Chandigarh's Sector-16 Stadium shuts off ICL

Chandigarh's Sector-16 Stadium to stick with the BCCI

Cricinfo staff

Kapil Dev's meeting with the Chandigarh Administration has not borne fruit © AFP
Chandigarh's regional administration has ruled out hosting matches organised by the Indian Cricket League (ICL) at the Sector-16 Stadium. The administration, which controls the ground, had earlier seemed amenable to hosting the ICL's matches but decided against it after the BCCI had directed all its affiliates to stay clear of the ICL.
Although the ground does not come under the purview of the BCCI, a report in The Indian Express said the administration was keen to continue its renewed association with the Indian board.
"Kapil Dev brought up the topic [of having ICL matches at the Stadium] and we informed him of our intent; the stadium has got an ODI after 14 years [the India-Australia match on October 8], and we don't want to go against the BCCI. We will be corresponding with only the BCCI on cricketing matters," I. S. Sandhu, Chandigarh's sports director, told the paper.
Meanwhile, Kapil Dev, who is on the ICL's executive board, has challenged the BCCI to remove him from his position as chairman of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) for associating with the ICL.
"I have not done anything unethical by aligning with the ICL. However, if I am stopped from teaching cricket, they [BCCI] would be doing an unethical thing," Kapil, who is from Chandigarh, said.
"If they want to remove me they are free to do so" he said. "Matches should be played here [the Sector-16 Stadium] more often, both of the BCCI and the ICL tournaments. When you hear that it's getting to host a match after 14 years, I feel ashamed."
Niranjan Shah, the secretary of the BCCI, in a recent television appearance had said "We have decided not to recognise ICL in our Working Committee meeting as no State Association was in its favour. We don't want to promote anybody who wants to be a parallel body. We have a policy and there will not be any re-think on this."
The ICL was launched by the Essel Group a few months ago and intends to organise a Twenty20 tournament in October.