A reunion, and one for the album

Plays of the day for Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians, Mumbai, May 24, 2008

Cricinfo staff

Glenn McGrath and Sachin Tendulkar face off once more (file photo) © AFP
We meet again: After India's premature exit at last year's World Cup, few would have thought Glenn McGrath and Sachin Tendulkar would meet again on a cricket field. But at the Feroz Shah Kotla, it happened, and Tendulkar said hello in the best possible fashion. A bit of width outside off stump, a small step forward and just a gentle push through the covers for four. Almost perfect.
One for the album: No matter how long or distinguished a career Yo Mahesh has, he'll always remember this Saturday night. A delivery slanting into the batsman's pad, an awkward stroke across the line, and the leg stump knocked back. Not an especially unusual dismissal, but when the batsman's name is Tendulkar, no 20-year-old bowler is going to forget it.
Sputnik Sweetheart: When Amit Mishra flighted one a little, Sanath Jayasuriya launched himself at it so violently that the ball went in to orbit, eventually landing on an elevated stage which had a Delhi Daredevils billboard behind it. Talk about hitting someone where it hurts.
Oriental Shuffle: Is a Django Reinhardt classic, but not really recommended when facing a bowler who knows your game better than most. Facing Ashish Nehra, a team-mate in the Indian and Delhi Ranji Trophy teams, Virender Sehwag went too far across in an attempt to play the cut shot down to fine leg. Leg stump out of the ground, fans silent and Mumbai's hideously dressed cheerleaders on their feet.
Welcome to the IPL: When Gautam Gambhir cut him for four and six over point, Andre Nel looked like he might burst a blood vessel. Even before the second stroke had sailed over the rope, Nel was in effing-and-blinding mode, and the adrenaline levels soared even higher three balls later when he had Gambhir caught in the deep. At this rate, yogic deep breathing may be needed.
Spoke too soon, son?: On Saturday, Robin Uthappa offered some pearls of wisdom on what it takes to succeed in one-day cricket. "Frankly speaking, fielding plays a very integral part in ODIs these days," he was quoted as saying. "The younger legs make a huge difference." After he made an embarrassing mess of a simple stop at cover off Jayasuriya, soon to be 39, you could only hope that his team-mate hadn't read it.