West Indies news February 19, 2014

ICC revamp good for West Indies - Cameron

ESPNcricinfo staff

The WICB president Whycliffe Cameron has said the governance, finance and fixtures restructuring of the ICC, proposed by BCCI, CA and ECB, would leave West Indies cricket well placed monetarily to safeguard the development of the sport in the region. The WICB was one of eight boards that supported the proposed changes at the ICC meeting in Singapore, and Cameron said West Indies' Full Member status would be unaffected after the transition.

"The WICB projects an increase of more than 100% in ICC revenue for the upcoming eight-year cycle of international matches based on the proposals when compared to the previous eight-year cycle," Cameron said.

The present FTP, according to Cameron, was unfavourable to the WICB and a cause for their financial problems. Under the new system of bilateral negotiations to determine fixtures, he said West Indies could ensure they played more profitable series.

"Currently, West Indies have the most unfavourable allocation of matches of all the Full Members of the ICC, based on the current FTP schedule, and this is largely the reason the WICB is set to have a major deficit at the end of the financial year, September 30, 2014," Cameron said. "Based on the proposed bilateral structure, the WICB will be able to negotiate fees when the West Indies team plays in away series, as was the case prior to the establishment of the FTP.

"As the West Indies team continues to regain strength, the WICB will be able to negotiate more for our brand, which is a most significant consideration. Also, where the WICB hosts unprofitable tours, we will now be able to access the newly proposed Test Match Fund to help offset costs. We can inform you now that the WICB has already secured commitments from the major boards to play an increased number of matches and series during the next eight-year cycle."

Cameron said the WICB had no need to worry about a two-tier Test system because he felt West Indies were unlikely to sink to 10th in the rankings. "The risk of 'relegation' is only realistic for the 10th-ranked team. West Indies is currently ranked seventh and is in no realistic position to be ranked 10th in the foreseeable future.

"With the increased revenue and a fortified development programme, the WICB is determined to ensure that the West Indies team is nowhere near being ranked 10th in the world, allowing us to continue to play all formats of the game in full - and put us in a strong position to negotiate with every other Full Member for participation in home and away tours."

Despite the restructuring giving greater power to the boards of India, England and Australia, Cameron said the WICB's role in the ICC would not diminish. "We want to make it abundantly clear: The WICB has not relinquished any powers as a Full Member of the ICC. The WICB remains a Full Member of the ICC with full voting rights on all matters.

"The WICB will be eligible for membership to all committees, chairmanship of all committees, and the presidency and chairmanship of the ICC. As such, I am a member of the Financial & Commercial Affairs Committee and will retain that position following the organizational transition. The WICB is extremely confident it will not be hurt by the organisational transition of the ICC and the world governing body will be stronger outfit as a result."

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  • IRSHADUL on February 21, 2014, 3:47 GMT

    NOW FIFA SHOULD BE HANDED OVER TO Spain, Brazil and Germany. Olympic to US and China and so on. after all they should learn something from bICC to make more money .

  • Jason on February 20, 2014, 13:14 GMT

    It makes sense as the WICB can probably negotiate more lucrative ODI and T20i Games with the larger countries which should bring in more funds to help them invest in the longer form of the game both domestically and internationally.

  • Javed Munir on February 20, 2014, 11:07 GMT

    surely West Indies will regret this decision in the years to come, the big 3 will never going to play a long series with them as financially its not beneficial for them, every one here is running after the money, no one cares about the game

  • Panini on February 20, 2014, 5:08 GMT

    Where is Sri Lankan cricket administration heading? I've just read something about England touring Sri Lanka in November this year ( a shortish tour) and then a long tour in October 2018. Last year we had a tour by New Zealand in November when almost all matches were washed out. We could have played those matches in New Zealand, where it would have been warm rainless Spring weather at that time. Aren't the cricket administrators Sri Lankans? Don't we all know that November is the wettest month of the year in this country with October, December, April and May not much drier. This lack of common sense is inexcusable, or is it that we deliberately invite teams in such a way that we can't lose matches since they are "unplayed"?

  • Arvin on February 20, 2014, 0:24 GMT

    I agree with Henry Muttoo, apart from a hit or miss trophy(T20) WI have been declining for years now hence no one cares about playing us as much anymore. It doesn't surprise me that mr. cameron and company got blinded by the short term gain(if any) and completely missed the bigger picture. It's very sad to see what WI cricket has come to, due to the management of the current WICB and also the board members before. I feel it's time that Guyana, TT, Jamaica, Barbados, etc break off from the WICB and represent themselves internationally. After all the possibly couldn't be any worse than the current West Indies team.

  • Muhammad on February 19, 2014, 23:47 GMT

    West Indies will regret this decision later.. India will not fulfil its promises.. This Is bad for cricket.. It's like no fifa in football and teams like Spain and Germany are made the bosses.. That would never happen in any other sport.. Cricket is not a game it's all money... Respect to the pcb dey da only board to stand there ground

  • Jay on February 19, 2014, 23:23 GMT

    I am not surprised at the WICB. After all, beggars cannot be choosers. So much for all the talk of cricket dying a slow death. What a load of bollocks ! The BCCI always get what they want and now the Aussies and Poms have also joined hands with them. Cricket is all about money now and rightly so. It's already too expensive to implement the DRS system with all its bells and whistles. Plus, we have broadcast expenses associated with all the high profile series and ICC events. So who is going to play for that ? Hence, we have these new proposals. I don't care the Big 3 getting paid the bulk of the profits. However, I am extremely uncomfortable about the FTP being scrapped. It will now put the scheduling power into the hands of the Big 3 where they will eventually decided to choose whom to play or NOT to play. So teams like the WI, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe could be in deep trouble.

  • Dummy4 on February 19, 2014, 22:27 GMT

    This is the beginning of the end for international cricket as we know it. In the game of Monopoly the banker is usually the one who has the most money, and the one who wins. The so called Big Three don't want to democratize the cricket world, they want to win. Unfortunately, when you have the smaller cricket boards in such dissarray it doesn't help them to have clout. Windies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka New Zealand and South Africa need to stand together as a block. They need to try to force standardization of cricketing rules and fairness in match scheduling, venues and competitions. Unfortunately, the players from those countries are often more mercenaries than proud nationalists. So it all comes back to money.

  • Rahul on February 19, 2014, 20:23 GMT

    @mohd_asif :And y don't u see any benefit ?If every one is making profit and cricket is going to the world than where is the loss.The only thing bothers everybody is why Big3 is taking large chunk and y they are bossing everybody.But I believe ICC needs a boss(Big 3) to unite cricket and take it ahead

  • Dummy4 on February 19, 2014, 18:21 GMT

    As much as I opposed initial proposal, mainly 2 things, that Big-3 will not be relegated and only one of them will head the committee always, I now thanks Pak, SA & SL for opposing it to necessitate the desired changes. As SL/SA have agreed, Pak should agree on it too. Moreover now these changes are on us, I hope that BCCI, whatever they are as cricket administrators, but their financial acumen is unquestioned, and I hope that they can bring that ideas into world cricket too. For example if they can bring more money to WI cricket, obviously a strong WI will attract more tours.

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