Drama in Jaipur as a furious Jos Buttler was run out while backing up too far out of his crease at the non-striker's end by Kings XI Punjab captain R R Ashwin. A mankading dismissal always brings out strong reactions, and it was no different on social media this time around.

Shane Warne, who's held various roles with Rajasthan Royals over the years, was extremely critical of Ashwin's action. He even came up with another scenario.

Ben Stokes was quick to clarify that he would never ever ever do it.

Obviously, the spirit of cricket question came up.

Some were fine with a mankad dismissal, as long as the batsman had been warned.

If you are on Twitter, it's unlikely you wouldn't have come across a debate on the topic (or a gif).

And when you're Ashwin's wife...

And not to forget the mistaken identities.