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KnightRiders vs Giants, 16th Match at Dubai, ILT20, Jan 25 2023 - Match Result

16th Match (N), Dubai (DICS), January 25, 2023, International League T20

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Match centre 
Scores: @Thilak_Rama | Comms: @himanshu_a30

So all the patience and wait amounts to nothing, but anyway, here's a quick summary of all the cricket that took place around the world today. And the ILT20 action moves over to Sharjah tomorrow, as Hemant, and me Himanshu, bid you goodbye!

8.39pm Finally, we have an update... match called off as per ILT20. So the two teams get a point each, and Abu Dhabi Knight Riders get off the mark - no matter the way. Also, Gulf Giants move above Desert Vipers to become table toppers.

By the way, the rain had stopped a while back, with next inspection at 8.30pm.

Shajee Ahmad: "What's the update? Will we have a game tonight?" --- Looks like we'll need some abracadabra magic unearthed from Dubai's depths for the game to happen

8pm Thanks Hemant. I have sipped uncountable cups of coffee during these five two hours of wait. Wonder what everyone else has been up to.

And with that, Himanshu is back.

Aarav: "@ESPNCricinfo random question but what is the highest score and best bowling figures this season by an associate nation batter and bowler respectively ?" --- Since we are just waiting for rain to relent, I will let you find that out yourself: go here for batters, and here for bowlers.

Adarsh: "Remember reading some recent comments during rained-out matches saying that all cricket matches should be held in UAE since there are no rains there. Guess that doesn't hold true anymore."

7.45pm No official update since the last one. Yawn...

Aarav: "@Jimmy the idea of a 5 over game sounds so good with the number of big hitters playing."

Jimmy: "What time do we need to start play by for a 5 over a side game? " --- I guess around 9.25pm local.

Aditya: "@DM honestly the Cricinfo commentators need a little break after all this riveting cricket action during the past few days" --- Thank you for thinking about us!

DM: "No SA20 today AND raining in Dubai. We've got so used to switching back and forth, and suddenly nothing. What do other people do with their time?" --- There's South Africa Women vs WI Women, in case you are interested. If West Indies lose tonight, India and South Africa will be through to the final.

Aarav: "I'm at Dubai right now. There is no heavy rain, just the light frustrating rain, just enough for no cricket to be played. Forecast shows the rain might get better, fingers crossed. "

Thanks, Himanshu. It's still raining, and now we have started losing overs.

7pm The weather keeps us waiting, but Hemant is here again to get you entertained.

Quack: "Heaviest rain we've had in Dubai for a while, though I'm sure that's a low bar. Usually rains for 15 minutes here tops, but it's been unrelenting for about an hour. Chances of play are very much down the drain."

Ollie: "Is this Dubai or England in April? As we say in England, you can stick a fork in this one. This game is done and dusted. No chance of play"

6.45pm Still no update from the ground, so presumably, it continues to rain in Dubai.

John: "Looks like this one is done and dusted" --- You never know...

Afeef: "Imagine if ADKR get their first point because of a washout" --- Anything to get going...

6.20pm There's no official word yet on the weather, as we continue to wait and watch.

Aditya: "Well, waiting for rain here in Abu Dhabi has kept me occupied" --- Ah, the reality of life: somebody's joy is another's sorrow...

Shaun: "Raining? Will we get any play?" --- No signs of play yet, but what has kept you occupied during this rain delay?

Hello everyone. The times weather patterns are a'changing. For real. But even so, there is cricket action happening in another part of the world, as South Africa Women cripple their West Indies counterparts in East London.

6.00pm We will start losing overs from 7pm local time. Here's Himanshu for more weather updates.

5.45pm Still raining. The covers are on.

Sew: "what? raining in dubai? how often do we hear that?"

5.30pm The toss has been delayed as it's raining in Dubai.

5.25pm We are five minutes away from the toss.

Giants, too, couldn't cross the line in their previous game, tasting their first defeat of the season. They were chasing 152 against Sharjah Warriors but Naveen-ul-Haq picked up a five-for to bowl them out for 130.

ADKR had the chance to break their duck in their previous game with MI Emirates needing 20 from the final over but Andre Russell failed to defend those.

5.10pm Hello and welcome to game 16 of the ILT20. It's Abu Dhabi Knight Riders taking on Gulf Giants in Dubai. While Giants will be looking to overtake Desert Vipers for the top spot, Knight Riders are yet to open their account, having lost their all five matches so far. I am Hemant Brar and will soon be joined by Himanshu Agrawal as we bring you all the action.

Top order Batter
Bowling Allrounder
Batting Allrounder
Top order Batter
Top order Batter
Batting Allrounder
Top order Batter
Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
Tossno toss
Match days25 January 2023 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAbu Dhabi Knight Riders 1, Gulf Giants 1