dispute back to 2009, when, he said, Hilaire had cast doubts on his ability to captain the team.

The board has now said it recognises that Gayle can "contribute meaningfully" to the West Indies team, but will only select him if he withdraws his criticisms. The WICB said they had told Gayle of their decision and were waiting for his response.

Clive Lloyd, the former West Indies captain and now WICB director, said it was important to get a senior player like Gayle back in the West Indies setup and that it would be wise for Gayle to comply with the board's requirements.

"First of all it is disappointing that the matter has gone on for as long as it has," Lloyd said in the board statement. "What we need now is closure and, to be fair, anyone of whom those comments were made would have a right to take umbrage.

'Withdrawing the comments would be the intelligent thing to do to get the issue resolved and have everyone move on. We need senior players to be in the setup to drive the progress forward and any team would love to entertain Gayle, but under the right circumstances."

Gayle has not played for West Indies since the 2011 World Cup. Since then, he has been an integral part of Royal Challengers Bangalore's squad in their IPL and Champions League Twenty20 campaigns, finishing as the leading run-getter in the IPL.

His saga with the board had escalated to a level where the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of government had become involved. West Indies are currently touring Bangladesh, after which they will go to India to play three Tests and five ODIs.

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  • dummy4fb on October 23, 2011, 19:09 GMT

    The only reason that CG is not in the team right now is because of his ego. And the double standard nature of the support for CG which makes him believe that he is right. I have nothing against the guy but wrong will NEVER be right and cricket goes on! The Sarwan/ Chanderpaul comparison proves my point. These two have take more concilliatory poitions with the board and hence their reinclusion in the team. CG chose not the sign the retainer contract before the WC knowing the clashes with the WI schedule. Are the players slaves under Ottis G? Is he really a user? Have we forgotten the player strikes as captain? Interview in anger? Retract it and move on!If not for the current situation, in CG's history there is enough there to merit an apology to the fans. Would that make him less of a man?HE(CG) will not be selected if he doesn't retract the statements no matter how much we curse, quarrel and fight. Basically this issue could have been buried a long time ago, if CG wanted that is.

  • dummy4fb on October 23, 2011, 14:08 GMT

    I don't think Chris Gayle should retract his comment he wasn't the only one make comment on the what the coach say after the W.C Chanderpaul wrote a whole two page on his feeling of the board do they punish him i didn't hear anything about him ask to retract what he wrote the whole thing is jamaica cricket board fail chris look what the gcb did when Sars AND Chanderpaul wasn't selected they speak out and what happen they were in the team if gayle is the only one have the guts to talk what on his mind the coach had it in for Chis and its more than cricket the only one who suffer through this is the fan forget about the bad mind one who think like the coach people all over the world like to watch Cris bat if i were Chris don't retract nothing cricket is ur way of making a living u r now 32 maybe two or three more years if u play for wi how much can u make to keep u from going out to seek another job u play t20 two more year u set for life if u invest if properly

  • satspeare on October 23, 2011, 3:44 GMT

    @Mr Ambrose & others who would like to rewind to WC, the facts would show that it was the coach who started this episode of stand-off by rightly criticizing the seniors for their rather poor performances but also questioned their loyalities. The prompt non-selection of the the three senior batsmen for the Pakistan tour followed. Gayle THEN joined the IPL AFTER not being selected. DURING the IPL Gayle voiced his understandable frustrations. We lost BCL after WC 2007 and since 2011 version and non selection of Gayle, Taylor, Sr Bravo, Benn and this has been so annoying that one of the quietest players, Chanderpaul, "blew" his top. It is time that this disciplinarian board practise what they preach and act in the best interest of WI cricket. This did not need to be this "tit-for-tat" childishness. A strong warning and a demand that this be not repeated is in order, but definitely NOT a retraction. This WICB demand says to me that Gayle's comments contains more truth than they can handle!!

  • dummy4fb on October 22, 2011, 16:40 GMT

    I think it is high time for West Indian supporters to protest for the return of Chirs. Otis has never achieve nothing in cricket just look at his stats in relation to that of Chris. This board is only filled with men of pride Chris is not a child.

  • dummy4fb on October 22, 2011, 11:41 GMT

    Chris Gayle, My request is that you DO NOT APOLOGIZE dey dont need u an u dont need dem. Dammy an Ottis Gibson already doing a good job so y stressing about Gayle....its just like if im a boss an 1 of my staff talk alot of bad things about me which could be true i would want to fire him but if i no i fire him an our business is going down the drain most obviously i would want him to come back........WICB needs to get it right before its too late......

  • dummy4fb on October 22, 2011, 1:00 GMT

    If Gayle and the WI cricket board sort their differences out what the West Indies need to do if give players such as Dwayne Bravo,Kieron Pollard and Gayle himself an ultimatum of making them decide if they want to play for their country (Taking a central contract if offered) or be free agents and play 20 20 but not play for their country as these players cant do both with the schedules being tight as they are nowadays and the fact that the WI need to be build a team for the future. I think also the WI need to forget about Kieron Pollard in their ODI team as he is inconsistant. He doesnt score enough with the bat and doesnt do much with the ball. If Pollard is to suceed in ODI's he needs to work on his temprament as everytime he bats in ODI he gets out to a daft shot as he attempts to hit the ball out of the park. Sammy needs to stand down as captain as Sammy in the team in ODI's and test ruins the balance of the team. The Windies need to bring in another young fast bowler.

  • dummy4fb on October 21, 2011, 14:45 GMT

    I think CG and WICB should close ranks in an amicable way. With Bravo returning to the fold, WI will be a competitive team with Samuel already proving his worth as an allrounder. Pollard, Edwards, Rampaul, Roach, Bishoo..well certainly they are in the right direction.

  • dummy4fb on October 21, 2011, 14:15 GMT

    @ Ambrose Alexander: Well said, I couldn't have put it better. GREAT COMMENT.

  • dummy4fb on October 21, 2011, 14:01 GMT

    Gayle should speak to his Pastor on this issue. And my advice to him is " Please don't go to Ramnaraine for advice"

  • dummy4fb on October 21, 2011, 13:49 GMT

    I think that the entire cricketing world knows that Chris Gayle is an asset to any team except that the WICB and bro. Otis have figuratively confined themselves in a dark room and wilfully refuse to flip the switch. Now, this thing about Chris making some statements about his coach seems to be very trivial. Who of us doesnt feel the same way and maybe worse about our employers/bosses and we do often discuss our feelings with co-workers? Please, bro. Otis and WICB for all our sakes be mature about this and you also in the spirit of reconciliation offer an apology just as you expect chris Should - both of you apologise to each other. Bro. Otis, if you really mean to do WI cricket good as i think you are trying to then consider that Chris has contributed and has much more to contribute to WI cricket than many of you on the board. We really need our strongest team on every front. "Bring back the maccabees version.." Gayle,Bravo,Sarwan, Chands.

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