11th Match, Group B (N), Delhi, Oct 13 2009, Champions League Twenty20
(20 ov, target 120)119/4
Match tied (Eagles won the one-over eliminator)
Player Of The Match
65 (62)
end of over 2011 runs
KNGHT: 119/4CRR: 5.95 
Ryan McLaren14 (13)
Dillon du Preez3 (3)
Yasir Arafat 3-0-28-0
Rory Hamilton-Brown 3-0-15-2

It's an Eliminator to decide who goes through, what a thriller. Each team nominates three batsmen and one bowler, if they lose two wickets the innings (of six balls) is considered over. If it's another tie, the team with most number of sixes in the Eliminator wins. If that's also equal, it's the team with the most sixes in the match that wins (Sussex has three sixes, Eagles have two).

Eagles to bat first (Rules say the team that chased bats first in the Superover).

Arafat to bowl for Sussex. Rossouw on strike.

Ball 1 a fullish ball on legstump, Rossouw punches it to long-on for a single.

Ball 2 length ball on the pads, Ryan McLaren dabbed towards square leg for a single

Ball 3 goes for the sweep, misses, no run there

Ball 4 that's a six,rocks back and clubs it over long-on

Ball 5 dot ball, full and outside off, Rossouw had backed away, can't get bat on it

Ball 6 single, Eagles finish with nine as Rossouw slams the ball down to long-off, McLaren is run-out attempting the second.

I think Sussex will be happy with that effort. The Eagles, by the way, had won the third leg of their semi-final by a Superover to make it to the finals, and the Champions League.

CJ de Villiers to bowl for Eagles. Plenty of discussions going on in the Eagles camp. A bunch of Sussex fans have come down to Delhi, they are looking very tense. Dwayne Smith on strike.

Ball 1 Bowled 'im, what a start for Eagles, Smith is gone, shortish ball, goes for the swipe, misses the ball and offstump is knocked back

Ball 2 Rory Hamilton-Brown on strike, Bowled 'im again, CJ de Villiers, you beauty, offstump is on the ground again, the Eagles have won, CJ de Villiers has done the job, sensational stuff here at the Kotla.

Well, Eagles are through after the Superover. They were cruising towards victory when their openers were going strong, but the boundaries dried up after that and it needed a boundary off the last ball to take the match to a Super Over. They only made 53 runs in the 12 overs before the final one.

Helge from Germany says: "Sussex definitely should get the prize for being the most stupid side on earth. Let's just bat in the eliminator with the most unconvincing batsmen and bowl with one of the most unconcincing bowlers of the match. Whoever decided that, should consult a doctor soon!"

Heman from the US: "This super over is rubbish. The team batting first (in super over) will always bat the most set batsman, meaning they can call the shots right from the word go.. where as the batsman for the team chasing hardly get a time to play in the pace and bounce of the pitch..."

Darren from the US isn't impressed: "If you call that sensational stuff! Ohh well." At the other extreme is marvelTracker from Sri Lanka: "Wot a match !!!! totally unbelievable."

Presentation ceremony:

Mike Yardy: "Fantastic game of cricket, We fought back well. There were about 3000 discussions going on before the Superover. We haven't really played that, so we weren't sure what to do, but Eagles played well, fair play to them. It's an absolutely brilliant tournament, we have been looked after very well, we have plenty of incentive to come back here again next year."

The Man of the Match is Rilee Rossouw for his half-century. "It was a little bit easier with the new ball, I tried to use advantage of that. I think the bigger sides mustn't under-estimate the smaller sides, the match goes to the last ball, as today showed."

Boeta Dippenaar: "I am very happy, but am ten years older. We had one Superover in the semi-finals last year. CJ did a magnificent job. Both me and the coach thought CJ was the man, and we went with our gut instinct. I thought we bowled very well, and after that type of start, I thought we shouldn't have gone to the Superover. We are a young team, we are learning."

Yaseen Karche from India: "@ Heman. Thats not true. Remember Yusuf Pathan in IPL against KKR?? He came back to hit 16 runs in 3 balls batting second in super over!"

Well, that's all have for you today. Do join us for tomorrow's game between Deccan Chargers and Trinidad & Tobago to decide who goes through to the second round from Group A. Thanks for all the mails, till tomorrow, it's goodbye.

Arafat to McLaren, FOUR runs

it's a tie, it's a tie, Arafat drops it on a length, clubbed to the wide long-on boundary, for a moment that looked like it was going for six

Arafat to McLaren, no run

brilliant ball from Arafat, yorker just outside off, the batsman misses, fantastic stuff from sussex

Arafat to McLaren, FOUR runs

a french cut for four, Sussex can't beleive their luck, he was looking for the big hit, misses but it's four anyway

Arafat to du Preez, 1 run

slightly full, smashed back, the bowler gets a hand on it but can't stop the ball

Arafat to McLaren, 1 leg bye

hits his pads and goes towards point

Arafat to du Preez, 1 run

Arafat starts with a full ball outside leg stump, flicked to midwicket, fielder fumbles but only one run taken

end of over 195 runs • 1 wicket
KNGHT: 108/4CRR: 5.68 RRR: 12.00
Dillon du Preez1 (1)
Ryan McLaren6 (9)
Rory Hamilton-Brown 3-0-15-2
Dwayne Smith 3-0-16-0

Nitin from Canada: "The C word is looming large"

RJ Hamilton-Brown to du Preez, 1 run

eased to long-on for a single, what an over this is, only five from it

RJ Hamilton-Brown to McLaren, 1 run

backs away and clouts it to long-on, couple of bounces to long-on

RJ Hamilton-Brown to Rossouw, OUT

Sussex continue to believe, Riley Rossouw is gone, mishitting the ball after charging out, it swirls high and to his right, the keeper calls for it and takes the catch

Rilee Rossouw c †Hodd b Hamilton-Brown 65 (62b 7x4 2x6) SR: 104.83
RJ Hamilton-Brown to Rossouw, 2 runs

superb running from McLaren again, Rossouw smashed that ball towards long-off, McLaren slides in to complete the second

RJ Hamilton-Brown to McLaren, 1 run

gets the single this time, towards point

RJ Hamilton-Brown to McLaren, no run

punched firmly to midwicket