42nd match, Leeds, Jul 4 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(50 ov, target 312)288
West Indies won by 23 runs
player of the match
Shai Hope
West Indies
end of over 5010 runs • 1 wicket
AFG: 288/10CRR: 5.76 
Mujeeb Ur Rahman7 (5)
Oshane Thomas7-0-43-1
Carlos Brathwaite9-0-63-4

After the chat, he walks across to sign autographs. Wears a wig, has a big smile, signs for a couple of Afghanistan fans. That's Gayle for you. Always played with a smile, and a few bowlers will be happy to see him retire. But hey, he may still be in action next month when West Indies host India. Two T20Is in Florida followed by three ODIs. For the moment, there's more from the World Cup. Up at Lord's, Pakistan want to sign-off with a win. Against an equally determined Bangladesh, who will be playing their first ODI at the Home of Cricket. Do join us then. For now, this is Shashank Kishore saying goodbye on behalf of Debayan Sen and P Ranjith. Be well, cheers!

Chris Gayle is up for a chat with Star Sports.

On his career: "Been a privilege and honour to represent West Indies in five WCs, disappointed to end without making it to the final four. Lot has happened behind the scenes to get here and be here, that's fantastic.

Last World Cup?: We have a great bunch, it's for them to uplift West Indies cricket. I'll be around, I may be around for a few more games, will be there for the youngsters. World Cup wasn't to be but life does go on. It is my last World Cup....unless they give me two years of rest and I come back (laughs). Privileged to have been part of another World Cup. I don't intend to put my body on the risk, I've been struggling. This is the last one, definitely.

The one that got away: Would've loved to lift the trophy, but it didn't happen but at the same time it was fun, enjoyed it. All the guys rallied around me, got the support of the youngsters. Must commend the staff for the work ethics they've put in. Words can't explain my feeling at the moment honestly.

Looking ahead: The future looks bright, with Hetmyer, Hope, Pooran - those guys will carry the flag and make sure West Indies cricket is back to where it belongs. They have a young captain in Jason Holder as well, they have to rally around. Look forward to the next World Cup as well."

What's next: "To play the T20Is and ODIs against India, the CPL and the Canadian T20. That's that. We'll see after that what happens.

"50-over cricket will continue, lot of them feel it's too long. We have Andre Russell who is around, I like Nicholas Pooran, Hetmyer, those guys can be devastating as batters. They need to get a bit more mature quickly, we know what they're all capable of."

Jason Holder: Yeah, good to get over the line. Have had a few close encounters in our campaign. Batsmen stepped up, started very well with Ewin, Shai got a good platform, I backed myself to finish off well. With the ball, we didn't start as well as we would've liked but fought through. I think consistency let us down, in all three departments. Have a lot to improve in the fielding. The bowling was superb, credit to them. It's sad to see Chris Gayle to play his last World Cup game, want to wish him all the best, he's been a star for West Indies cricket. Also, want to say thanks to Ian Gould, who is going to stand in his last game on Saturday.

Gulbadin Naib: Good score by us, one time we looked very comfortable, especially with the way Rahmat and Alikhil played. Big stage, in the end it was tough to chase 300 plus but I'm happy with the batting performance. If you look today, Alikhil is a youngster, he showed his class. We have many talented youngsters back home, in this tournament you should come prepared well. I've learnt a lot of things, how you work with the team, get it stable. Hopefully it will help us in the future. The fitness is a big issue, the boys are struggling. Also pressure, we need to control our nerves. We can work even more on our skills to prove ourselves in every departments. Thank you to our Afghanistan fans.

The knock of promise for me was most definitely Ikram Alikhil's maiden half-century: Indian viewers - watch and decide if you think if he's the next big batting hope for Afghanistan

Shai Hope is the Man of the Match for his 92-ball 77. "We knew we had to get a score on the board. They had good spinners, and we needed impetus towards the back end of the innings. The tournament wasn't where I'd like to be, I don't think I gave the team enough runs. I'd like to be more consistent."

You can watch the highlights of Shai Hope's knock on Hotstar (Indian viewers only)

6.21pm I think it's fair to say relief and not ecstasy is the underlying feeling in the West Indies camp as they sign-off from World Cup 2019. They'll probably finish ninth or maybe even eighth depending on how South Africa fare in their final game against Australia.

The overall campaign a disappointment considering they were touted to be the dark horses after a renaissance of sorts that began earlier this year with a superb showing at home against England. Change in administration and the reintegration of a number of senior players spelt hope.They began like kings, demolishing Pakistan - and then slumped to a series of losses, many of which could've turned the other way.

For Afghanistan, this has been about the learning they'll use for the years to come. A campaign marred by a number of off-field issues in the first half but they improved significantly as the tournament progressed. Came within a hair's breadth of upsetting India, got into a winning position against Pakistan and then were in this game for much of the chase courtesy Rahmat, Ikram and later Asghar Afghan.

Chris Gayle walks back to the dressing room, leading West Indies off the field for one last time in a World Cup game. This is also an emotional moment for Phil Simmons, who signs off as Afghanistan coach after having been through the thick and thin with a side that is fast-improving.

His biggest achievement was getting Afghanistan to the World Cup, a prospect that seemed bleak in Harare last year, until the stars aligned and the team got on a roll to produce a succession of stunning wins to eventually beat West Indies in the final of the Qualifiers. He also was part of their first-ever Test win. A result he'll be delighted with as he looks back on his tenure. Yes, the World Cup could've been better, but the side was caught in the cold as far as preparation went and it showed. But the improvements towards the end must come as a massive sign of encouragement.

Thomas to Sayed, OUT

slashed over the infield, or so it seemed until Allen ran backwards from cover and put his left-hand out and completed a stunning catch. West Indies win

Sayed Shirzad c Allen b Thomas 25 (20m 17b 2x4 2x6) SR: 147.05
Thomas to Sayed, SIX runs

hammered over long-off, clean strike. No messing about with that one. Made room, got the half-volley and teed off like a golfer. Super hit, this boy can bat. Really can hit them long and hard

Thomas to Sayed, no run

slower ball, looks to back away and pull but misses

Thomas to Sayed, FOUR runs

clubs this full toss over cover, couple of bounces into the ropes

Thomas to Sayed, no run

beaten on the pull, played too early.

Thomas to Sayed, no run

squeezes this to point

end of over 493 runs
AFG: 278/9CRR: 5.67 RRR: 34.00 • Need 34 runs from 6b
Mujeeb Ur Rahman7 (5)
Sayed Shirzad15 (11)
Carlos Brathwaite9-0-63-4
Oshane Thomas6-0-33-0
Brathwaite to Mujeeb, no run

big heave, no connection

Brathwaite to Sayed, 1 run

lofted down the ground, one bounce to Holder at long-off

Brathwaite to Mujeeb, 1 run

whips this full delivery to deep midwicket

Brathwaite to Sayed, 1 run

swung across the line, down to long-on

Brathwaite to Sayed, no run

swing and a miss, slower ball, played too early

Brathwaite to Sayed, no run

yorker-length outside off, squeezed back