Ball-by-ball: Wickets, lots of scrambling, a RONSBU missed - it was all happening at the Chinnaswamy

Five needed from six with three wickets in hand. Easy? Not on the night. It was high drama as Super Giants scraped through against Royal Challengers

Let the celebrations begin!, Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Lucknow Super Giants, IPL 2023, Bengaluru, April 10, 2023

Let the celebrations begin!  •  BCCI

A high-scoring match lit up by a 15-ball half-century from Nicholas Pooran came down to the final over with Lucknow Super Giants needing five runs to beat Royal Challengers Bangalore, with three wickets in hand. There was already drama in the air, with Ayush Badoni dismissed hit-wicket - his bat hitting the stumps after he had one-hand-scooped a six - and Royal Challengers incurring an over-rate penalty that meant they'd only be allowed four fielders outside the 30-yard circle. A highly eventful final over followed, with Harshal Patel coming within inches of winning the match for Royal Challengers before Super Giants prevailed by one wicket, the fourth time the IPL had witnessed that victory margin. Here's how it unfolded:
Five needed off the last over with Unadkat on strike. RCB are two overs behind the over-rate so now they can only field four fielders outside the circle. Harshal to bowl the last over.
19.1: Harshal to Unadkat, 1 run
Yorker on off but Unadkat gets it out to mid-off.
19.2: Harshal to Wood, OUT Harshal castles Wood! It's that dipping slower ball and it has done Wood in! Crashes into middle-stump!
Mark Wood b Patel 1 (2b 0x4 0x6 6m) SR: 50
19.3: Harshal to Ravi Bishnoi, 2 runs
Full outside off, Bishnoi digs it out through point and they get two! He found the gap and they ran hard for their lives!
Harshal also becomes the 16th Indian bowler to get 100 IPL wickets.
Ravi Bishnoi is the new batter, by the way.
19.4: Harshal to Ravi Bishnoi, 1 run
Banged in short and Bishnoi pulls it to deep square and now LSG need 1 off two deliveries. Scores are level!
19.5: Harshal to Unadkat, OUT Holes out at long-on! Banged in short and Unadkat went for the pull. Picks up Faf du Plessis, who takes it reverse-cupped before switching it to a more normal hold.
Jaydev Unadkat c du Plessis b Patel 9 (7b 1x4 0x6 19m) SR: 128.57
Here's Ashish from the ground - It's gone absolutely crazy the moment Faf took the catch. He bobbled, but hung on. LSG surely the more nervous team at the moment. The roof has gone off at the M Chinnaswamy.
What has happened here?! Harshal looks to run out the non-striker! But he misses and then has a throw at the stumps but it won't count! Because you can't throw after attempting to run the non-striker out. Harshal will bowl again!
One needed off one. One wicket left. Will LSG win? Or will we have a Super Over? Harshal Patel to Avesh Khan. BRING IT ON!
19.6: Harshal to Avesh Khan, 1 bye
Harshal beats Avesh but he sets off for the run. DK fumbles! And they get the single away! LSG win amid high drama! Karthik didn't collect cleanly and Bishnoi was already halfway down after throwing his bat while setting off only. The fumble means Avesh got through to the other end. Avesh throws his helmet as the celebrations begin.