January 19, 2000

Zimbabwe Cricket Union release report on Madondo case


Summary of Report of the Commission on Hearings held by Mr Justice R Korsah and Mr Justice AM Ibrahim

It will be recalled that, during the course of the One Day International Series played by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka, Trevor Madondo, having played in the first two encounters, was omitted from the squad for the remaining 3 matches.

The exclusion took place as a result of disciplinary action which followed from Trevor Madondo's reported late attendance at a team practice.

Subsequently, there has been considerable publicity in which allegations have been made that Trevor Madondo's exclusion had racial connotations. Because of the seriousness of those allegations, Zimbabwe Cricket Union (ZCU) Board commissioned an enquiry under the auspices of two well known Judges, namely Justices R Korsah and AM Ibrahim, the latter being Chairman of the ZCU Disciplinary Committee.

The Honorable Judges took into account the evidence of eight witnesses who gave evidence before them and also had regard to a number of reports from others who had dealing in this matter.

Thereafter, a comprehensive report was completed and submitted by the Judges to the ZCU Board.

The decision reached by the Judges was that the discipline meted out to Trevor Madondo for the alleged offence, namely being half an hour late for practice, was not justified.

They concluded that Trevor Madondo had been improperly treated but indicated "that on the evidence ... heard it is not possible to conclude with conviction that Trevor Madondo was treated as he was, because of his race". They advised however that in the multiracial and multicultural diverse society that we live in, there is need for sensitivity in one's approach when dealing with issues which cross the cultural or racial divide. They are of the view that Trevor Madondo did not benefit from an even-handed approach from some of those who had dealings with him.

They accepted that Trevor Madondo had arrived thirty minutes late for practice but felt that the explanation he tendered for so doing accorded with the probabilities. In the result the Union was requested to compensate Trevor Madondo by making payment to him of the monetary amount he would have earned had he remained a member of the National Squad for the Series against Sri Lanka. The report, with is recommendations, was unanimously accepted by the ZCU Board at its meeting of 15 January 2000.

The ZCU Board wishes to make it abundantly clear that it never has and never will tolerate any instance(s) of racial prejudice(s).

This incident has however, caused the Board to look into improving its procedures relating to the general administration of the team's affairs and the Code of Conduct to be observed by the Players.

[signed] P. F. Chingoka President

Zimbabwe Cricket Union 18 January 2000